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How do you shave down the heel?

i found a dremel drill with a small sanding wheel was a good way to remove most of the excess and get the rough shape
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a tail piece like this one.

Would that work?

i just built an acoustic with a similar concept (tailpiece and floating bridge) and it works great.

You might be able to remove the old bridge and just replace it with something similar with little to no machinig etc on the body.

Good Luck
sorry no video camera
will post better pics when i get it back from marking though
and i haven't really had a chance to play it yet so i'll give a full report hopefully on thursday
yeah i love the finish, really brings out the grain nicely. I'll post more pics when i get it back from marking
total cost was a whole $696
but i had to buy things that i didn't plan for such as extra bindings and what not.
so future builds should be less

righto finish has been finished
and i have glued in the nut and saddle as well as put all the hardware on such as tuners etc. filed the grooves in the nut and only a small amount of fret buzz.

and here it is

feel free to ask any questions about the guitar
now i need to know if there is anything that will remove the super glue smears on my fretboard with out actually damaging the timber.
acetone appears to bleach the timber and metho didn't work.
any suggestions?
gold frets and there all in and cut back to the fret board

(a new meaning to shredding) haha
suprised how quickly and easily they went in as well.
finally more progress

so i started finishing the body with a shellac finish and a very simplified french polishing method. love the way the back and sides come up however the top has a yellow tinge that i didn't expect.

and after

i also got the dot inlays in and the neck radiused so i'll start fretting this week
id have to remove the fretboard as it along with the neck is already attached to the guitar.
the problem is that it has to be completed by the 28th of august (school project)
so if i do the floating bridge and tailpiece i can complete it by that date and would be able to rectify the problem later if it doesn't work.

thanks for the constructive input though
[quote="What are the errors in scale length/fingerboard placement, where would the existing arrangement place your bridge relative to the bracing?[/QUOTE"]

Sorry but i don't know enough about scales to answer this properly, but i'll do my best.
the neck of the guitar currently joins at half way between the 12th and 13th fret. to move the bridge to the correct the mistake it would miss the bridge plate by approximately 10mm.

i went and saw a very experienced luthier and he said this was the best option. i plan on having the same size bridge as i would have previously except it will now be floating. so the neck angle etc should still work.
yeah something like the guitar in the link, thanks guitarcam123.
except i am hand making the tailpiece out of rosewood and attatching it with a sacconi style hanger (thinks thats what there called), something like the one found on violins and cellos.
Righto quick update

So i went and saw a luthier and he basically said that i cut the neck the wrong length (which i knew) and that the guitar will now no longer acommodate a standard bridge.
Instead he suggested that i use a tailpiece and a floating bridge, which will look just as good if not better.

i am using rosewood for the tailpiece and having the same curve of the headstock. i am also carving my initials AD into it. the bridge will be just like an ordinary bridge except it will only be held down by the pressure of the strings.

started finishing with a shellac finish and it looks a treat.
soory no pics but should have some by the end of next week
quick update
drilled holes for inlays on fretboard
just mop dots, i would have got gold mop but couldn't find any in Aus
also glued fretboard onto the neck today so its starting to look like a guitar
neck and truss rod

fretboard being glued
So i finally got the neck attached
it went on pretty nicely and i am up to attaching the fretboard which should be done sometime next week, fingers crossed.
Anway heres the two bolts that hold the neck on and they are a bitch to do up.

Heres what the whole guitar looks like so far

Thats it for now but more will be up next week.
alright here's the front bindings, love the way they look.
the next step is attaching the neck, here's how i plan to do it.
a brass rod is inserted into the heel of the neck and the rod has 5 mm M6 holes drilled into it. two bolts are then threaded through the neck block of the guitar and bolt into the rod. has anyone done it like this and does this sound like the right way to do it?
the taped up binding

the end result

Alright can't get back to school till monday, had a little flood problem, got the headsotck cut out though.

Will post pics of the front with bindings sometime next week.

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Are you from the past?
2005.. :O

Ha ha
no i think it's just the settings on the camera

when i get back tos school i'll finish carving my neck and post up those pics, i am almost ready to glue the neck to the body, any tips
alright i managed to put the bindings on the back with as few gaps as i could manage.
they wer originally goining to be blackwood the same as the sides but these were too hard to bend and kept snapping. so i went down the path of rosewood and i think they look sweet.

thanks, it is a oo steel stringed acoustic.
not sure on what finishes are available so any ideas would be helpful.

i have trimmed the top and back and cut the rebate for the bindings.

i have also rebated the back strip to cover up the join
here are some photos of my build including the top wood with completed rosette
top and back braces
the sides
and the body already glued together


P.S sorry for their size but i have no idea how to put up the larger versions.
i am about halfway through so i thought i would post it up on here.
engleman spruce top
blackwood back and sides
Qld maple neck
indian rosewood fretboard, bridge and bindings
Gotoh tuners
pickup - unsure

any way

i am having trouble putting my bindings on. i am using masking tape to hold them in place but it doesn't provide enough pressure and they start to lift off from the sides of my guitar. how do you guys attatch your bindings and does any one have a solution for my problem?

i'll post pics when i can figure out how

so i am making this acoustic guitar and i am up to cutting out the shape of the headstock but i can't do this untill i work out where the tuners will go.

how do you know where to position them. my headstock is only 73mm wide maximum and i cant sem to fit them on without other strings touching them.

also open to designs for headstocks that will look cool on a 00 acoustic.
just a quick question.
i am aftr some gold mother of pearl inlay dots, does anyone know where i can get them in Aus apart from Ormsby
how does the tone of the little giant compare to that of an epi valve junior. is it similar or does one have more gain
which style is suited to classic hard rock or does it depend on the pickups
hi guys
I was just wondering what the tonal difference between the two types of guitar. Does the Les Paul have a brighter tone because of the maple top?
Also which is more versatile and more suited to classic and hard rock eg, AC/DC guns n roses, led zep, etc..

it only has one power tube which i replaced and i didn't think that the pre amp tubes could cause such a massive cut in volume
surely someone can help me
so my epiphone valve special stopped working about month ago
the amp still made the noise it does when it was on and the tubes still light up.
i even got sound from the delay effect on the amp.

i thought it could be a power tube so i replaced it but she still won't go.

i recently got a marshall guvnor overdrive pedal and when i conect that up with the amp on 10 i get normal sound. however when i turn the pedal off or go straight from guitar to amp i get nothing.

does anyone know what is wrong
my amp has lost all volume, i think it is a power valve that has stopped working
yes, no? how do i tell
also is it easy to replace my self or should it really be done by a professional
my amp is an epiphone valve special
i tested this pedal and the boss mt-2 and i like this one better. around the 130AU price range everyone recommends the boss. what do you guys think of this pedal and also any other options

i play classic rock, hard rock, some metallica

note can't get mi audio crunchbox locally and can't buy off internet
looks like that is the only option
thanks for all your help UG'ers
so i opened it up and had a look inside

wtf, now it works with out cutting out.
i pulled the actual amp (circiut board, tubes etc) turned it upside down and it works fine.


when i put it back together it cuts out again
any ideas is it still the power tubes
i need to replace my power tubes
do i need to use the same tubes as the stock tubes
if one of either preamp or power tubes has died would the power light stay on because it does.
should i just buy some new preamp and power tubes to see if it is the problem.
how can i test the tubes to see if they are the problem

can anyone confirm this, whether or not it is the pre amp valves. should they glow like the power amp valve because they don't.
hi guys as the thitle says my amp has stopped working
its an epiphone valve special
i have just pulled it apart and plugged everything in. i get sound from my guitar for about 5 seconds and then it cuts out. i have checked all fuses and the power valve is glowing.

does anyone know what is up with my baby

any help is appreciated
looking for a versatile distortion pedal
i play classic rock and dabble in metal and also blues
i was thinking $150 absolute max

what would be best
mi audio crunchbox
boss metal zone
boss os-2

just try out all the ones they have and choose the one that you like the best. i am in a similar situation but unfortunately there are no music stores where i live.

also try typing cheap od pedals into the search bar there are tons of these kinds of threads.