A few weeks ago I rewatched it for like the gazillionth time. Definitely one of my all-time favorite series.

***** SPOILERS *****

The episodes where Geita takes command of Galactica are the best episodes of any series ever. The atmosphere was so tense throughout the whole ordeal, had my on my seat the whole time.

****** NO MORE SPOILERS ******
I recently got Apple's Magic Mouse and it's really nice. I use my Macbook for work a lot and got really used to using all the gestures in OSX and the MM has a touch-surface so it does those too. The only thing was that my hand would cramp up when using the trackpad a lot so the MM is really great for me. I'd recommend it!

edit: Also, Computer Thread
Hey guys, any chance I can get in on this minecraft server? I've been hosting my own server on my domain but I'd really like to be part of a more populated map
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Got a Macbook Pro today so I'm moving from windows 7 on my laptop to OS X.

I have an external hard drive filled with music and tv shows. My brother says i have to re-format it if i want it to work with my macbook.

Any ideas on the best way to back up my stuff from my hard drive if i have to format it?

As far as I know OSX has fixed the NTFS support for years now. You should be fine afaik.
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Bammetje ofcourse

100x this
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If you can't find a way to enjoy a game that is as open as these are, they're just not your thing. Everyone will play them a different way, that's the reason they're so fun.

well it's not so much that I don't enjoy them, I just get out of the bunker and go "right... so what now?"
guys, I really need your help

I have tried Morrowind, I have tried Oblivion, and I have tried Fallout 3, but I just can't get into them

maybe I just like my games linear or whatever, but I get bored really fast and end up rushing through the main story arc the thing is, _everybody_ loves these games, and it ticks me off that I can't get into them

do you guys have any tips as to how to approach these kinds of games or is it just not for me? opinions please
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Seeing as we get a lot of programming questions and Java ones in particular I thought I'd quickly see what people would think about having a UG Robocode tournament?

It's really easy but at the same time can get very complex, we did it as an early assignment back in first year at uni. If you haven't heard of it you can check out the official page here: or wiki has a decent description here:

Basically you program the AI of a tank and then pit it against other people's. As far as beginner programming goes its probably the most awesome thing you can do


I would be up for this! I'd have to free up some time though, got a programming project going for Microsoft Surface and it got picked up by an elementary school!

Still, looks like fun so I'm in.

edit: wow typo's
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So Dutch heads, I'm in Amsterdam on Sunday for the final. Know of any places that will have big screens up?

(I really should have put that bet on for netherlands to get to the final, always the way)

There is a big screen at Museumplein, there were thousands of people there tonight aswell
I play a bit, Orks!

In fact, I´m doing a 2v2 King of the Hill/CTF-type game on sunday with Space Marines against Chaos Marines and Daemons. Gonna be epic! I'll try and see if I can snap some cool pics.
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it just says google here
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I just want to stick it in your wooper.

you band kicks ass man! voted!
very nice man, liked it a lot!
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pretty much anything by Flyleaf
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The huge snare hit with shit loads of reverb on it right before the chorus in Bloodmeat by PTH. Or pretty much anything Protest.

+1, anything protest makes me tingly inside
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Does anyone know how to set a variable thats already been defined as an int or double as something else?

We're supposed to set FF = A/B when we've already declared FF = 4.67 and the instructor didn't go over it. I'm having a hard time find into on how to do this on the internet too.


erm if it's Java you could try casting perhaps?

FF = (double) (A/B); //try this if A and B are numerical values
the abandoned mansion in vampire: the masquerade - bloodlines
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Favorite class and specs in Dragon Age, nao!

I played a healing mage on my first playthrough while the rest of my party consisted of a tank and damagedealers.
mmm, salty
so what are everyone's thoughts on DA: O - Awakening? I for one am pretty stoked :
I just joined the UG Steam group

btw my XBL tag is chrisheid
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In other news, I just knocked out a foursome in DAO.

that's awesome
has anyone played a rogue in DA:O? I'm thinking about starting one but don't know if they're as mages for example, they seem so static to me

switches every 15min to a similarly themed wallpaper
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I must have bought about 10 games in 2 weeks

yeah steam and my wallet are no longer on speaking terms
I've been on a bit of a game bender lately bought Left for Dead, RA3, Mirrors Edge and Mass Effect on Steam Deals, FFVII and FFVIII on PSP, and have been addicted to DA:O second playthrough at the moment!

have any of you guys been overwhelmed with games during the holidays?
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You're from Holland? Thats kinda weird...

how's that weird?
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Experts? You havent seen our office party...

Any way cant really got the time to give you a run down of 7s atm (at work) but check out and go to the guitars for sale section on the forums, you mihg thave better luck getting a hellraiser there 2nd hand if you start a thread there with your asking price

In other news, GUITAR IS HERE!

Parcel Force man pulls up and brings a tiny box to the door, I was like wtf then he says 'heres one' *thank god*

when he gets the other box out hes like judging by the smile on your face I guess you've been waiting for a while then we had a discussion about the bastards at customs lol

thanks bro

anyone with any experience on importing these guitars since I'm from holland... customs etcetc
so guys! I have absolutely zero experience with 7's, but am looking to buy one in the near future. I've got my eye on the Schecter Damien (would be switching out the pups), but the bat inlays are a real downer for me. and I've tried to get my hands on a Hellraiser C-7 but those are $1300 here.

what I'm looking for is a nice guitar, pref. thin neck 'cause I really like that on my Ibanez, in the pricerange of € 400-600 ($850).

so I turn to the experts, you guys!
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The End of Time part 2

does anyone have an alternate link or upload to that trailer? can't view it from here
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Jesus, the FBI must be taking the recession pretty hard.