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Getting back on topic... If anyone has one, hit me up with an email at
Well now you have ruined the casual image I was hoping for this thread. Its all stuffy and uncomfortable now.
Does anyone have an RG-1527 or an S-7320 they are willing to sell?

I am very intrested in buying!

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holy **** that things sweet.

MIGHT be interested in buying soon... if all goes well with some money im hoping to be geting in (plus its my brithday relatively soon)

where about you located?

and i may also be interested in the ds-1 too

I'm in Sheffield. If you live a while away, I'd be fine to meet up half-way or something.
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Possibly my Mockingbird?

Sorry, under closer inspecton I think I'm going to have to stick with just money, but that is a nice guitar you've got there.
The quickest and easiest way would just be to get some lessons with a decent teacher; they should teach you that stuff. If thats out of the question, buy some grade theory books, and take it from the simple where the notes are on the guitar stuff to the more complicated modal things. Its easier than it seems =D
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Shame about the financial difficulties i would have loved to traded this guitar, as i have no money either lol.
Good luck with selling this, i think it will go quite quick

What were you thinking of trading?

I am tight for cash, but hey, the recessions not going to last forever! I'm open to anything.
I am selling my Epiphone Explorer Gothic. It is a terrific guitar, with a pair of humbuckers, set mahogany neck and body, with a satin black finish, and a semi-hard case.

This a great guitar which sounds, plays, and looks fantastic, and I am sad to let it go, but due to financial difficulties, I am forced to. I will be willing to part with for £210 ono with the case, and I'll throw in a BOSS DS-1 aswell for £10; one of my favourite pedals.

The guitar itself is in good nick, accept for some buckle scratching and some knocks and dents; you can see them in the photos, but these in no way effect the guitar sonically.

So once again, £210 ono, and I'm also selling a BOSS DS-1 for £10.

Thanks in advance!
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You mean that it has only started vibrating?

****, thats bad, they are always supposed to vibrate.

I would take it to a guitar shop and ask them to make it vibrate more, to cancel out the time when it wasn't vibrating. That MIGHT fix it.
I am selling my acoustic to help pay for my new Schecter Hellraiser, however I am here to ask if anyone knows anything about it.

I brought it from an antiques store (don't ask why) about 5 years ago, with no knowledge of what I was buying, as it was a bit of an impulse buy. Now I'm coming to sell it, I need some background information about it, if you could tell me roughly how old it is, and how much these are going for it would be much appreciated. I has no details on it other than "MADE IN KOREA", so I'm in the dark abit.

I am designing a stand to hold the Explorer guitar, and its variants, like the Thunderbird bass and Firebird guitar, along with copies made by other companies, like Jackson and ESP.

If you could weight your Explorer-esqe guitar, in pounds, kg, or whatever, and post it here, this would benefit me greatly, as I will be able to have a rough estimate of the lightest, and heaviest of the guitars/basses.