This is my amp its only 60 watts and yes i am upgradeing very soon! so any advice on good stacks is good to.
my amp is a bass amp!!!!!!!!!!!!! im postive you cant play low B through a guitar amp!!!!!!!!!
right now i have a Kustom DFX, and what strings would you recomend for just playing alot of every genre
ok i play everything from classic rock to heavy metal and keep it under 400 under and its just a four string
They kinda look like really old EMG's
Ok so im looking for new pickups for my P-Bass so far im going with active EMG's but im not sure if thats the best choice so please help.
ya ok

no cant stop!!
is it weird to be having sex at 13 ? and doing like everything we can think of to
stupid ****ing nirvana

Nirvana is awesome im young so i dint get to see them in concert before kurt blew his brains out but there just............AWESOME
kill the guitarist blame the bass player and nail her even more genius
you should go with BassBoomers superbright they sound awesome and ive had mine for about 2 years and they still sound great
If you go a little west theres a pawn shop in L.A and its called Guitar Center
get the t-bird if u break the pickguard on the p-bass you have to get one custom made for around $95
the sliverstone pick guard fit on a pbass and is ur pbass a squire and i cant paint mine it has a creak right on the input hole so the cord comes out
its a squire 14 hole and the orignal pickups
ya i need a new pick guard for a p-bass made in china and ive bought 2 differnt ones and the pickup holes are 2 small anyone no what to do
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the EC-1000's are great, but a bit pricey unfourtnally

and the PRS SE Singlecut would be perfect ONLY IF IT CAME IN GREEN!!!

depending on who u by it from u coul probly get it painted for like 150
does anyone no any good songs with bass solos i no pulling teeth and been a son/nirvana
u guys and girls are right im going to sit down and write i got like half of it done its pretty good so peace
try to switch the cords
there really inst that much differnce the notes are in the same place not as many chords get to use ur fingers never break a string bassest dont jump around because most people have no clue what a bass is and are wonedering why ur guitar is missing 2 strings just stand in the back and play
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your post doens't make much sense at all. it sounds like you're looking for some free bass lines that you can impress your friends with...

here's one:

E----0-------3------5-----0----3-----6---5-------0------3------5-----3 -----0------------------------|

show your friends.

my band plays smoke on the water and yes i do just need a sweet bass line to show off because bass players get no credit and i need a solo ive tried towrite them but thay always just sound messed up
mine was

thats all each note one beat
ive been playing for 3 years and im 12 and ive come up with a rock bass line for the notes E|D|G|C| and i want to so what type of lines everyone else would come up with to see if my line is unqiue enough for our song so if you could please brop me a line
You know your a bass player when u get 0 credt for carrying the band
my dean playmate acoustic has uneven string volume the A string is really quite and i have no clue what to do
its not really the bass man its just the effects the duwn tune and his slapping
my band is doing Yyz it seems good to do but it gets preety hard
my band wants to do a song with a bass solo in it so it has to be rock but i dont no any songs with good solos PLEASE HELP.
gates of hell
sounds like DEATHMETAL
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Anesthesia by Metallica. (kilfard burtan lolz)



i would agree but that really wouldnt fit in with a jazz band/school band and ive been playing for about 2 years and am the same age as you and that solo is HARD.
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lamb of god
old metallica

your right man Cliff Burton is just the best classic metal bass player of all time