Hello there!

My name is Yannick, I'm guitarist and songwriter of german melodeath band Harasai.
Some describe us as heavily influenced by early In Flames and At The Gates, but I like to see our music just as modern, heavy, and perhaps progressive, melodic death metal. Without Synthesizers.

The band was founded by our singer martin, our drummer Nico, who is also my brother, and me back in 2006.

Since then we've released 2 EPs, 1 Demo and 1 full length album, entitled "The I-Conception".

We are soon going to be recording our second studio album, "Psychotic Kingdom", probably sometime around the holidays.
You can listen to our newest song "Dying Race Domain", which will be featured on that album, on soundcloud:
You can also download it for free, so be sure to check it out!

We're on facebook as well:

Feedback would be much appreciated!
Rock on guys, cheers! \m/