Was about to pull the trigger on a J15 to add to the arsenal for some smaller tap room gigs and such around town, until I saw the HP415 recently introduced. I've played the J15 multiple times but cannot locate a HP415 locally. Can anyone highlight any huge differences or advise on personal experiences? Appears tonal woods/neck/etc all the same, possibly just the J shape vs the cutout from what I can tell.
Well I tried another store today to find the Mahogany and left with a Martin DRS2 so... what'dya know. Thanks everyone!
Hey guys and gals, been a long while since I've posted. Way back in college I think... Anyway, I'm on the verge of finally returning to the acoustic world after having gone electric only for several years. I used to play a Takamine back in the day that had very low action and played similar to my electrics, too bad I let it go for another electric.

After playing a few at the store I think I'm down to the Breedlove Pursuit Dreadnought Ebony, or the Breedlove Pursuit Dreadnought Mahogany. I've played the Ebony and it was very, very nice. I have heard clips of the Mahogany online as well and it sounds delicious, unfortunately I haven't been able to track one down at a local store to try out. Does anyone have experience with the two or can someone shed a little light on what I might gain/lose between these two models? Thanks in advance everyone.
Updated with some cell phone pics.
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damn im tempted. How much to ship to Canada?

Pickguard+Pickups+Pots, is that what this is?

Everything wired up and ready to run. Came strait out of my buddies 60s players strat.

PM me a zip code and I will see what shipping is gonna look like.
60s Players Strat Pickguard.
The one with the custom shop wound 69 specials. I'm upgrading to some fralins so these have got to go. I love the 69 sound but I have two sets of them and I just wanted to try something different in this guitar. The pickguard is indeed mint green, although the pictures may not suggest its true being that it is set against a greenish/blue guitar it is hard to tell.

$175 shipped to the con U.S.

About a years worth of use on the pickguard, never gigged.

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You have now failed your education and will end your life in a slum, surrounded by drug addicts.

Also, "drug" in that context isn't a word.

Dragged just sounds ridiculous, whether it is the right word to use or not. If I've now failed my education I'd hate to see where I'd be if I had passed it. You know being only a year from graduating law school with a 3.78 GPA, damn I failed.
What up folks. I just spent all morning skipping class to install my eminence swamp thing speaker into my classic 30. The UPS man met me as I was leaving for class so I figured ahh what the hell its friday.


This amp now rivals my Lone Star Special. No joke. With the JJ tubes and Eminence speaker this amp cooks.

I never expected to be so pleased with a bargain speaker on top of a 12 year old beat up and drug through the mud amp.
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ya i know where you're coming from. maybe you should take up playing zeppelin. that thing sounds like it could do some of their sounds really well.

Indeed it does. I'm just a sucker for those down south bluesy tones.
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i would be interested but i don't have that much to spend on an amp right now. if you would lower the price to about 250 i would do it but i can tell that won't happen.

I'd keep it just for the sake of having a VOX around here if I had cash to burn. I feel ya.

Unfortunately I need to move this thing at a reasonable price to pursue my next practice amp.
Howdy all. Picked this amp up today and I've been a/bing it with my buddies Blues Deluxe and my own Classic 30 and what can I say, I'm just a blues guy, and this guitar is British Invasion to the max. I should have known that before I bought it.

Its been played 3 hours max, and I don't plan on touching it anymore. $570 shipped to your door, that beats GC and MF by 30 bucks and I bet GCs showroom floor amps have more than 3 hours playing time on them.

Tremolo/Reverb footswitch in box as well.

If this doesn't sell soon I'm going to return it and use store credit to purchase a Fender Blues Jr. NOS Tweed amp. or a Blues Deluxe.
So I switched from a Blues Jr. to a Classic 30 as my practice amp. I went by the local Ma & Pa store here and found a Vox AC15CC1X for 500 even. Brand new out of the box.

So how do these two amps stack up against each other? I enjoy the versatility of the Classic 30 and I really enjoy the distortion channel on the Classic 30.

I did doodle around on the AC15 a bit but some bassist was trying out a bass and playing some slap licks, and he was actually pretty damned good so I figured I'd let him whale away. I loved the clean on the AC15 but I didn't really drive it all that hard as there were just too many people in a small space, and I'm too nice of a guy.
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yeah a couple guys I know swear by there Lonestart strats. Theres are older though, from before they discontinued them. I didnt know they brought em back.

This one is from the MIM deluxe series. American electronics, MIM...go figure.
The video on my camera didn't do the best job of picking up the crystal highs that you can hear while playing.

Running through all 5 positions from the neck to bridge. The last couple riffs are with a bad monkey clicked on.

Amp is a Blues Jr. with Groove Tubes upgrade. Master 3, Volume 6, Treble 10, Bass 8, Middle 3, Fat switch on.
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This is why we can't have nice things.

Because this guy BUYS THEM ALL.

Lol there were 4 others on the wall.

I only took 1.
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Hold up, do you drive an SVT Cobra?

2003 Torch Red 10th Anniversary.
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Wow 3 strats? I'm jealous.

I definitely count my blessings.

I told my parents not to, I have a great job going and I could afford it I just wanted to wait until guitar center settled down so I didn't have to deal with the holiday rush.

Apparently they felt I was a good kid this year. Maybe busting my ass for that 4.0 was worth it after all.
Well as you can see I brought home a little setup from college so I wouldn't drive myself insane over the holidays. However I did NOT expect a guitar for christmas. So here is what I found sitting on my stand this morning when we woke up to open presents. :wave: Sunburst Deluxe Lonestar Strat. A Pearly Gates bucker and two Texas Specials.

$115 shipped in the Continental US. Add an extra $10 dollars and I'll also ship the stock MIM pups out of the guitar. The pickguard is 2 years old, the pickups are about 6 to 7 months old.

Pm me for my paypal account if you're interested.

A strat that has actually been gigged by Jimi or EC.

Amp...I'll have to think about that one.
Does anyone have a sound clip of these guys? I can't find one anywhere for the life of me. Or if you have a set in your guitar how do you like them?
bump for the Sunday crowd
Loaded pickguard on craigslist from a classic 60s strat (not the classic players strat) I believe it has vintage style alnico pickups rather than the custom shop 69 pickups for $89


GFS hand wired pickguard with premium II alnico II pickups for $135
My vintage noiseless set sucks, and I'm currently looking to order some cheap GFS pickups...they're that tasteless and toneless.
or blow damn near all of it on a kick ass, see you at the house, tube amp.
I'm just wondering before I put the HSS strat back together what do you guys think a 500k pot in the tone 2 position would do the vintage noiseless pickups in the neck/middle positions. Obviously brighter and more clear but will it make them sound to thin on the top end?
well cancel the poll...i ordered a pre-wired pickguard with custom shop 69 pickups on a whim. I'm excited...I'll just wait to do the other guitar another time.
I'll email him when I get out of class.
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^nice. i got Tungsol 12AX7s and JJ/Tesla EL84s. i love'em.

So do you vote for any of the combos listed or another vote for the rockmonkey pickups.
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The stock groove tubes are no longer in the amp, to clarify. I forget the brand name, I'll take a look at them tomorrow.
All tubes were replaced and the circuit board (what the shop tech told me) was broken on one end, like the amp had been dropped (i bought it used). So he put a new one in and replaced all the tubes for $100 and a little change. The new tubes in it give a much punchier sound. Still clean but the presence is better.
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Give CorduroyEW a PM. A set of single coils is about $180. Get a set for one guitar, then wait patiently until you have enough for more. That is assuming your completely satisfied with your amp, because you should get that first.

I just spent about 100 bucks having my Blues Jr. done over. It sounds amazing.
I'm running my strats though a Digitech Bad Monkey into a Fender Blues Jr. The tone of my guitar/amp combo are always VERY present with the pedal set to crunch it a bit or set to cranked. I bought both the digitech and tubescreamer ts7 a couple weekends back and have since returned the ts7.
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Whats your price range?

About 200 bucks...I've already spent about $20 on a good soldering iron and the correct solder.

I figure I can get about $80 to $90 out of the noiseless vintage that will be coming out.

So around $250 to $260 give or take for both sets.
For the price I can afford, and after doing a little research here are the options I have with a couple different brands of pickups. Please Vote and leave comments...I'm leaning towards a certain brand but still kinda hung up on what to do with the pickups.
Figure out the fingerings and work on them at an extremely slow rate. Eventually bumping and bumping bpms until you're right on with the song. A more complex song like little wing will open your hands up to a new world of fun.