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i feel like this is the part where i drop in on the party for a big wazzzzzzzaaaaaaaaappp!!!!!

Lol'ed real hard Nice
Got one

Cool Catchy song I shortened it and made a vid to it but It gets stuck in your head
Good Stuff

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She's just being touchy is all.

lol ok I was Like Wha...
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You're not allowed to mention THAT place here. It's actually in the rules. Also this is spam. Delete it please

and I remember your avatar lol
and spam of what conversation?

Eh don't remember her Its been so long i don't Remember any one Except PaintItblack
@Deadlock Riff

Thx man sorry bout it

p.s Nice Avatar
Hey everyone I Used to lurk (and sometimes post) on here everyday but i got sidetracked and delved into the devilish side spinning world of "Random" and now i'm tired of the no rules crazy forum and i'm now coming back to something alot more structured instead of post what ever you want (what ever comes to mind world I was in.)

so I've been gone a while anything new happening? or happen since I've been gone?

i noticed the collar thing to i was like wtf is going on then i got it
there was a game called echo night beyond
for ps2 no one ive talked to heard of it but it freaked me out when there was the foggy hallway and like twenty rooms you had to look at security cameras wait for the girl to go into a room then hual ass into another room gather sumn and continue
i had no clue where she was gonna go while i was rummiging for a key then boom game goes crazy stuff breaks and camera freaks out... i die
and by this point my dam flashlight is out of batteries and the game has no guns ugh i have never completed that part
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effort is clearly not my middle name

good sir best thing i've seen in a while rofl
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Because it's poorly made and poorly acted. Everyone at the table was laughing, and you couldn't hear anything over the fan.

well that fan is very loud indeed i didnt notice it when filming and theres alot more to the vid than that and of course were luaghing thier a bunch of high school kids they cant act
how do you guys not think its funny ive showed every one and they like it lol
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You mouth-breathing southerners are why every other country hates us. Thanks.

haha im from ohio
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8 min is way to long for a youtube vid and my tiny attention span

i cut a bunch out and saved it for later so eight is good timing to put together his story
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If I had a quarter for every thread with this title.....

a there is alot lol
So ive Been gone Awhile School and all just wanted to pop back in Say HI and
Share a little video with ya all i Just finished :]

Or heres My Other youtube profile wit my videos from my Video Announcements class idk Check em out see if ya like em

Thanks, MIss the Pit


Little Video i made
Or heres the link to my profile that has like twenty more videos i made
y wouldnt it be i found a cool game and want other people to try it out and enjoy the fun lol
so i found this game called EpicPetWars its pretty sweet and i suggest you give it a try and tell me how you like it i end up playin alot throughout my day
basicly you create your critter and battle through other peoples critters and build up a sweet record and dawn armor to best the bosses easy enough right so since
its a pretty easy to understand and sweet mmorpg give it a try
heres the link^^^
create and post here if you like it
best of luck
my posse code is GMKURL btw
go Go GO!!!!
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Made it myself. Meh.

lmfao nice brings back memories
haha yes made my day
7/10 the colors pretty cool
I took a closet door and filled the top with gas and me and my buddy threw it on a bonfire it blew up on us LOL
Then this onetime we were playin fire soccer
That's where you light toilet paper on fire and kick it around
So as my freind went to kick it I threw gas on it and my freinds leg cuaght on fire I thought it was cool but he didn't

He was in a weekchair for a while so yea I've had fun with fire
pre: while the video loads do some ab workouts (i have a slow computer)

Post: investigate mi load (its usually just kinda runny and dull)

You know you like it
like the first post ill wait to see wat others bring
ill also get one of the hot girls to pose for me they like to do that

i like this thread
good j0b
poster #2 pure awsomeness

and i clicked it
this on wasnt as good as vol 4 in mi opinion
i found this song
and i strangely made me think of GnR

but i cant place what song it reminds me of from GnR
it just slips mi mind
could anyone help
i dont kno if this have been posted but being hit by a bottle = pwned lol
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This is all you need to know about hair down there.

rofl nice
Ok lets have some peoples inputs on the world outside our own. Like

~Is there life out there?
~The basic physics of things
~Different theories people have about the universe
~Goverment coverups/UFO's
~How the universe was started (not to ment to be religious debate)
~How the world will end
~water on other planets?
~Living/going to space or other planets
~Future Of out Galaxy/Planet/Universe
~Any other stuff that people say "hey i dont agree with" about the universe.

go Go GO
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brilliant juxtaposition!

Im a little late but Thank you
blue turtle shell FTW
lets say your in a fight with another country, zombies, alians, bob marley, or some other mass amount of horrific creatures

What would your wepon of choice be in the matter? somthing that would make you a bad ass slaying beast. somthing only a real man would weild.

Post your pics of said weapon
video tape you F'ing their Moms and send it to them
works every time