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Most of the pretty ones usually don't keep playing football outside of highschool I guess. And the rest of the pretty ones are weeded out in college where they are brutalized by the stronger, more fierce and more manly females.

You sir, are an asshole.
Honestly what makes all of you think this?

Lmao i'm not offended at all, because yeah I do play soccer (or football, whatever), and I can tell you that no one on my team is a lesbian, and a lot of the girls on my team are in fact quite pretty.

You guys are just weeiiirddd, or live where there's retarded ugly Women's sports teams?
I don't even know, but this doesn't make sense.
I'm pretty sure I'm not flat-chested, or a lesbian, thank you very much...

Julie Yvette
I wish my first kiss could've been better...
It was still good but I mean...
I was drunk lmao.

But, on the bright side, I've been going out with him for 10 months now

Just the first kiss was pretty crappy!
I know someone who stapled his tongue to a piece of paper.
Get a Pug because they snort instead of bark.
the devil wears prada

HA. i can do it
Fittier Happier by Radiohead
that song is just creepy.
Aug 9 2085
Time remaining: 28340 days, 17 hours, 59 minutes, 57 seconds.
My friend has been a vegetarian for 4 years
and my mom asked her:

Are you straight vegetarian or will you eat beef?
When I was in grade 3, I was on my scooter and going for a ride around the block. When I turned, the corner had loose gravel, so I fell and I broke my foot.

I turned a corner and broke my foot...
Ewewew I hate rum.

When I wanna get drunk I like Vodka or Whisky.
I chase whisky with Brisk iced tea, and vodka with coke.
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JW is his name Josh?

no it's gayer than that
his name is Zane

stupid scene *****.
ahaha look at how photoshopped that is! it's disgusting!

and another disgustingly photoshopped picture.
you ug guys probably think she looks hot but imagine the picture unedited.

I know this kid and he is just as gay as he looks.

THIS GIRL IS 12 YEARS OLD. i'm not kidding
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Reminds me of Michael Angelo Batio a bit, with make-up

i'm definitely not sure if that's a compliment or not... hahaha

and 8/10 for Sabu
When my mommy found out I egged someone's house.

Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck - The Blood Brothers
I saw them live.

They suck.
You crapped on a bench?
Such guys... *shakes head*


No kidding.
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11. Curly hair ftw.

I hate my straight hair.

I like your hair!

Mine's in my profile pic.
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do a will smith and strangle it

or... u sed he loves carrots...

wat if uve left ur penis in the sun too much? n its turned orange..... n ur dogs on ur lap now...

too bad i'm sort of lacking a penis lmao
He just got his rabies shots.
You guys have no idea how much my dog loves carrots lol
He's on my lap right now.

A few minutes ago he acted as if he heard a sudden loud noise or something and his tail went down.

Then he came over to me, so I could pick him up.
His tail is still down.

I even offered him a carrot and it didn't make him wag his tail or anything.

I don't even know why he's scared/sad.

Has anything like this happened to your dog?
I though it was really sad.

It was a good movie though.
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All of you are lucky enough to have been graced by my presence in this thread.

That's how awesome.

I'm so awesome that I know that in your sig you spelt Touchè wrong.
the è is an "accent grave"
you need an "accent aigu" é

i'm french. that's how awesome i am.
will smith's a sexy beast

not really though