That's awesome, Matt.  I'm glad it's going well for you, dude!
edit edit - I guess I don't know how to delete posts anymore.  Everything changed again.  It's been a ridiculous last couple of months.
Just when I thought things couldn't possibly get worse, they did; way worse.  This is seriously the most fucked up situation.
I've heard of couples breaking up over religion, but not after years, usually just early on in the relationship. She truly is very religious, though, and I've truly never known her to lie, I'm still trying to understand it all, but I'm trying to move on too.
draw circles ‘neath your body in the dirt;
trace an outline of yourself and watch as it
just as easily dissipates,
we are nothing more than carbon based mistakes;
temporary figures that only amount to some stones on a grave -
while distant elegies decline, in decorative caskets we remain -
memories and memorials - flowers that wither the same -
these are the days, my friends;
and these are my days, my friends.

i am nothing more than a carbon based mistake.
She basically met a new guy and decided to throw away all the years we had together after knowing him two weeks. She swears it has nothing to do with him, that he is nothing more than a friend, and that it is over religious reasons, and how she felt so much guilt because of our sinful lives and how I wasn't religious, yet she hasn't been to church in over two weeks now anyway while I still go. So I'm not particularly taking her word on it, ha. It is what it is, I've been writing a little bit, nothing good, but some of the first stuff I've written in years, maybe I'll post one.
My fiance left me after years being together, and we have a house together that I'm staying in for the time being until we sell; starting over sucks, and I'm drinking a lot again, ha.
I hope you all have an awesome Christmas, dudes.
Thank you, I'm not entirely sure of what year it is, but it has the CLF serial number and the gold hardware, which I think I hear they started using CLF in the late-ish '90s? And stopped using gold hardware around '04? I could be wrong on both time frames, haha, but yeah; if anybody has any G&L info about that kinda stuff, that'd be cool, also, if anybody knows what that Comanche woulda cost new, that'd be cool too. I'm not entirely sure on anything with this model, but yeah, I paid $850 for it and a hardshell case, that had about ten packs of strings and other little knick knacks in it, so if anybody has any info, please let me know! I'm hoping I got a decent deal, haha.

Hopefully that image works, I just picked up this G&L at a pawn shop last week and I'm in love; always was a G&L fan and had a tele before but sold it to a friend so I'm finally happy to have another again. I've also got two G&L basses.
Quote by greyeyedfire

I can't find them right now, but a few years ago, you posted a kinda long short story through several posts. It was the greatest thing I've ever read.

Aww, thanks, dude; if it's the short story thing I'm thinking of I finally went back and typed it out and posted it on my Facebook, I had put off typing it out for years, haha, still probably my favorite writing of mine.

edit - I'm loving Spring right now, we had a real mild winter in North Dakota so I was happy for that; barely had any snow and only had to plug the vehicles in several nights, and lately it's been between 30-50 or something degrees on and off.
Thanks guys, and Mat, I feel the exact way you do; I definitely wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for this place and a good group of the people here, past and present.
I gots engaged over Christmas and then went on a snowboarding trip; a pretty good time. Hope you all had a happy holiday.
I'll have to check your video out next time I'm on a computer; we're self releasing it when we're done and putting it on some websites and whatnot. By time we actually release this album we'll have all the material for our second album written, haha.
Thanks! The album is essentially done, we're just waiting on the album art to be finished and then we're going to get it all put together and ready to sell, it's just been a busy end of the summer for all of us so we've had a tough time finding the time to get it all done, haha.
My girlfriend and I just finalized an offer on a house tonight; I'm kind of a nervous mess.. an excited, nervous mess, haha.
Ah, finally about Spring here in North Dakota; my town is looking to get about a foot or so of snow tonight, ha, in unrelated news, my band has sent off our tracks to get mastered by a guy in the band Hit the Lights in New York so our album is finally almost done.. I'm really hoping it turns out well, haha.

How are all you children doing? I haven't been around here much lately, hope all is well.
I gotsta bump, because I'm drunk again, any crits? Leave some links.
I really enjoyed all of these, however, I went with the last one. Fun times; drunk comps are awesome, haha, I wish I woulda uploaded my pictures of my Keystones and my notebook.
I'll have to read through all these tonight or tomorrow night when I gots some free time.
So, as there isn't a whole lot of activity happening at the moment I'm just going to post an update on my bands album, haha; we have all of our drum tracks done, I have all of my bass tracks except for one done and a few of one of our guitarists tracks are done. So far I'm really digging how it is turning out and am really excited to hear the final product.

So how is everybody doing? I hope all is well.
very refreshing to read something of yours again, though i'm a little drunk i'll try and nitpick anything if i can.

Quote by pixiesfanyo
remember us here before
when there were no sounds
we could not speak
and language was only a thought.
our nudity was not depraved
an expression of love was a touch
and sex a simple motion.
we’d watch the sky
with no need to understand

up to this point i'm loving it, can't say much else.

you and i would fall asleep
and dream of no notions
just passing moments
of the way one lies in the
indentation of another
or the color a soft breeze
leaves on your cheek
of when we’d sleep under redwood trees

only thing i didn't care for much here was the use of "asleep" earlier on and following with "sleep" at the end, i personally feel those two words follow too closely with each other and kind of echo each other too much; i'd suggest using the word "rest" or another similar word in lieu of "sleep" at the end, but that's just me.

and silence didn’t mean that we were empty.
oh, sometimes i pray i was deaf
to only see and taste
and rest on you.

the only quarrel i have here would be the usage of the word "and", again, that's probably just me; i see you used the word "rest" here so my previous suggestion of using that in the last part is kind of bleh, haha, i guess i don't have any other suggestions right now for any change, haha.

but, there are sounds
and so i paint myself distracted.
as ourselves are no longer infantile
we’ve clothed each other
and filled our mouthes with cluttered words.

the third line reads a little awkwardly to me, probably because of the beer i've had, haha, but other than that, i'd take that "e" out of "mouths"

still, i look for silence
illiterate, unsure when love was not a word.
in search of when you and i were just
a movement.
our bodies and our minds
only concerned with simple fulfillment.

okay, so in general, i loved this, i wanted to try and be helpful and give a good crit but being drunk may have messed that up, but i tried to nitpick best i could in this state, haha; awesome piece, dude, i'm glad i was able to read something of yours again. if you have time, i posted something earlier too i'd love a crit/thoughts on. i hope all is well.
meh, drunk piece.


behind every breath of smoke
an ends draws near,
we are at cause
we are defect;
let's fill each collapsed lung
with cement and adhere
ourselves to every word
our forebears said,
we'll drown ourselves
with each dysphoric effect;
with every cigarette drawn
upon our diseased maws,
we'll disregard time
and pause every depressed thought;
we are at cause,
we are defect.
My girlfriend is in love with that movie, we've watched it so many times in the last couple of months, and we get angry and rant about how those poor whales are treated every time; it's sad.
On another whale note, have you watched the movie The Whale? I think that's what it's called, it's the one narrated by Ryan Reynolds, but if you haven't seen it, you totally should watch it.
Whatever happened to that drunk comp?
Thank you very much for the reply; you're probably right too, I haven't really had any problems with them yet so maybe I will reconsider for now, the main thing I need for it would be pickups/pickguard, I personally hate the white pickguard it has on now and the sound leaves a bit to be desired, haha, so we'll see.
Hey all, I recently purchased an 06 highway one bass with a hard case from a pawn shop for a pretty decent price and now I want to upgrade it a bit; I've got pickups/pickguard/etc. already in mind but I'm not sure what I should get for new tuning heads; I basically want some that are sturdy and nice, and I'd like one of those hipshot de-tuner mcjigs so I can drop my E to D fast and easy since my band goes back and forth with standard tuning to drop D, but I just don't know where to start looking or what tuning pegs would fit and be perfect replacements, so I was hoping for some suggestions and/or some advice in the right direction, if anybody can help, it'd be greatly appreciated.
I'll definitely keep you guys posted on our progress; as of now, the drums are halfways tracked, so it should only be another few months or so before everything is done and mastered. Keep me posted on your album as well man. I'll definitely be looking into it and telling friends to check it out.
Quote by JustRooster
It's not that the guitar doesn't work for me, G&L's just work better. You know me, a Strat fanboy at heart. Can't pass up the opportunity to have one with my favorite logo on it!


Yup, because of that video I'm pretty sure I'm GASing for something just like that now, haha. I wish stores near here had such guitars in stock for me to try out.
Thanks, I was never in a band back in high school, I'd mess around with songs with friends a bit and stuff but never actually played any shows or anything; I actually only joined my first "real" band and started playing shows when I was around 22-23, we just played bars so we did half sets of covers and half of originals, then I moved away to Wyoming for a year and by time I moved back the band had pretty much called it quits.. Anywho, my guitarist/vocalist now turned his basement into a jam space/recording studio, so that's where we're doing the bulk of it, and then we're sending it to some dude in New York to master afterwards.
Hello children, my band is finally starting to record our first album; I've never actually recorded an album before and I'm pretty darn pumped about it, only one of our songs has lyrics I wrote though, ha.
^I've owned several Agile models ranging from their Les Paul copies to their Strat copies to their semi-hollows, and I've gotta say, dealing with them a few times I've noticed that they have some excellent costumer service, I've also heard plenty of stories on how nice they can be; Definitely great guitars for the price tag, I miss mine.. I am sorry to hear you've gotta wait a few more days yet now, ha, but it'll make the playing all the sweeter.
Thank you, it's a '93 I got at a local store, upgraded with sperzel tuners, plays like butter.
Here's hopefully a picture of me playing my SB-2, picture is kinda "meh" but I couldn't get a decent one with my phone so this will work, haha. It's kind of a sparkly red color, not a flat color, and that's not picked up in the picture at all. [url="
I used to own a G&L ASAT Tribute, but sadly, as a young drunkard, I sold it to a friend for a few hundred dollars so I could afford alcohol; years later, I still miss the shit out of it, haha, but luckily I've grown up and am not a drunk anymore, and I got myself a different G&L a couple years back: a 1993 G&L SB-2, I know, it's a bass and this isn't the bass forum, but being the G&L thread I figured I'd share anyway, haha. It's one of the best feeling basses I've laid my hands on. I do hope to test out other G&Ls more in the future, though, I've kinda been GASing for a Comanche, anybody own or have played one? If so, what do/did you think of it?
Beautiful. HNGD.
Oooo, that is a beautiful looking bass there. HNBD.