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I really hope this works out as well as social security, medicare, medicaid, the postal service, and the public school system in the U.S.!

Government run social programs are always run so efficiently.

...and **** those people with their own fancy health care. Health care is a right! Anyone who makes even $1 more than they need to survive are guilty capitalist pigs who should be taxed to death to pay for non-producers' to live. It's the right thing to do.


Let's redistribute college GPAs! It's not fair that some people get higher score because they work harder and study longer! If I slack off and do what I want every day, I should get the same grade as them! I'm writing up the petition right now.

I resent that. First off, though Social Security and other entitlement programs are expensive, they serve a useful purpose. Without them, we would all have to work until we died. Secondly, I see no real fault with the Postal Service, though it is a tad slow. Thirdly, there is nothing wrong with the Public Education system. We can't all afford to go to private schools.

Also, people don't seem to understand that this bill doesn't come with a public option. Basically, it is a compilation of rules and regulations for the insurance companies which have been screwing over the American people for profit. Sarcasm isn't really affective here, because health care should be a right. The fact that we profit off of the sickness of others is disgusting, and every person should at the very least have the right to live a healthy life, regardless of how much they earn.
Both my parents used to smoke weed back in the day. Nothing too big.

My cousin's a heroin addict. Rough shit, man.
People can do what they want with their bodies. IMHO, prostitution should be legal/regulated, anyways, so that argument doesn't really bother me much. I read a Rolling Stone interview with Sasha Grey, though, and I think she's a stuck up bitch.
Nope. I wouldn't want to have offspring running around out there that I don't know about. Plus, if I ever wanted a kid, I'd want to have it with someone I'm in love with, and raise the child with them.
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im drunk idc

Wait.... wait....

Pink Floyd
The Doors
The Killers
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The best part of being partially minority (I know, I'm Mexican and White.. I cover 2/3rds of the planet.) is that you have built in pet names for white girls you date. Like Reparations.

Haha. I'd never thought of that, before.
I wonder how my girlfriend would take that.
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Anyway, when I was in school I had a kid call me a spic, since I'm Mexican. (I'm only half Mexican, do I don't really count as a Mexican.. I also don't count as a white person.. Even though my last name is Sanchez, OH NO!) And I laughed about it, because he said it very loudly in a class room that was supposed to be quiet. It was funny to me. Anyway, I got sent to the office for laughing, which was disruptive during a test. The kid who called me a Spic got into absolutely no trouble, which pissed me off. So, when I pointed out to the Principal that it was unfair, since I got four days of ISS whereas the kid who actually broke a rule got nothing.. He decided what he was going to do was, "investigate whether or not I was offended." As if that makes any difference. As far as I'm concerned, if my attitude on a rule being broken is positive, then I should never get into trouble for anything. So, he asked all my friends about whether or not I have a problem with racial slurs directed at me in jest. The kid got two days of detention, I was in in school suspension for almost a week. So I walked around with a shirt on with two Klansmen in the school colors burning Mexican. They asked me to remove it, I would do no such thing. Pussies.

I'm a quarter Mexican. One time I was having dinner at my friend's house and this redneck kid who lives up the street stopped by. He ended up having dinner with us, and somehow we got on the topic of Mexicans, which he apparently does not like. It wasn't a big deal, as it would have offended me even if I wasn't part Mexican. Oh well...

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You guys are all wrong. Insane Clown Posse, and other fanboys aren't even close to being in competition with those juggalo freaks.

Spaceman - The Killers.
Zelda: OOT had some hard puzzles in it when I was like 8 or 9.
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I'm sure he'd want more than one beer... he'd probably wonna get tanked after that..... That was so sad of me...

*Bows head*
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You mean a guy who is more attractive/powerful than the woman's husband?
Because that's the kinda guy they usually cheat with.
Protip: Don't marry a slut.
TS owes her husband nothing.

I'm inclined to agree.
My brother does the same exact thing. It's disgusting, and I don't understand it.
He's in the bathroom for a couple hours a day, sometimes, and then has the nerve to tell me to hurry up when I've been in there for 10 minutes.
Wow. The pit is honest.
Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles.

Wait... wait a minute.


Yeah, I know. Gay bathroom pictures.
I love that vest, though.
Thank God someone finally put their foot down. These people are the piss of the earth, and Britain's government deserves much praise for putting these horrible, hateful people in their place.
I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of virtually meeting you, but I hope you get your life in order. This is a very responsible thing you're doing, and I hope everything works out, especially with your girlfriend. Have a good life, man.
Keep at it, man!
Whiney bitch.
I bought Dark Side of the Moon one day, because I thought I might like to give Pink Floyd a try, and they've been my favorite ever since.
I like Folie a Deux, but not any of their previous stuff.

MCR deserves it in my opinion.
I think U2 gets a lot of undeserved hatred.
To add to the argument that pot-heads never accomplished anything:

Anyone ever heard of the scientist Kary Mullis or PCR?
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Decriminalization means that possession can only come with a fine, not jail time. Cultivation and distribution can still be punished with jail time. A bunch of states already have decriminalization and/or medical laws in place with more currently voting on legislation, CA will be the first to fully legalize it if it passes.


In some places, Decriminalization has even gone so far as to mean that the cop can choose not to fine and confiscate if he/she feels the person is not of any danger.
New York has decriminalized weed.
And so has California.

Give this a look:
This isn't the first time a bill like this has been proposed.

It's happened before, and it's been shot down or ignored every time.

Sadly, that's going to be the case with this one, too.
To be honest, the legality of weed doesn't phase me anymore. If I want to smoke it, I'll smoke it, regardless of what the law says. It's not like it's hard to find...

As long as you are safe about buying weed, and you only smoke it somewhere safe, then there isn't much of a difference between it being legal or not.
Oh man...

*leaves thread before it turns into an argument... just like every other thread about the legality of marijuana*

I don't usually link to my own threads, but...

Raisin in the Sun joke essay
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It's not according to my doctor, on the contrary, it's apparently more common than you'd think. Stop trying to be smart cos you totally failed there

Oh, take a joke. The Pit is well known for being a bunch of hypochondriacs.
I'm quite sure that you've experienced it.

EDIT: I took a look at your article. Indeed, 24.1% is high number. Like I said before, just a little joke at the expense of the Pit.
I find it odd that 90% of people in this thread seem to have this disorder.
It must not be rare.
Oh man! Now I'll feel that if I poop, I'm gay!

Seriously, what did you expect?
I always thought it was because piss is warm, and when you piss it lowers your body temperature because the warm liquid is leaving your body.

EDIT: I didn't see this:
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You lose heat from your body when you pee, so your body shivers to help heat it back up. Simple, easy and true answer.

I agree, sir.
I choose the third option: "A push-over that would never ever kill and/or rape you", which you so cleverly listed as invisible.
People that think they're the shit because they listen to music that "no one knows about". Don't get me wrong, it is cool to listen to indie bands and bands that aren't quite mainstream; it's almost like a little secret that you know but most don't. But, people that think they're unique and different because they listen to indie music piss me off. Especially the Michael Cera types that claim they "knew about it before anyone else did." That's horrible.

Also, when American Idiot came out, all of a sudden everyone thought it was cool to say "I like Green Day's older stuff better."
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Well if he's in America it's 18 so.....

There's no smoking age in America.
People can smoke whenever they want; it's only illegal to buy tobacco products if you're under 18.
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Post that in the Religious thread. Seriously. Because that is just infinitely wrong . . . .

Actually, that's not wrong at all. Why don't you go post in the religion thread so you can learn something that you obviously have no clue about.
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Some Jehova's Witness keeps calling my friend Cory; they met at college, and the guy wants to do a one-on-one Bible study with Cory. He gave him some Jehova's Witness Bible, and even though I'm a christian, he and my other friend Randy and I threw it in the wood burner at Randy's house ooololololollol.

Then I guess that same day Randy and my OTHER friend Kyle were at Taco Bell, and some faggot came in and started evangelising (sp?) to them. He talked to them for like five minutes in Taco Bell; Kyle's christian and he listened, but Randy's agnostic and he just ignored him. Anyway, the after the guy finished he gave them these little pocket New-Testaments and told them to look over them, and went out to his car. Kyle and Randy went out to leave a few minutes later, and the guy was sitting out in his car, which was right next to theirs. He opened his door and told them to "keep your hearts open for Jesus". Kyle said okay, and the guy was like "You really mean it?" and Kyle said sure again, and the guy said "You really want Jesus in your heart?" and Kyle said sure, so the guy spent like twenty minutes talking to Kyle while Randy just sat in the car. I guess he had his door open and was going to inch back into the car, but the guy had his arm around Kyle and was like "Why don't you just shut your door." And Kyle had also previously told the guy that he was christian and goes to church almost every week. Pretty gay. The guy also said he goes to our county fair with his church, which is a baptist church that are a bunch of douchebags. They have nothing about church on the sign for their tent, they just have a banner that says "THE HARDEST QUESTION IN THE WORLD", and you look into this little hole thing, and there's a car inside that asks something like "Are you sure of where you're going when you die?" And then they basically just pull you inside, read to you from the Bible for twenty minutes, harass you, and convert you. I consider myself a conservative christian, but these people are ****tards, so I plan on harassing them this year somehow.

No one gets converted to christianity like that. Anyone who preaches like that is a ****ing idiot.

EDIT: sorry for wall of text/lack of paragraphs

Also, Jehova's Witnesses haven't come to my house probably since I was in sixth or seventh grade, and I'm a senior right now.

I'm gonna go right ahead and call you a fucktard, and an ignorant one at that.

Yeah, the people that get converted to Christianity are usually either forced or are reformed addicts. Much better than getting a pamphlet.