Hey guys, I've got a new set of strings and things are going better. I've had the guitar restrung by a professional, who did it the same way I did before. I've taken some advice as well and tuned the guitar a note higher than standard EADGBE. I then left it overnight and the guitar has (as the man in the shop said) returned to EADGBE. However, the sound is still "loose" and even though the strings are tuned to the correct notes, I think they may still be an octave lower than they are supposed to be, as there is not much distance between tuned notes and "no tuned noise" still. I do have a lot of guitar restringing/tuning experience, though mainly with electrics and steel stringed acoustics. This one though has me stumped. Any ideas?
Hey, kinda new poster here. Recently I've been doing up an old classical guitar of my dad's that he thinks has been thrown out and rendered useless. It's all done now, so I went to the store today and bought a pack of D'Addario silverplated nylon strings (as recommended by the store owner). So tonight I've put the strings on, and been trying to tune them. First thing I noticed was when I got them to the desired pitch, they seemed very loose (even after a long while of bending, etc. to wear them in a bit). Second, I've never had a set of strings that didn't stay in tune as much - these were nowhere near...then when I finally got them tuned to the notes, they were still an octave lower than they should've been, and right on the edge of making no tuned noise at all. So I've tried to go up to where the notes should be and the strings just wouldn't budge...even after so long of wigglng the strings about and wearing them in. Then I found the limit of the E1 string (nowhere near its tuning) and it snapped on me. What do you guys think? Dodgy batch?