well hey this is still better than cockandballtortr
Stop bashing Americans. God why do you care if someone makes a grammatical error? It's no sweat off your balls.
I read all of that, and really all it boils down to is I DONT ****ING CARE! STOP BITCHING!
the internetisseriouslbuisness one is the best one
Geek USA is a song by the smashing pumpkins

but you probably already knew that
chase this light in my pants

bleed it out in my pants
Chewy Bars FTW
While we're on the subject of short films...
The movie is called Try. It's a brutal outlook on life from a poor drug-addicted couple living on the streets of Sweden
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Haha, it's cool man, most have done it. Well i haven't but i know of a few that have.

Just say yourself, don't give us this "I know a friend who" crap.
Obviously the girls on here like music and guitar, it's called
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Don't really use my myspace at all anymore, I was directed to this from someone else.

Dont worry i was just joking, i actually have a myspace but have only been on once. I just consider using myspace to be including myself in my generation, which is something that i try to avoid on a daily basis.
Buy Siamese Dream.
Then reward yourself for buying Siamese Dream with the rest of your Itunes gift card.
All this proves is that TS uses myspace, therefore is a tool
Absolutely tragic that he died. The world suffered a great loss when he took his life.
What's that?
I raff i ruse?
completely frightening
oh gosh where do i start?
Well in third grade had a friend Chris who was black, and he was kind of paranoid and easily scared. We had this mail-system kind of thing in our class, and i decided to pull a prank on him. I sent him this torn-up note that said something like, "I will come to your house tonight. You may want a knife." Well i didn't stop to think that the teacher reads these things, so obviously i got busted and sent to the principle. He was like, "Mark, did you send this to chris because of the color of his skin?" and i had never even thought about the fact that he was black, he had been my friend since pre-k. Lol the principle never trusted me from then on
The move you
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2 girls 1 cup

I watched it one time, and it was horrible, second time (with a friend), i laughed my ass off

Once you think about it, its kinda funny, its 2 people eating ****, then barfing the **** into each other's mouth, you just have to look at it at an angle

i couldn't agree more. Especially if the friend you're watching it with hasn't seen it yet.
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I cum blood-cannibal corpse.
Its so soothing like putting a baby to sleep.

i am so sick of the i cum blood jokes.
this is unbearably stupid
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Stop giving him attention.

good point.
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stop spamming ug
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Ehh. Still, though.

Like I said, it's all my opinion, but HL2 is more of a puzzle-shooter. A majority of the game is spent solving puzzles, or figuring your way out of a situation, and stuff like that.

Halo 2 is more of a linear, straightforward "blow shit up" shooter.

Not that Halo 2 doesn't require thought, but it's an overall different experience.

I'm not downing either game, also. I love both, HL2 more than Halo 2, but I still love both.

I love baja blast! everyone else I know hates it because it tastes like melted Popsicles, but with 4x the sugar, but it tastes awesome.
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Used to be. I haven't see it inforced for quite some time. It usually applies to the band vs band threads that seem to crop up. Besides, if anything, this belongs in the Only Gaming Thread anyway.

I wasn't aware that such a thread existed. Thank you for informing me.
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I stopped reading there.

Please, elaborate on this point.

IMO, they are completely different styles of FPSs, and, IMO, can't be properly compared on a fair basis.

Both FPS, both sci-fi, both on X-box (i played h-l 2 on xbox)
I think they're similar
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*reported* no vs threads.

is that a rule?
1979 by smashing pumpkins is fairly recognizable
I recently played both games, i think they're both similar and both great games. Kind of old, but I'm bored, so all you gamers out there, which one do you think is better? I vote half-life because it changed the way i thought about storytelling in games. But then again, Halo 2 had kick-ass multiplayer, so I don't know.
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Hot coffee?

lol i remember that
Play in a band

Record a CD

Make a video

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C'mon guys, fried chicken and kool-aid isn't even a black thing anymore....I mean, who doesn't love fried chicken and kool-aid?

That was the truest statement in this thread so far.

EDIT: God i hate this thread.
Germany produced some great industrial and metal bands.
yes i have.
I was bored, so I decided to pee in the sink. I had a boner at the time, making the task more difficult than it already was.