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Maybe, but they already skipped Tyrion travelling with Griff and company and made it clear that Varys is supporting Dany whereas in the book he's backing Aegon

Yeah you're right, I remembered it wrong and thought he joined Griff after he and mormont are sold as the galdiator slaves. I hope they introduce Griff and Aegon as it's a far more interesting story than that of Daenarys's in my opinion but who knows which way the show or books for that matter are going to go
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The only thing I wish they'd include is

You'd have to think that they're building to it with Tyrion's story. For the most part its following the book.
Divide the Day has a pretty good rock/ hard rock sound and their albums are free on bandcamp.
I recommend Comin in Hot and Looking for trouble Eps
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Don't do it. Keep to your one month and move on to other locations. While it's important to establish a foundation in your hometown and be able to gig there regularly (once a month/every 4-6 weeks is enough imo), it's more important to expand and play out to other places and expand your fan base.

Networking and making connections is more key to making it as a musician/band than anything else and you can only do that if you play other venues not located in the same general area.

And to the person saying, isn't better to open for as many bands and gather exposure. You obviously have never been an opening band at a decent sized show. Most people either don't show up early enough to the show or the venue only lets so many people in at a time.

Okay so its important to expand your fanbase, which when you first start out is 0.

Play once a month, with no fans, so have to settle for opening spot but as you said hardly anyone is there. But that's okay next month we'll come back and do it all over again, that's gonna bring in the fans.

Yes I understand playing an opening slot sucks and you don't always get the crowd you want, but guess what, that's part of starting out. Ever heard of paying your dues? You get shit crowds and no money, but after you stay at it, and are good, you should see an improvement.

It's easy to say play other areas and venues but you're just going to get the opening few slots again, just because you're from out of town doesn't mean people are interested in seeing you. Chances are they're there for the headline act which is a local band who's worked their way up and built a fanbase.

Yes networking is essential in setting up shows and opportunities, but no one is going to take you seriously with 17 likes on your facebook band page and a gig history of 3 shows, none of which you'd be proud to brag about.
Okay, well since neither of your sites have any info, I'll ask.
What experience do you guys have? What do you bring to the table here? Why would a band be better off signing with you?

Just wondering because it doesn't look like you have invested any money into a logo or website, nor do you have any artists signed. If this is just starting up, start low and work with your friends or something before saying you're a record label.
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^^^ If you actually get to the point where people don't go to see you because they've seen you enough, that's a really awesome position to be in.

Until then, you can't play too many gigs.

In the early stages wouldn't it be best for a band to open for as many bands as possible? Because as an opener you aren't expected to bring too many people and you get more exposure to a wider range of people.
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School is a waste of time. I mean really what did you learn there? If my band doesn't make it I'm going into politics to sort of the mess that education is today in the UK.

What makes you think anyone will listen to someone who doesn't have an education on the subject of education?

Just be sure to get that burger flip down mate, you're gonna need it.
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Haha - the joys of recording on my phone!

I was shocked at how good the new stuff was live, I like the new album but it's not my favourite. They picked good songs from it to play live - Storm, Strife, No way to heal and Through blood and dirt. Still used that bloody annoying vocal effect on Strife though!

Those are the best songs from the album. Theyve grown on me after being pretty underwhelmed the first listen.

What were Miss May I like? I've heard good things about them and people saying this is going to be a breakout year for them but I didnt really see anything spectacular from them after watching their music videos on youtube.
Maylene and the sons of disaster
Unless you don't know anything about guitar construction I'd say skip the course. Most, if not all, customers are going to look at previous guitars you've made and possibly reviews before purchasing one of yours. They aren't going to look at what courses or high school level you've done.
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If I'm going to spend money, CD. I prefer having a physical copy. Just looking at the thing is already worth the money in most cases and the fact that I can get digital files from it anyway makes it a no brainer.

Otherwise, it's time for me to set the Jolly Rodger at full mast and sail the world wide web because I refuse to pay for digital files.


Id like to get into buying vinyl but dont have a record player or any money so its just impractical at the moment.
Do you guys think Trivium's peak is behind them? By that I mean have they missed their chance to blow up and be a really big band, selling much more records than they currently do and more headlining tours? To me it seems like theyve got a fairly decent sized fan base but I can't really see it growing exponentially anymore. With every new album any new fans gained are equal to those lost interest by the new direction and with 5 albums into their career are they passed a big push by a label (roadrunner or otherwise)?
Axemanchris's post is spot on. The best advice I can give is if you want to get anywhere then look as professional as possible. It's not hard to get a decent logo and band photos. Pair that with a good looking website and people will think the better of you.

Just to add onto that, Utilise your friends for help, if theyre good at web design offer them a case of beer to create the website, same goes for photography and graphic design. If you dont know people with that skillset try colleges, always people wanting to get some experience and add to a portfolio.
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i'd rather call them a hard rock band. with a ton of other influences.

their fans might all just happen to be preps though, i dunno.

This, theyre just a hard rock band.

I'd say my guilty pleasure (as someone who doesnt like pop or electronic music) would be Skrillex and some other dubstep songs. Or the Prodigy.
No way to heal has really grown on me. Vengeance falls as a track is one i cant stand
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I think its who ever is funding these videos who is holding them back.

It most definitely is.
This is just my opinion, but i do have a gripe with Roadrunner records, in that theyre a failing record label yet they still arent (from what ive seen) trying to push the creative boundaries in terms of releasing albums. Its formulaic to a fault, tour, record, music video, album release, tour. Now i know there isnt a great deal of change you can make but when the artists are struggling to reach 5 figure sales numbers youd think there'd be some sort of push to evolve. The last creative thing roadrunner did was their all-star sessions for the 25th anniversary.
Thats all my opinion by the way, you may disagree, i may be wrong.
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Well thats one way to kill a thematic concept. I think trivium has done too many purely performance based music videos, they should change it up a bit like they did for in waves.

Also im trying to sell a massive signed trivium poster, if anyones interested pm me
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I think most artists should go self release any way.

Well established artists anyway, I think majority of bands/artists need to be on a labels roster first so they can have a marketing push behind them as well as getting better tour spots. After theyve made a name for themselves and hopefully have managed to make enough to self release it is a good way to go about having control.
^Travis went over to europe to record with a band but it didnt work out for some reason or another. He was a good drummer and, all personal shit aside, he'd be an asset in almost any band.
I dont have a source, its purely speculation. It wouldnt surprise me though as roadrunner has had to close a bunch of offices and let staff go. When you think about it they dont have many top sellers on their roster and I could see them pushing an established band like Trivium to be more radio friendly and not as heavy to try and garner more sales and new fans. Lets not forget they did open for asking alexandria.
Got to thinking about Trivium and their recent albums and was wondering what you guys thought their label pushing them into a more mainstream sound (for lack of a better term) which could potentially appeal to a broader audience? And this is their fifth roadrunner album, thoughts on whether they'll leave the label after this album to go somewhere else or do the self-release option?
^ Gotta agree with this
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some of the songs are catchy, but i dno just something is missing so I can't enjoy it as a good a7x album

This. Im hoping the songs will grow on me a bit like hail to the king did. I wouldve liked one or two songs being a bit faster with a city of evil vibe but ive been after another album like city of evil ever since it was released.
Two things that ive noticed that have nothing to do with the musical integrity.
1, Does Matt have a challenge to have "cauterize" in each album? I swear ive noticed him using that word a lot.

2, Does anyone else get a transformers vibe from the artwork? Im expecting their music videos to be explosions at sunset at the moment.
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From what I've heard from those who attended to the listening parties, the rest of the songs are pretty different to Hail to the King, and Requiem seems to be one of the favorites. I'm really looking forward to this after that little let down!

I'd say youre always gonna be surprised by at least one track off a new avenged album. While hail to the king isnt a fave of mine, its grown on me a bit and im looking forward to listening to the whole album through a couple of times, im pretty sure ill like it for the most part.
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Could easily be on Temper temper by BFMV...

One more song like Strife or BTS and I say goodbye to VF. And honestly, I think the majority of the tracks will sound like BTS and Strife. After all the negative comments on BTS, they should have counter attacked with something heavy but instead they give us Strife. Either they have nothing better -and it would be sad- or their promo really, reaaaaaaaally sucks.

And BTW I don't know if it's true but someone posted the tracklist on their FB page and there are only 10 songs. The rest has to be at least 545 times better than the song Shogun to prevent VF from being a shitty record.

Hasnt trivium's promo always sucked though? I am not surprised Roadrunner records is going under, theyre a niche market and have terrible promo, like filming a making of dvd to try and boost physical CD sales, which was good the first time but really its the same thing everytime.
Well if its your band, im assuming you wont be charging them so the 'free' argument for working with the student shouldnt apply.
If you are charging your own band to record at your home studio then you should just count your losses and book paying artists. If you record with the students perhaps you could pass on some tips instead of just saying they arent very good.
^ Yeah, I wasnt a big fan of this song but at the same time dont hate it.

Im glad they changed the album artwork, basically the same as the self-titled with a black background, but anything was better than the artwork they originally showed.
Yeah. If you want the guitar to keep then refinish it but if you're intending to sell it, it would be best to sell as is, as the person buying it might want to refinish it themselves, get a professional to do it or leave it in its original condition.
I never really get why people would want to draw the logo on. I for one would be much prouder to show others a guitar that I made and had my name or something on it than a guitar i made and tried to pass it off as something it isn't. You're making something unique, keep it that way instead of trying to pass it off as something anyone who had the money could buy. Just my opinion.

If you put the logo on use decal paper, youll never get it looking good with a sharpie
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You know it's not Trivium, right? It's a song off of the Capharnaum album Matt did vocals on.

My bad. Sounded like something a band full of 16 year olds would write.
Damn that sample sounds terrible...
I dont mind those traditional sleeves but have never been a fan of filling up the space with dots n stars. just my opinion.