If the song was called "The Pit" then you might be on to something.
I smoked pot with those two.
This thread is stupid.
Just calm down, everyone.
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Nah Nigga
I don't care
For your
Imposed like
Better learn
How to act
I'd beat ya
That's a fact
Dare tell me
What I can
and can't post
I'd thread
What I said
About making
You toast
Nah Nigga
I don't care

Thanks for that. This dude sounds awesome.
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it'd be cool if when you died a "continue?" screen came up, and you could choose to either go to an afterlife or just disappear into nothingness.

actually, i hope it's a touch screen monitor where i can create my own afterlife however i want it to be.

The afterlife is actually one big game of Minecraft.
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Trebor would so have a sig of someone talking about rick astley.

That sig was from a time when Rick Rolling was still sorta funny, Mr. 2013.
Explain trebor to me, please. In chat form.
Ohhhh I understand. trebor is an account from a user who made multiple accounts? I joined in October '07, so I think that clears my name.
Weak stomach nigga

Nah dude, I drink milk and eat cheese all the time.
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An illusion

You just speak nonsense.
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I can't believe that you would just equate gay people with transgender people. GENDER AND SEXUALITY ARE NOT THE SAME THING. You need to inform yourself, you bigot. I'm seriously so sick of people not taking the time to inform themselves blah blah blah blah

Did I SJW right, guys? Did I do it?
Still waiting for the transgender whining thread.
So, what exactly did this mom look like? Did she have a snaggletooth?
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A thread in which you chat

How does it differ from other threads, in which you are also able to chat?
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Chat to me chat thread

Explain to me what a chat thread is.
One kid in my high school used to call people "three dollar bills", which I guess means queer? As in, "you're as queer as a three dollar bill!" I thought he made it up until I heard it on some television show. Weird.
I hate when people say "100th post!"
Link to transgender whining thread, plz.
To the person who posted the pink ping pong ball joke, holy shit, I haven't thought about that in a while. I think I actually heard it on UG years ago, but every year in high school English I would ask the teacher if I could tell a short joke and I would proceed to launch into that one. By the second year everyone knew what I was up to but they all pretended like it had a great punchline so that the teacher would allow me to continue. What a joke, what a joke.

EDIT: Just remembered a pretty good one.

Two black men are walking down the street when they see a sign that says "Change Your Skin Color to White for Fifty Cents!" They stop outside the doorway and look at each other. After a minute of silence, one of the men says, "Well... it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. People would trust us more, we wouldn't have to deal with so much shit and we could finally get a taxi in this city, you know?" His friend agrees and they both head inside. However, the two men don't have any cash on them except for a single dollar. While they are waiting in line the one man says, "Since we only have a dollar between us, I'll go first and give you the change when I get out, okay?" His friend agrees and finally it's the first man's turn. He enters into a booth and there is a huge flash of light. When he exits the booth, his skin is now white. "Holy shit, it worked!" cried his friend. "Can I have that fifty cents?" His friend turns, looks at him and goes, "Get a job, you bum" and walks away.
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I'll agree that benedryl and K2 are garbage, but dex rocks u shitlord

Admittedly I haven't done it in forever. I remember it being okay, I used to do it a bunch in 8th/9th grade, but I've never been a huge fan of dissociative drugs in general.
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i knew a drug dork during my short time in college.

dumb kid liked counting all the drugs he was on at any given time.

example: "I'm on X drugs right now. Marijuana, Nicotine, Caffeine, Alcohol, Diphenhydramine, Dextromethorphan, K2..."

what a loser.

i mean i've done my fair share of drugs, but the only time i felt compelled to announce i was on something was the few times i took acid and needed to explain my strange behavior to the people around me.

Yo, that kid did the shittiest drugs.
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naw, that's a good thing.

i've met some moronic people that seem to think they know better than me or have more life experience because they've been arrested for things like possession.

yeah, ok. i prefer not getting caught. the only thing that would come out of me getting arrested is making my life harder than it needs to be.

Like when people brag about who's done the most drugs. Maybe in high school that shit was kind of cool/interesting but now that I'm in my 20s it just seems like a race to the bottom.
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- Despite no history of alcoholism anywhere in my family, drinking was always my vice. Started moderately in my teens and was a complete lush by mid twenties, even though I argued it then. I would drink anything and had a type for any occasion.

- My biggest alcoholic weaknesses were Moonshine and Wild Turkey 101. It got to the point where I drank WT like water straight from the bottle. Even when young it took A LOT of alcohol to effect me, so I kept a local liquor store in business for some years. (Is it bad when store clerks start making up offers on the spot like buy four, get one free because you are there everyday and they know you will likely do so?)

- Up until two years ago, I spent more than two decades where my longest period of sobriety was only six weeks. Now if I can go another month without a drink, I will have been sober for two years.

Keep that shit up, dude!
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Most trouble I ever got in was yesterday, when I tried to overthrow the established order of this forum and got banned twice in a row

No one even noticed I was gone except Pasta

Tell us about your attempts, you rebel, you.
For a while there religion bashing seemed pretty in vogue. I went to a NY state university and there were religious and atheist clubs there, but the atheist ones were really condescending and quite frankly rude with their advertising compared to the religious clubs.
I was raised Catholic. Not the strictest kind of Catholicism, but church every Sunday, confession every month, Ash Wednesday, stuff like that. I'd been in religious education since elementary school. I started watching Bill Maher in 10th grade and from there became hardcore atheist. I was kicked out of my confirmation class towards the end of 10th grade for holding views that they didn't think were compatible with Catholicism (gay rights, abortion, birth control, etc...) I mean, I was in high school and had access to the internet and HBO. How was I not going to question my religion? My family sort of gave up being religious after that. It was mostly my mom who cared, anyway; my dad was not raised religious at all and never went to church with us. Fast forward a few years and I found myself struggling with severe depression. I ended up in the hospital for about a week and while I was there a very kind nun gave me a rosary. I found that it gave me great comfort and to this day I still say my prayers every night and usually fall asleep having a mental conversation with a God that I'm not 100% sure exists. I'm not really the type to have faith. I hope God exists, but I'm not sure and never will be. I don't go to Church but if praying makes me feel better, then hey, I'm gonna do it without being ashamed.
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I remember getting randomly banned and was held up in there under the condition that I MS paint something.

CBA to do it though.

I've looked up multiple UK slang terms that I've seen in your posts. Cultural differences, man.
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MS Paint has gotten many a tosspot out of the FOTB.

One guy even wrote and recorded a song to one of the mods with the condition that he be released from the FOTB.
I remember once a dude on there made a thread called "How to get past the FOTB". He made an MS Paint picture of him pressing "Logout" while sporting a giant MS Paint penis. Had me cracking up. I wish I could find that thread again.
The FOTB is still mad funny, though. I kind of enjoyed my time there.
I'm a heavier drinker than I'd like to be, realistically. Maybe it's just a runoff bad habit from college, but sometimes I worry that I've forgotten how to have fun in a social gathering without drinking.
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Always reminds me of The 40 Year Old Virgin.