I Want You Back - Jackson Five. Perfection.
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I would like to think you were too, but from personal experience, everyone I run into is in the lower end of the bell curve. Its not just girls, most guys I meet are stupid as ****. I dont know any intelligent people. I just know one guitarist who is pretty good and knows a few things about life, I know my drummer who is fairly talented at drums, and thats it. It makes me horribly depressed to know that there isnt anyone to talk to that will make me smarter.

Life Tip: People won't like you very much if you keep going around comparing their supposedly inferior intelligence to your own. It makes people think you're at best a know-it-all and at worst a pompous, self-important dick. You might also want to avoid generalizing women, because the second you do meet an intelligent one and she hears that garbage coming out of your mouth, she's going to leave you for someone who has a more realistic/broad world view. Not trying to be a SJW, just letting you know that that's how you're coming across.
One time I got caught getting a blowie from my high school girlfriend by a police officer. We were parked on some private dirt road and the cop must have known something was up. He was really nice about it, though.

Another time my friends and I decided to copy Napoleon Dynamite and tie dental floss to our old action figures and then throw them out the school bus window. We did it every day for a month and then one day my friend jumped the gun and threw it out the window while we were leaving the school. The particular toy in question was a big rubber tire, the type that attaches to some sort of launching mechanism and you pull a plastic zip thing to launch it. Being made of rubber, the tire started bouncing really high off the ground, gaining air with every bounce. Finally it was bouncing so high that it would go over the roof of the bus. This was too much and a police officer parked at the bottom of the school's driveway saw it and pulled the bus over. That day we had a substitute bus driver and thankfully he didn't write us up. It was still hilarious.
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Not even. Dude got hit by a train. Daytripper took it the hardest. Poor guy was so distraught, he actually started logging in on Kensai's account to post for him.

That can't be true, can it? Either way, I miss Kensai. It's funny how all of these old users are rushing back into my memory. Bringing back some feels.
Three people whom I used to consider good friends have slept with my ex girlfriends. I understand sometimes this happens, but three seems like an awfully high number for me. I'm not a possessive sort of guy; I don't care who my exes sleep with after we're broken up. The shitty part is that they would stop hanging out with me. A friend who I have known since Kindergarten was the most recent offender. It keeps me up at night sometimes, knowing that my friendship is worth less to my friends than a lousy lay.
Didn't you leave The Pit because everyone is mean to you?
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Honestly, I think the UG community is a bit more evolved and mature than your average internet community.

People have this 'good old day's mentality. The only thing I miss is the activity. The Pit used to have 3 or 4 times the amount of users, and it was great and threads were usually always fresh. However, with that, you had a bunch of idiots and idiot posts.

There were plenty of threads people made just to share a youtube video, and the first few posts would be total reddit-core like "OMG that's epic!" and "hahahaha WIN."

I think what's happened is that our community has thinned and matured. There's a rotation of different inside jokes every community has, and I think you see enough people often that you can sort of discern a personality. I also don't really mind all the bit Official and Only threads, especially the MLP containment thread.

With the exception of activity, pretty much every part of the community is better now than it was 5 or 7 years ago. The most popular thread on this site used to be that giant Demotivational Pictures post, and the content of which is totally regrettable in hindsight.

Well put, thanks for taking the time to write that out. I do have a genuine curiosity as to how The Pit has changed over the years, which is fueled 100% by nostalgia. I guess I'm guilty of the "good ol' days" mentality, but it still feels good to be back. Also, the Demotivational Posters thread was actually what piqued my interest in The Pit, way back in '07. I was just perusing through it and you're totally right. I was also 15 or 16 at the time, so that would explain why I thought it was so funny.
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What happened to the dude who had the mom who shat on the floor and blamed it on the dog or whatever? I miss that guy.

I remember that. I also remember one dude who would cut triangles into his skin and put ink in them. He was hoping for a Dark Side of the Moon effect, but it was truly awful. I commented twice in the thread after it had been reported and was sentenced to the Forum of the Banned, which was actually funnier than The Pit in a lot of ways.
A guy I went to high school with had a HUGE nose and we called him Toucan Sam sometimes. He got married a couple years back when he was 20. His wife used to hit on me over AIM when we were in middle school. She's weird and I'm glad I didn't marry her.
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Don't son me you dirty 07'er. I ate noobs like you for breakfast. That's why you will not see many 07ers around.

But somehow you didn't eat me. Which either means you like me, OR, you're losing your touch, eh? Which one is it, son?
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We all got a bit gayer

I heard you all got a lot gayer.
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Happy coincidence, I just finished this a few days ago for class. Shit's great. Way more profound than I thought it'd be for an alternate history thing

One of the most interesting, if unimportant things I noticed in that book was the really, really lax marijuana laws in the Pacific States. Which is funny because, doesn't modern Japan have really harsh drug laws?

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Haven't seen you in a while

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Spend your time applying to jobs to get out of your mom's basement

Two interviews this week, son.
Oh snap, I guess I did. I haven't even seen an lolwut pear in forever.

Kensai left?!?! Damn. What about Jack Off Jill?
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Yeah they all ran away with the Pear and Icy Hot.

I remember when the lolwut pear was banned. Dark times.
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Only thing that has really changed is that there are less people now so they all think they can be assholes to each other, then they cry and complain when someone gets banned or decides to leave.

Has the population of The Pit dwindled that much?
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A little snarky, a little bored. Great combo.

Yay 2007 master race.

Actually only 2007ers have posted so far.

Good catch! I suppose the title of the thread would attract those, though.
I'd just insert her name into 867 5309 (Jenny Jenny). BOOM! Perfect love song.
I've done it before and I'd do it again.
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You'll fit right in.

also FTFY

Any thread about terrorism or being mean to women.

Snarky one, ain't ya? Also, I'm an October '07 and you're a November '07. Whattttttttttttttttttt.
I just recently finished Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle and loved it. Easy read, less than 300 pages, but boy oh boy does it make you think.
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you mean a lot less neckbeards? this place was ****ing awful 5 years ago

It seems we have a disagreement.
How do we know about the neckbeards? Is there a thread to show them off?
That actually sounds pretty sweet. I was a SJW in high school and never could quite understand why older people got fed up when I talked politics. Now that I'm 22, I realize that no one really cares about what high schoolers have to say about politics.
Howdy, Pit!

I hope this thread is within the realm of accepted posts. I haven't been on the UG forums for almost five years now (save one or two times when I was super drunk and feeling nostalgic.) I just graduated from college and am currently living back at home, with too much free time on my hands, so I figured, what better way to pass the time when I'm not applying for jobs than to get back into The Pit? I guess my question is this: how are you all doing? What's been going on the past five years? Anything good/weird/crazy I should know about? I've missed The Pit dearly and after spending an hour going through my past posts like a sad, sad man, I'm excited to be back.
Seriously, smoke weed. I saw Roger Waters perform The Wall live this past summer and it was a magical experience, hitting a bowl and watching him perform.
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Can't scrub away the stench of failure.

Great response.
It's been a few years since I've posted. A good friend of mine posted this thread when we were in high school. It's a nice reminder of what I consider to be the glory days of the Pit. Take the time to read it, please. From your nostalgic friend, nosushi4you.
EDIT: I'm incredibly drunk and about to go meet up with a rather pretty lady friend. I came into my own while posting on the Pit, so please forgive the five year old bump and know that I love all of you.
Buy some Spice. I'm gonna try some tonight.

I've heard good things about Spice. Let us know how it is!
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Then obviously being in a specific party doesn't mean anything.

People are still Republican with the same beliefs those men had. But no, CNN said they're racist... so they have to be!

Oh, the liberal media, constantly pointing out the flaws of conservatives!

Look at the tea-party movement, the Birther movement, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter. Enough said.
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I wonder why Dr. Martin Luther King called him self a republican then. And why did Mr. Abraham Lincoln abolish slavery!?!?

Those damn republicans don't believe in these ideologies!!! GODDAMN THOSE LIES!!

I knew that was going to come up, and if you've looked at history, you'd see that the parties virtually flip-flopped as far as social issues were concerned.
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Democrats are just as racist and bigoted at times. They are often the party of "no" and mistrust also. And don't stereo type Christians, because even Christian disagree with each other.

Look I am not a loyaltist Republican at least not any more. They have proven to be as corrupt and nannying as any other to me.

But, many Republicans see it as more "caring" to allow someone to stand on their own rather than be perpetually reliant on government. And what do Democrats do for the "poor" more often than not? Set it up so the "poor" stay poor and reliant on them, thus insuring a continued loyal voting base. You know just because someone is "wealthy" doesn't mean they got that way by beating down on everybody else. Some got that way by hard work, and is it fair to bleed them because?

There are greedy people who are poor, there are greedy people who are rich. As are there good people either way also. It isn't all black and white. There isn't a political party of "good vs evil".

As I have listened to certain Democrats/liberals while some are more interested in political party loyalty than anything else, I have opened or changed my stances sometimes about some points they make depending at least on judging them on a individual level. Try doing the same toward Republican/conservatives, because even they are not all the same.

There is no one political party that has a monopoly on truth.

Hope this doesn't turn into a political partisan thread but I had to respond to this....

Of course there will be the odd democrat that is a racist or a bigot, but if you compare statistics between the two parties, conservatives are more likely to be prejudiced. Just look at the party policy.
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Well all I'm saying is I'm sure the liberal population has its fair share of racists, homophobes, and sexists. To say they don't exist is pretty ill-founded in my opinion.

Edit: I don't mean to twist your words, so I'll reword that.

To say they are few is...

I understand that it sounds far-fetched, but if you look up the very definition of liberalism, it supports human rights, equality, etc...
Thanks for all the advice, everyone!

Haha, I'm well aware of the negative effects of smoking. Unfortunately, it's something that I enjoy as of now, and I most likely will continue to smoke.

Lucky Strikes, eh? Kickin' it old school. I'll have to look into that.

Also, I do smoke weed. I'll probably buy a hookah.

And Salvia is quite enjoyable, on occasion. Looks like I'll have to do some shopping.
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Well a few of those can pretty much be seen by votes on bills and such, but much of that is just voting within partisan lines (of which democrats are equally guilty of). The opposing women's rights thing is just ridiculous though.

Is abortion not a women's rights issue?
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Oh really? That's a pretty bold statement with little to no evidence.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a liberal, but I don't know if that's a fair assessment.

A social liberal? Come on, it's not a bold statement by any means.
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I'm sure this is all factual and not stereotypes you got from watching the Daily Show.

I don't watch the Daily Show. :p

Bill Maher, perhaps, but not the Daily Show.

And, for the most part, it's true. Very few conservatives support gay rights, many are for racial profiling, and the whole "Obama is a muslim" movement, and there are also very few pro-choice Republicans.
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You are going partisan in politics, while Republicans are guilty of that at times, Democrats are equally so, Democrats are not the party of love and equality they portray themselves as(or try to).

You'd be hard pressed to find a liberal who was racist, homophobic, or sexist.
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Those programs are expensive to the point that the country doesn't bring in enough money to pay for them. Without them, one could invest the money his or herself and make much higher dividends. Conversely, one could spend the money on hookers and blow. After all, they worked for it, they earned it, why take it from them?

The prices for shipping a package with USPS is about the same as shipping with UPS. That is, until you factor in the tax money that goes to USPS.

You're right, we can't all afford public schools. The reason we can't afford them is because demand is low since there's a "free" school you can send your kids to. If there was no public schooling system, schools would be forced to compete with each other for business. This would drive prices down. Supply and demand. Economics 101.

The reason health care is so expensive is the demand is high, but because of government regulation between states, the supply is low. Also, every time you see a doctor, you're using the time of a man or woman who dedicated at least 16 years of his or her life to treating you. As far as pre-existing conditions go, if you owned a hot dog stand and you offered a $10 all you can eat hot dog special, would you let a bus-full of competitive eaters frequent your establishment? Nope, and I wouldn't either because it's my business and I can serve whoever I want to serve. Or I can close my business down and move to Aruba if I want.

I don't see Conservatives complaining about the billions of dollars we spend over in Iraq, or the Bush tax cuts. Surely those were all things that we couldn't afford to do, but we did them. Health care is more important. It's about the right of a human being to be treated humanely and with dignity.

UPS will always be more expensive than the United States Postal Service. I still don't see how that analogy makes sense. Schools should not all be privatized, because even if they all were, and were forced to compete with each other, they would still cost a high amount, as most private schools these days do. It should be the government's responsibility to provide its citizens with an education. There is nothing wrong with the public education system, and I find it quite pretentious to insinuate that there is.

As far as Economics 101 goes, I understand Adam Smith, and laissez faire economics. Simply put, that doesn't work. If you want to study some real economics, look into Keynesian economics.

I don't understand how people can oppose this bill. It's not even socialized medicine. So, insurance companies aren't allowed to drop people because they get sick. Good. That's how it should be. Again, the fact that we as a society profit from the misfortune and sickness of others is sickening in its self. The wealth gap in this country has gotten out of control. There used to be a point where humanity was more important than money to businesses, but that day has long passed. This bill is simply evening out all the corruption and dirty practices that go on in the health industry today.
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I don't mean to stereo type the younger generation , but the Democrats are masterful at portraying themselves as the more "caring" "more equal" "more fair" more humane". And beyond those that just buy into it no matter their age, the younger you are the more you may believe it because it sounds more idealistic without questioning the details of it. So of course "health care for everybody!" slogan is going to appeal. Who cares how, as long as it becomes.....because the other side wants to starve and leave you sick and homeless. "Vote for me, give me power because I care about you"......

Don't trust any of them (politicians or parties) before listening to both sides, before looking at the potential bad that can come from what they say they will do, don't just believe in what they "say". They all through slander and lies to promote themselves and you got to try to weed through the bullshit to come to some sort of conclusion. Most people don't want to bother to try.

It always peeved me that MTV and media and artists were or are often openly one sided toward reaching to the younger, MTV basically became a hack for the Democratic party.

That's because, bluntly put, they are. Look at the Republican party now. They discriminate against gays, Arabs, anyone who isn't Christian, and oppose the rights of women. More than that, they care much more about the wealthy in this country than the working class.
I turn 18 tomorrow, and while I've been smoking for over two years now, I'm still excited to go to a smoke shop and buy some things. So, does anyone have any suggestions for what I should buy? Cigars, cigarettes, herbal smoking blends, anything of that nature.
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Funny you should mention that, Democratic Senator Dennis Kucinich proposed an amendment to the bill which would do exactly that, but was stripped (along with a lot of other things) due to fears over the Republican response.

Due to the fact that Republicans are now the party of "no". They fear monger, discriminate, and lie to get their way, because when it all comes down to it, the vast majority of them are corporation-supporting, prejudiced bigots who fear change more than anything else.