there web site
what ever they say i am thats what im not- Arctic Monkeys
if u say so
nothing but im pretty hungery
whoa thats fat...
so is yur momma.
That my man is terribly out dated
Juffrou se monster= so boring
Would u like fries with that?
Quote by Plaxico1717
Yo momma can't read.

wow thats unbelivable....
i know , its unbelievable...
um ill take ur word for it...
yo momma =crap
i dont do chords, i play bass but id have to go with... R
wow i didnt know it was that funny...
Oh my god you are some kind a genious....
i have quite a few apps but i use em all...
Un-yuns do we have to get technical?
Thats 4 sure...
yo mammas so ugly when she cuts unions the tears run up her head just to get away from her face...
yay. you said kak. south african respect to you.

check out my profile!! invite my= Robin Campbell

facebook is like crack.

Wot, kak adictive?
Ill start...

Yo mommys so poor she goes to kfc and licks other peoples fingers....

I didnt mean funny funny...
no thats kak man
Have u got it?

Wot do u think of it?

The last one closed, sorry

Wots ur fav, do u like it?
But why??

ok i hate dark chocolate but still!!
I like chocolate
WHy Wat the hell is rong ith u?? Huh??
I like Chocolate. Do u? wots ur favorite kind etc.
Wow thats old, i recieved like 4 of those and i ve only had face for a month
Well Raikkonon Won!!!
% i rec the avatar