example of a design/phrase.
In my band we are trying to decide of some phrases or sayings to put on stickers, the name of my band is Love Truckin' and we play Rock/blues/acoustic.

Any phrase ideas or even sticker designs will be graciously accepted, and if we choose to use yours, we'll give you the first sticker.:P

(even if you don't want the sticker..) haha.


oohh good one, combine both the answer and the question! :P

Seeing as I'm the drummer in my band, YES! Hahaa!


it's almost 1am

Have you heard the good news?
As bored as a porcupine getting plastic surgery.

If you were driving a boat and all the wheels fell off, how many pancakes would it take to build a doghouse?
On halloween.

Party till you feel like elvis?
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FInish what?

FIinish people?

are from FInland

If a midget asked you for money, and then said his name was Joe, would you want a taco?
That would be the idea.
We dont really care if someone is laughing AT us, hahaha.

but still, we're determined.:P
Hey guys,
We're bored and tired,
and we decided to create a video of stupidness,
We need some ideas..
So give us random things to act out.

Our Names : Dillon and Dustin.
This is gonna be exciting!
Oh yeah, We'll upload the video on youtube if its good enough.
High as a friggin kite bitch....

anyone else high or are we alone in our THC wonders?
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^ Well I'm not a theory buff, but I'm pretty sure they switch keys pretty often.

The thing with BTBAM though is they do like to reuse riffs and styles in albums. I think I remember seeing Tommy or Paul talk about that too in an interview.

edit: I can't seem to find said interview... so I guess I'm just making shit up now >.<

yeah they reuse riffs in colors, cuz its all one song (kinda) and it all brings you back to past songs (dustie Waring told me this himself)
Dude, btbam are one of the greatest bands to grace the stage of metal, and theyre not metalcore! theyre progressive metal!
there not metal core, and i just wanted a forum of my own just for them :P
Yay or NAy

I think they kick ass personally

if you like em, say why, if you hate em, got to hell...while saying why:P

if you had to choose between your guitar...or the capabilities to have sexual ANYTHING with any girl/guy
what would you choose
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And also has anyone done deals with them?


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