I'm still very interested in the DD-3. I'll send you a PM or something.
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Don't worry, you're not the only one here who admires his playing / tone more so than others.

I'm glad! Haha
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^^Tool fanboyism much?

They are a pretty cool band

You can say that, I just love his tone! I guess I'm a fanboy.
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^I was looking at the one on the other side of his foot that looks like a DS-Something. But I will concede that the DD-3 is pretty decent.

But to answer your original question. Just build one board. then use some 2x4 on end to put another piece of wood higher up, if that makes any sense. If you get a good picture of one you'll see how simple it is to build.

Oh no, it's Boss PSM5 loopers, not DS-1. If it was, I would lose so much faith in humanity.

regarding the building, is there a good guide? or at least a picture?
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Mmmmmm Deizel....too bad about all the Boss pedals he's running into it. (I do NOT want to start that whole Boss pedals argument that seems to happen all the time round here)

I will divert attention by pointing out the keyboardist's awesome hat/indoor use of sunglasses.

1) Those 2 Boss Pedals (BF-2, DD-3) aren't bad at all. Have you heard his live tone? Absolutely ****ing beautiful. It's not the boss by itself that does that but the flanger + delay is a HUGE part of his tone when he uses it.

2) The Keyboardist shall only be addressed as Maynard James Keenen or God.

Now, for all of the good things!

1) Diezel

2) awesome hat/indoor use of sunglasses
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whats that thing over to the right?

- Roland PK-5 Foot controller
- Access Virus B Synth
So,I don't know if this is the right place for this, but it IS pedalboard related.

I'm trying to find an awesome pedalboard, preferably Two-Tiered/Two-Leveled/Whatever you want to call it, as long as it has two levels.

Something like this picture.

as I'm sure you know, it's Adam Jones of Tool. He has a two tiered pedalboard, though I don't need one as big as that.

Also, I'm not great with building stuff from scratch, but I could always give it a try if there's a good two-leveled guide.

Suggestions? Thanks!
8/10 as I'm not really familiar with it, but anything handmade with assistance from an amp tech must be sweet

See sig.
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my turn bitches...
sorry for the 'bitches'
i got low blood sugar.

see profile.

>My face when Diezel VH4


See sig.

>My face when Diezel VH4
This is the only picture I could find that shows my two pedals

Soon to be added:
- Boss BF-2 Flanger (feels good, man)
- Boss DD-3 Delay
- Boss GE-7 Graphic EQ
- MXR Micro Amp
- Ernie Ball VP Junior Volume Pedal
- Boss TU-2

Unless you can convince me otherwise!
>My face when this thread
Pretty basic setup here. Saving up for a Les Paul Custom Silverburst to replace that MIM Strat

The (Rather Basic) Rig:
- 1982 Marshall JCM 800 2204 (Feels good, man)
- 1960 Marshall AV Cab (Vintage 30s, Feels good, man)
- A shitty MIM strat
- Fulltone OCD (Jizztastic)
- Dunlop Classic Crybaby

A close-up of the beast, also known as my 1982 Marshall JCM 800 2204 (like previously mentioned, feels good, man)

The (rather shitty) MIM Strat.

The Pedals. Fulltone OCD (V4 if I remember correctly) and a Dunlop Classic Crybaby.

Wishlist/GAS List/Upcoming Gear List:
- Les Paul Custom Silverburst
- Boss BF-2 (Yes, I am such a ****ing fanboy). Being shipped to me as we speak.
- Boss DD-3, also being obtained rather soon, as my friend no longer uses his (win)
- Diezel VH4. HA! Maybe in the future. I wish I had this much cash laying around to spend. I would in an instant if I could.

IRL Troll Right here.

But seriously, while the call was terrible, I feel bad for this dude. People **** up. He ****ed up bad. He'll never live it down. Suicide watch is a go.

Shame, he seems like a nice guy from
It's never lupus. Well, except for that one time.

Nice find dude!
I thought it was New Gear Day!

I've been gone for a while.
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Damn, does that mean you have to replace the Strat and/or pickups?

Yep. I'll probably get a new guitar.
Fixed the problem. Played my friend's old Gibson Explorer with EMGs, shit was SO cash. It's the strat, not the amp
Hey guys, update here! I have just cranked the amp. I'm still not getting the sound I really want. it's not heavy enough distortion-wise, even with the OCD. There is hardly any sustain. Chords sound alright but single notes are too thin for me. It's still great for classic rock and blues though, but I want to push it to harder distortion. This is my setup atm:

JCM 800:
Presence - Around 4
Bass - 6
Mid - 5
Treble - 4
Volume - Usually around 2 or 3, but usually as loud as I/my neighbors can handle :lol:
Pre-amp Volume - Around 8 or 9

Fulltone OCD:
Volume - Around 12 O'clock
Drive - 7 O'clock
Tone - Around 12 O'clock

Help UG! Thanks.
Thanks so much guys!

@311ZOSOVHJH: Good to see you too dude. It's been a while with school keeping me busy, but I'm back! :lol:
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Same amp as I have, year and all. The difference is you have a cab. =(


Haha Thanks dude! Truth be told I've had the head for months just sitting in my room, biding its time. I was craigslisting for a 1960AV, but I couldn't find one, so I said screw this, I'll work overtime and get a new cab!

Good choice on amps though! I just got finished jamming more, and it sounds so kickass!
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I see you have one of the rare limited edition left-handed JCM 800s.

Try setting the OCD up with level 10, gain 0 and tone in the middle, and set the amp to taste.

Yeah, I should probably sell it lol its probably worth a lot!

No, it's just my stupid mac being a jerk again.

And I'm rushing down to the garage to once again piss my neighbors off and try those settings up. Thanks
So yeah. After lots of waiting and biding up my hard-earned cash for a good while, I decided it was finally time to make the move.

There was a ton of thought in this decision, and I think it worked out well!

Without further to do, here is some amp pr0n


Sorry, it's a little blurry, so I'll make sure to go into detail.

It's a 1982 Marshall (duh) JCM 800 2204 (Yes, I do prefer 50 > 100 Watts) w/ Vertical Input Jacks.

Fresh from the intarwebs, my brand new cab is a Marshall 1960AV.

Oh yeah! It's backwards Logo thing because of my stupid computer. Sorry!

Anyway, the bad review:

Though I've only jammed on it for a few hours, this thing is an absolute beast. What really surprised me about this amp was the sparkly clean tones that these bad boys aren't normally known for. The little I played with the volume rolled back sounded great. It cleaned up very well and there was no muddy-ness at all.

Then, I decided to piss of my neighbors and crank it.

It was literally orgasmic. The tones coming out of this bad boy just made me Jizz. In. My. Pants. All jokes aside, it had some great blues and classic rock tones just from literally plugging and putting the knobs at noon. After some more playing around, I found a little more distortion, but I really haven't had the time to **** with it too much. After all, it's kinda hard to mess around with the amp when my jaw is on the floor

I fixed the sound thing. It was my ****ing Strat. Selling it and getting an ESP Eclipse-II
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No, I would go V30s or H30s.

V30s are sort of like greenbacks, they have these honky mids (though V30s sound a little more nasally to my ears), but they're different in that they're cleaner, tighter low end, and more modern sounding in general. Not as brown or lo-fi sounding as greenbacks are.

alright dude thanks for the advice!
Quote by bubb_tubbs
You should probably go with the V30s, in that case.

G12H30s and Greenbacks are awesome for blues/rock/hard rock but don't do metal very well.

V30s, on the other hand, are more or less a more efficient (louder/W) version of the Greenbacks. They can do all those genres easily.

I play a lot more hard rock than I do metal.

My style/tone is very Tool-esque. I really wouldn't be so quick as to label them metal. Judging from your above post greenbacks would probably be best?
Thanks for the suggestions so far guys.

Just to clarify, I play mostly Hard Rock/Metal/Prog stuff so I need a cab that does that well. However, at the same time I play blues and classic rock quite often. This info help at all?
Hey UG,

I just picked up a 1982 JCM800 2204 and it's been sitting in my room for quite some time now as I've been trying to find a good cabinet for it. Since I don't know much about cabs, I'm trying to figure out the differences between the Marshall 1960a and the 1960av. I know that that the 1960av has Vintage 30s in it, but I'm trying to find the tonal differences between the two as well as overall differences. Can anyone give me a helping hand here?
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6/10 shit i dont kno