high school being everything you hate in a fan of tool
I just picked this up a couple months ago. The New Ampeg BA-115s and im really happy with it. Read about it here :
I love them rotos
It's all personal preference. as long as you don't feel unusual pain in your hand after an hour's worth of practice you're fine. Personally, i put my thumb on the E string when im plucking the A D G strings and on the pickup when plucking the E string.
RIP in peace sweet prince ;_;7
practice with the metronome on the 2 and 4 beats get more out of it
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i go so hard dust II all day
enjoy! This is relatively new and more to come
i would love to do that!! where can i meet wedding bands so i could b like lemme get in on dat tho?
This is what i use it should be just under 100 dollars. there's what it looks like. there's what it sounds like
i have a knack for playing bass like a guitar. I mean, it kind of is a guitar... whether it be my metal band, or a simple jazz/funk tune. I'm constantly overplaying. I make it work for the most part, but its got its downsides
i just got a dean 5-string cost me about 300-400 and it plays really well.
Sup dudes, i'm the bassist obviously and here is my band, Autrie as seen from the drum cam enjoy
check out some jazz im learning in school! best way to learn is play a lot and experience
I live in california, and we're ganna vote for bernie...but I believe in trump. In fact i wrote a song about how he can't be stumped
its great to be a bassist, no complaints here
You see music as visual. This is a good thing assuming you dont have perfect pitch, where you see and identify notes as you would with colors. Try listening to some 20th century a-tonal type music, or even movie scores. Those evoke real visual feelings. You can study those and emulate them in your playing. Otherwise, I consider the ability to see an actual distraction from playing music. Look at Stevie Wonder. His eyes are closed all the time, and he feels the beat, the timing and the emotion. He can't get distracted by his eyes.

As far as evoking those feelings in solos, i urge you to sing your solo. Play as if you would sing. The greatest solo-players of any time have conceived them vocally (ex. miles davis, chet baker, oscar peterson actually sings his crazy solos---> and that's where the feeling comes from, as if the instrument is speaking to you. hope that helps!
there's duality all over music. In this case for intervals, think about it as chromatic and diatonic. Just like the circle of 4ths/5ths, you can always go up a perfect 4th starting from the root note (keeping the same chord quality) and end up who knows where (up to you). you can also go up 4ths diatonically, meaning always staying in the scale and changing the quality of the chord as needed to reach back "home" if that makes any sense.

And that's for chords, for single notes is easier, just requires practice.
whatever you play, play to a click track. Set yourself deadlines, record and re-listen to your rhythm, and clearness of tone, time and touch (3 T's). Personally, i could never get myself to do this, so now im in school where i have actual deadlines for lets say an improv class or performance class and am making progress in those areas.
being a musician has allowed me to see right through the pop music of today. Simply being catchy is not enough to get something stuck in my head anymore.
QUICK whats a D triad over C in relation to C? go go go
This is nice. Just remember that there's a million ways to play these songs so the more specific you get with the chords, the more you take that element away from aspiring students. Gatta start somewhere anyways
Hi!, im getting into jazz in school and I finally feel like I'm making some progress, so here's a video of an in-class performance of me going at it would appreciate some feedback

will return of course
This is my band's first recording n there should be the second on the way so I need some feedback on the sound of the recording thanks!
you must have never solo'd in 52 years. How are you going to know which passing tones fit between notes within the chord? or when you can go chromatically up or down?

(with scales)
Octatonic is your best friend.
by definition, blues basslines must stay true and well... "boring" but id be a happy man to play pentatonic walking bass for 4 hours while albert king and Stevie ray vaghan take turns soloing endlessly in question answer format... you want an interesting bassline? Listen to jazz
Go to your local community college, enroll in the music sequence and take performance classes in jazz. Your skills will sky-rocket.
Here's a one off jam session with my uncle! Warning this stuff is a bit different than what you're used to.
Hi guys, so yeah im no singer ill shred a bass and play soothing guitar lines but when it comes to singing I shut here I am working on that. I've had this piece for a while now and for a week now just been working on a melody and singing it while I play. It's just one sentence of lyrics, but I can always add in some other lines...the important for me is that I don't sound half bad....give me some critique pls and ty (c4c?)
eets seemple. you kill da batman!

srsly though, paying for professional lessons gives you an edge over teaching yourself in terms of where you want to be in how long. However, any time spent learning and playing guitar is always good. If you've made any mistakes in your habits, you can always go back and fix them and youve retained the hours that youve spent practiced. the more you play and practice..the better you are..and somewhere down the line you can pay attention to the details. Just practice!
hello everyone, here's a metal song ive written. can i get some critique on it?
it could be a string or guitar issue, try changing your strings then try it out (preferably heavier gauges rather than standard)
your ears just need to get used to it. listen to the song a few times in the tuning you want to play it in, half or whole step down and once youve gotten used to it, it will sound more natural, and the audience will not notice a single thing (unless of course you're not properly tuned with each other and yourselves)
your enthusiasm for learning is already a step beyond most people who want to learn guitar. You will get to the point where you will be able to practice all day, but for now...take it slower. turn on a metronome and practice those three chords for an hour a day, and let your fingers rest. you dont want to strain yourself this much, but nice that you got a headstart! :3
I started out on piano lessons, and one day my friend forgot his bass at my house (for 2 months) so i kinda fell in love with the damn thing. I also think im just an all around better string player than I am a piano player, and the theory and musicality that i learned from playing piano helped me ALOT in bass and guitar, so they are very much interconnected with me. Like when i try to figure out something music theory-y ill imagine the keys and I can work pretty efficiently in translating that on to the guitar. It really depends on what you love playing the most.