Nemesis combo

I have heard good things about eden and nemesis.

Get him to try it out before he buys!

edit: same but cheaper by a tiny bit
I flew my bass from Toronto to Calgary I think two years ago. I had a hard case, which I locked and gave to the special check luggage counter. They slapped some fragile stickers on the case and it was good to go.

When I picked it up on Calgary at the special counter there, they handed it over without a problem. There wasn't a scratch or a dent on my case.

Granted, this isn't everyone's experience, but just letting you know that mine was fine.
yorkville 400w

Fender bassman 250 + 410 cab

your profile says Barrie, that isn't too far from the GTA.

I personally think traynor is far overpriced when bought new. Same with yorkville. Used is usually a lot better, however.

I haven't tried the new Rumbles, but they look infinitely better than they were.
And the sound? Will that be a lot different too? Sorry for asking so many questions, I've just never messed around with strings. I've been buying the same ones for two years.

I just don't know if string gauge (aside from alternate tuning) is more for sound or feel.
Thank you!

I don't know if it will make the same amount of difference (?) on bass because the strings are much bigger, but I would imagine then that it does make a difference. Thank you!
I've been looking to get some new strings, but the ones I was looking at are a lighter gauge than the ones I usually use. For example, the G string for what I usually use is .05, but this new one would be .045. Does that .005* actually make a tangible difference?

Thank you!


*possible math fail. I don't think it is, but it's always good to have a disclaimer!
I would go for a kustom kba16, as it has a 4 band eq. It is also very, very loud.

squier standard jazz

converted this into euros, so of course the prices will be a bit strange. My guess is that you are going to pay more than 300 at a store, unless you pick up something like the ibanez gsr jumpstart pack. You'll quickly be unsatisfied with the amp though
I got a five string, and about a year and a half later I honestly wish I had gotten the 6 string. I find I want it a lot so I don't have to change positions. I play in all my school bands, and I play high f/g a lot. I would suggest the sixer if you do anything like that. And as people said, you look bad ass. You could look at the ibanez 6 strings, they have a thinner neck, and they're very comfortable.
I think completely banning them is no better than forcing people to wear them. I don't really see a difference. I suppose you should have to take it off only in security matters. For example, in Canada, you don't have to take off your turban whilst in the court room, and that kind of stuff. That was a real case here.
Hey guys, haven't been around for a long time (not like you'd notice!) but I have a question. My music teacher and I are doing some research into getting a new (and CHEAP) bass for school. We found this, which caught our interest. We've got the four string version, and it's a solid bass, etc etc. What we would like to know is more about the EX series. Is it discontinued? If so, how long/when was the production run? Things like that. We don't really care too much about specs (don't care what the wood is), just background information on the series. Thank you!

A used kustom, maybe 100w combo, would be wicked. Louder than they should be, and they're built like tanks.

But, they're a bit on the expensive side, and I don't see them very often in the used market.

Just scope craigslist and kijiji, you'll find something
Quote by Wesbanez
Oh well, now you can buy a 6 string guitar and learn to play a real instrument

I don't know you, and I don't know if Dan knows you, so I hope to Jesus that you're kidding.

I'm so sorry! What bass got stolen? I'd cry for weeks if my bass got stolen, and I bought it for six hundred CAD.

Like people said, get that bastard.
I'd go for the ibanez. I think they're better stock than the other basses you mentioned. Going on hearsay for the others though, so take that with a grain of salt.

I don't know about where you live, but in the gta the resale of ibanez tends to be alright, especially any model that isn't the gsr200. Even the 205s get snapped up quickly.

Looking at the douglas, the ibanez neck is probably going to be much, much more comfortable, especially if you're primarily a guitarist.
what kinf of squier? CV, affinity, etc. If it's an affinity, I wouldn't do it. Save that $150 towards a better based, probably used.
that is not recommended, as your only amp.

I think you should save up. this is available, but I honestly don't see the point of a speaker that size. You could do better: P
Quote by fleajr_1412
Looking real nice, what did you trade it for?

I want to know too!

It looks really nice, I love the colour on the Fury
I shat bricks when I saw that the head could be removed. Don't know why, but I did

I know I want one, though. Sounds quite nice, looks nice, and is super lightweight. Since I can't carry anything.

I wish they weren't 700 bucks though. Hopefully they will release less powerful versions for cheaper.
I would suggest a used ibanez sr 50/0/5/6. They're very popular with that genre, and for good reason, in my rather biased opinion :P The string spacing is tighter, which makes for a slimmer neck
Congrats! Looks great. Lucky you, people buying you amps for Christmas :P
This amp is decent, and the bass is a starter, but will also suffice.
got a new fuzz pedal, which I've been lusting after for quite some time. :P hope everyone had a happy ho ho regardless of what bass stuff they got!
I hate BTBs, they're definitely a try before you buy. I found the neck really flat I guess, and uncomfortable. They're certainly nothing wrong with them, just a bit on the heavy side. It feels drastically different from the other two.
I love the sr505 very much. Both the jazz and the ibanez are great options though. I would try them out, since both feel vastly different. The ibanez has a thinner neck, as a result of a tighter string spacing. It makes it harder to slap on. Both are good choices, so it comes down to feel.
this might be attainable this year, since I'm actually starting to work again, hard core

1. new bass amp. already getting close to attaining this one!
2. continue to work on improvization
3. work on tabbing out songs by ear, without taking six hours per line
musician's friend has a used selection now. I've heard mostly good -a bit of bad- about their shipping, if you don't mind doing that. Kijiji is another used source, which I prefer over CL
don't pay $800 for the rockbass. You could get a used Warwick for that price. Which is my suggestion. I'd scope out used, since I find deals all the time. Found a fender Jazz V for 500 CAD, so it's definitely possible
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Kustoms are loud as thunder and built like fire proof safes. You'll get quite a bit for the 10 and 30 W practice amps.

I say this. I love my kba16 dearly, and my next amp will be a kustom too. Like Anarkee said, they're tanks and louder than hell for the wattage.
I think if you don't mind waiting, the TKO is going to be loads better. That's my suggestion.

If you do mind waiting, I'd get the half stack.
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My bass resolutions, which I may actually keep.

1. Learn how to play arco on my double bass
2. Learn to slap, at least poorly. I can't even hit individual strings right now
3. Buy a new amp: my 16watt just isn't cutting it anymore

1. nope
2. yes! I'm not bad at it
3. nope currently saving up though!
that looks great! what model of Yamaha did you trade for it?
^that's what he has (less one string). How would that be an upgrade?
spoil sport

wish I had money.... jobless and injured does not make for a conducive bass/amp buying environment.

to somewhat contribute:

My next combo, OFFICIALLY decided, being the indecisive bastard that I usually am ^^
didn't see you were an Aussie... forget that suggestion then :P The prices there suck something fierce, from what I've heard on here

I'd save up a bit more in this case, then. If you're happy with the gsr200, wait it out.

I went from a samick $200 bass to the sr505, which was a pretty big upgrade. It was worth playing that Samick for longer to be able to buy a bass I probably won't upgrade for a very long time. Buy other basses for different purposes sure, but I don't see any reason to upgrade my current main. Saved me a lot of money too.
Yammies are pretty good. If you like, it's certainly a good bass to get. How much was it though? If it was close to or above 400, I'd start looking used for an sr505 or something similar.
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not if you know how much i paid for it

do share

looks gorgeous by the way!
where are you in Canada? If you're willing to go used, you'll probably find some great stuff for a lot cheaper than new.
I say yes, because it really is a lot easier. And it's a lot harder to lose your work. The only class I still use paper for is math.

And if they're distracted, so what? It's better than being distracted by talking to other people. My gmail calender saves my ass more in one semester than a bloody agenda has in four years.
+1 to carvin

they don't seem to have their half stacks anymore...
The 410 will be louder than the 115, because it pushes more air. That's a factor you have to consider as well. I think that'll be enough power. You can always add the 115 for cheap later, if you need to.
Quote by CombatRock

My question is if the head is 200W at 4 ohms and the cabinet is 400w at 8 ohms what will the actual output be?

You don't usually need to worry about the power handling of the cab. The only way you'd have trouble was if your head put out more than the cab could handle, AT the number of ohms the CAB HAS. if that makes sense. But that's a digression.

you'll get about 100-140 watts, I'd say.