well, i tried that as well. that didn't seem to do anything either.
So, i got a zune a few days ago and i was able to add the music, no problem. But, now i tried to add videos and i am having extreme difficulty. When it comes to the dragging and dropping of files i just get a circle with a line through it where the cursor should be. I reallllyyy don't know what i should do to fix it. Could it be that the files formats are incompatible? I thought zunes supported a bunch of different formats.. but i'm not for sure on anything. I'm pretty technologically impaired, does anyone else have a zune and know how to help me?
in kansas it is illegal to sell yellow margarine
they still do..
but i think they are in the process of removing the law..
garden state
i liked it.
the shins kick major asssss
you want to make sure he doesn't have ED
like... anyone from any screamo band
my friend at work can do it.. he signs along to songs and stuff..
i can't understand much of what he says other than "let's have sex"
oh yeah i recognize the avatar.
never really spoke to you though.
my cat ziggy always tried to meow, but no sound would come out unless he wanted to wake me up... so most of the time it was just him opening his mouth and a little squeak or cracky sound would come out.
it was pretty adorable.
when i get a new cat i'm naming it pandora...
i think it's a cool name.
why do condoms not work if they reach a certain temperature?
i've had mountain oysters which are just bull testicles..
they aren't bad...
just the thought of what they are is kind of gross.
yesterday my friend and i were discussing the "apples and bananas" song...
he said he wants to shake that mans hand for creating such a simple song, with such deep meaning.
i deffinately wish i had written Not an Angel by City Sleeps.
Quote by K Dizzle
i used to watch it constantly when i was about 8, i loved that show.

the one with the giant gorilla sasquatch thing that was ripping panels off an airplane scared my balls right up into my body

william shatner!
that is an amaziiinggg show...
the marathon every new years is pretty badass!
first kiss was lame. mega lame.
but my first kiss with a girl was fun!
7 damn hours of flirting and major embarrassment in my room...then one of us gathered up the guts to do something. (was it me? maybe? ...probably not.) it was pretty killer!
Quote by Demon Wolf
Wow, that blows.

And sucks.

pun master?
that one was kind of weak compared to these others.
you better watch your back, young man..someone will steal your spotlight.
aw i like the panda one!! so much more amusing than that first video.
i know very little about contemporary, but i do enjoy theatre of the absurd.
the whole "making out with a girl" thing maayyyyy lead them to believe i am gay...
so no worries.
nurse nancy!
it was an awful movie.
anything by BEN GIBBARD!!!
i love him so hard.
hahahahahah the dog made me laugh.
a lot.
Quote by sock_demon
Because baboons like to mate with baboons.

you are magical.
i like how you worded that.
a lot.
Devotion and Desire-Bayside
Quote by SeveralSpecies
No she meant what is *********

oh you guys are hilarious.
<_< >_>
i want to know.
Quote by Våd Hamster
No, just ********

what word is that?
Get back in the kitchen
It's where you belong
Hey quit your bitchin'
You said you wanted a song

If you don't like it suck my dick
You didn't say i couldn't be a prick
Go make me a sammich
Don't be such a dumbbich

Get on your knees right now
And you won't get a black eye
Or get on the treadmill you fat cow
Before you're so big you die

its done.
print it off and write your name on the top.
give it to her and she will love you forevverrr.
Quote by w1L17
1. Mix chemicals
2. Introduce mixture to local water supply
3. Watch the news for mutant ninja turtles pwning crime in your area

Also, lol @ "check if any of them are lysergic acid"

heck yes.
go with that.
Quote by BillieJoeFreak:
A pair of Levi's. No shirt.

what he said.
only a fool would say no to that.
Quote by Kensai
I'm standing right here...

i totally thought you would be kicking major rear end.
i voted for gunpowder out of sympathy...
then i was liek
"oh shi---"
i guess i have to vote for my husband.
goooo gunny bunny!
i told my grandma i wanted to be a chef and she said
"no you can't do that. get a real job"
when did grandmas start crushing dreams??
i have a shaggin wagon.
its bitchin.
the interior is in great condition too!
be jeallouss.
banned because you arent the original gang i spent my days banning.