I'm trying to get a basic home recording setup going where I can record riff ideas over programmed drums and synths... I have Acid Pro 8 and Fruity Loops but I'm not sure if either is able to record guitars??? Any help or advice on other programs would be very much appreciated
Here's some news... After playing it more, I found some buzzing around the 17th/ 18th frets. It sounds like the neck might just need to be pressed, but could this also be because of the bridge being poorly maintained?? It has been hanging on the wall of a guitar store for a few years
Hey everyone. I recently found a 1985 Ibanez PR1660 at a local music store. It looks great and it's in awesome condition, although I do plan to change out the pickups. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Hey can someone please make me a Lita Ford avatar? No particular picture, just preferably something from the '80s instead of a current pic. Thanks
That whole thing was a fiasco. I saw Bodom at that venue in December and it was kickass and there were no riots or anything. I was going to go to the glass house but they weren't even selling tickets! If you didn't have advance tix for the HOB show you couldn't get in no matter what. That was horrible. But they're coming back to LA soon!
Hey the metal zone is great I use the Coffin blood drive pedal, it sounds great with pretty much any amp, you just have to mess with the settings a lot.
Yeah I thought tri state meant ca, az, nv lol. I wish I knew a good place out there, but if anyone in the Los Angeles area has the same question, the Amp Shop on Ventura blvd is aaamazing! And Carvins are the best amps ever, good luck
Does anyone know of a company that can make band shirts that are distressed or something? Not your typical dollar store t-shirt with the band name screened on it. Although that is what all of my old bands have used :-P
Wow that "This Crusade" one looks awesome
I just got one but I can't seem to get a really great tone out of it... anyone else have one? Thoughts/ suggestions?
Hey! I've been putting together an all girl metal band for some time but we just lost a guitarist! Any girls in the area that can keep up please message me! Influences include Children of Bodom, In Flames, Motley Crue, Skid Row. Thanks
Hi everyone! I'm Nita and I've been playing for about 6 years. I use the site all the time for tabs so I figured I'd join and meet some cool people. Any other girl shredders out there message me!
Hey everyone! I'm brand new to UG but I use the site all the time for tabs. I don't have guitar pro but I really want to learn Scarified and the two tabs on the site are totally different... any help or reccomendations would be much appreciated!! Thanks