I'm happily, happily taken.
How old are you, dude?

Your girlfriend is getting notes from guys that she keeps in her bag?
What is she, in highschool?

I only ask you this because it doesn't sound like either of you are emotionally mature enough to get married.
"For some reason crack users always think they have dropped some of their drugs on the floor."


My jazz band teacher calls me and the other guitarist "bassists".

Not that there's anything wrong with bass, but we play guitar for fuck's sake!
I love this show.

and Neil Patrick Harris. I have such a man crush on him.
For English class I've written essays about how I want to marry him.
I would be.
I'm fucking awesome.

But seriously, I'm a nice guy most of the time, and I'm funny.
Not to ring my own bell or anything...
While that stuff might be true, that doesn't make school a joke.

If you had "rights" in school, no one would want to learn and everyone would act up. I don't know about your school, but my school is pretty chill with things. It's not like a concentration camp, or anything.

I wouldn't recommend that anyone drop out.

You used to make awesome threads, dude. What happened? Something got you down in the dumps?
I don't know you, but you seem cool as well.

I'm guessing you're an Angus fan, too?
From what I understand, and that is quite a lot, since I've been looking into hackintosh for some time now, if you check your specs and have a good knowledge of computers, hackintosh will run just fine on your computer.

Since Mac made the switch to Intel, they now run on Core 2 Duo processors just like Windows does. If you have a compatible graphics card (nVidia is well supported) and a wireless adapter that is supported (check this, because it is a big thing), you should have no problem installing OSX on a normal machine.

I would install it, but my wireless adapter isn't supported and I already triple boot XP/Vista/Ubuntu.
This girl in my English class is definitely my nails on a chalkboard. Her voice is high pitched any whiney, which suits her quite well considering all she does is whine.

Yeah, something like that.
When I first saw this thread, I was going to ignore it. But then I saw that it was a thread started by Ur All $hit, so I decided to give it a look.

You did not disappoint.
That was freaking awesome!
I don't want to link my own thread, but I will anyways.
Kid in my school thinks he's in the FBI.

That's the weird kid in my school.
Quote by captaincrunk
Then you're idiots. Meth is terrible. I live in the meth capital of the world, and would narc 10 pot dealers if it netted 1 meth lab. Meth is seriously bad **** to mess with.

While i agree that pot is about as harmful as alcohol, its not the drug, but the people dealing them that are the problem. Sure, if they were sold out of pharmacies it would be different, but they aren't, so go to hell

I agree, Meth is a scary, scary thing. So are it's dealers.

A lot of weed dealers aren't scary people, though.

You know James Franco in Pineapple Express? Yeah, a lot of them are just like that. Of course there are some dangerous weed dealers, but they usually deal in other things as well. I also think that weed is much safer than alcohol, given the statistics.

That being said, I think TS's Dad did the right thing. If they were violent people or thieves, then it was right for his dad to protect his family.
Quote by shift3448
ok heres how it happened my dad was out riding our four wheeler today and he saw these few people dealing drugs so he calls the police and gets a full on search through out these peoples house but they havent caught the people yet. so my parents went out tonight and left me alone to babysit my sister so now shes asleep and i keep hearing this one car with a really loud engine going down my street. im paranoid of every sound i hear so please pit
can you give me some calming words

Am I the only one that found that funny?

Usually 7. Sometimes I shower up to 9 times a week.

I like being clean.
Quote by Simsimius
I reckon we can let this thread die.

Hoe about it?
I see no further streams of discussion available anymore.

I agree.

It's pretty much hijacked from it's original topic, anyways.
Quote by Cobain_Is_King
Hey, whatever happened to white shit? Do you still get it? I haven't seen any in ages

Well, I think birds are still making it...
Quote by Weeping_Demon7
Forgive me for my noobiness, but do tell, what are the three big publishers?

I know Activision
I would have guessed Electronic Arts, but haven't they gone into software design and that is why 007 Quantum of Solace was released via Activision/Treyarch
So that leaves one or two more.

I'm guessing Ubisoft because they have Assassins Creed and is it Halo?

And then Rockstar if EA isn't it?

By companies I meant Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.

I know they technically don't make the games, but they own rights to a lot of them.
For example, Microsoft owns the rights to Gears of War, Nintendo owns the rights to Mario, Sony owns the rights to Ratchet and Clank, etc...

EDIT: Also, I'd like to add in my thought about the 360's extremely high failure rate.

Of course Microsoft didn't make it right! I treated my 360 perfectly for the 8 months I had it, and it still died on me. But, that doesn't change my thoughts on the 360. I still love it, and I love the games for it. Besides, most of the problems are fixed now. Just don't be surprised if your 360 dies on you. I had a friend whos 360 died right after the 3 year warranty was up.
I wanna know how exactly you're tricking her.

The way you worded it made me laugh.
On the contrary, Twilight is good for me. It made being pale cool.

and I just happen to be pale as white shit.
Quote by GLP_Arclite
It's utter bollocks, since right now the opposite is happening. It would be nice though, PC gaming is just so damn good.

That's what I was thinking. Especially since 2010 is only a year away now.
It's a nice thought, though. All the fanboys would unite. It would be utopia.

But then, I bet the price of processors and graphics cards would shoot up.
Quote by lp345
I thought he was talking about the adapters like the one for the 360 that allow you to connect...

The PS3 has that built in...

Nope. I know the difference between a router and a wireless adapter. I'm a bit of a nerd.

The 360's wireless adapter is a piece of shit, anyways. I have mine hardwired.
Quote by Simsimius
Oh, ok.
I was starting to get confused.

I'd just wish we could combine everything into one big console.

Ha. I was reading an interesting article on the other day...

It said that "experts" predict that consoles will become extinct by 2010, and the PC will be the only gaming system. Can't say I'd mind. Imagine all 3 big companies releasing their games on 1 system. That would be heaven.
Quote by Simsimius
I have a router, my computer's wireless router connects to the main router for internet.
So does my PS3.

No big deal.
So why would the XBox have one over the PS3 in the regard?


Read my edit.
Quote by lp345
I think the PS3 can just automatically pick it up without a router...

Where would the signal come from? You still need high-speed internet and some way of transmitting a wireless signal.

EDIT: I'm not saying this as a way to put down the PS3. Hell, 360 owners have to pay an extra ~$90 just to get a wireless adapter. The PS3 definitely is superior in the fact that it has a wireless adapter built in.
Quote by Simsimius
The PS3 has one built in. It doesn't need anything external to work. It all comes as standard.

It doesn't have a satellite built in, though.

I'm saying that you need a router to send out the Wifi signal so the PS3's internal adapter can pick it up.
Do you get me now?

Anyways, it doesn't matter.
Quote by lp345
You can't really argue games though...some people like Halo, some don't, some like Resistance, some don't...

And for PSN, you don't need routers, it has wifi built in >.>

You need a router to send the wireless signal.

I don't want to turn this into a console war. Both systems are very good. I guess it's a matter of personal opinion, like everyone said.
Quote by lp345
1. Bleh, the community is terrible IMO
2. In Your Opinion
3. Not true. I've experienced alot of lag on Live when I had my free month period. It is definitely not worth the money, considering everyone else is offering it free of charge for the same thing

The community is bad. I definitely will give you that.
But come on. What game does the PS3 have that could own up to the 360? Resistance, and that's about it. Also, I experience no lag whatsoever. Microsoft has better customer support all around. I have a friend with a PS3, and Sony CS gave him nothing but problems.

Also, routers and things these days are specifically made with XBL features in mind.
Nothing is made for the PSN.
Quote by GLP_Arclite
I could say the exact same thing for PSN, so im not sure what your point is.

Let me put it this way:
More people
Better games
Better service (since you pay for it)
Quote by Ovenman
Why is it so good? I hear many people saying it's better than PSN (probably right, too) but I don't know why.

Just the perks you get with it.

XBL has been around for a while, so Microsoft has their shit straight when it comes to online gaming. There's always people around for any possible game you would like to play. You can always find custom matches to meet your exact specifications. There are also ways of making sure you get put with people around your own skill level.

Also, it's very organized and new things are released constantly on it.
Quote by lp345
PSN ain't that far off, and I don't think its worth the extra money personally

IMO both Silver and Gold should allow you to play the games online. Paying to basically 'unlock' the multiplayer component of your game is stupid

PSN is lightyears away from XBL.

The $50 a year is well worth it, in my opinion. Gears of War has provided me with countless hours of online entertainment.
My 360 red-ringed once, but I got a new one fairly quickly and haven't had problems since.

Also, I've had my Zune for a year now (I got it for Christmas '07) and I have never had any problems with it.

Unlike iPods. My friend has been through 6 iPods this year alone.
Quote by Glen'sHeroicAct
you know what he should do? he should be really enthusiastic and take the horse into his room where his grandmother will never see it. He'll act like a good grandson, and she'll get screwed out of a self-bought gift that she should never have considered giving to him.

That's actually a good idea.

Blink 182.

And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Enema of the State was a great album.
I think everyone should lay off TS.

Sure, he might be a little ungrateful for what he got, but like he said, his grandma got him something that she must have known he wouldn't want. No one, not even the oldest of old people, could possibly think that a teenage boy would want a ceramic horse from Hallmark. Plus, it's not like she went out of her way to get it for him. She was trying to be nice, but in a kind of superficial way. He offered to not get anything for Christmas. Hallmark sells candy and cards and things such as that. Why wouldn't she get him that? She must have wanted the horse or something.

All of you people that said things like "Fuck you, I hope your house burns down", or anything along those lines are twats. It's Christmas, and you're wishing ill fortune on someone because they didn't have a good Christmas? What the hell is wrong with you?

Plus, it's not like TS was saying anything all that bad. He just wanted to vent to the Pit for a little, because he obviously didn't have the Christmas that a lot of you had. If all your parents got you was a ceramic horse, how would you act? I doubt you'd take it all in stride, and if you would, then you shouldn't be on the Pit, because you're too good for us.
Bad things:
Sarah Palin
John McCain
Economic Crisis
Election season in general. It's just such a stressful time.
Chinese Democracy
Black Ice
Prop 8 being passed

Good things:
Barack Obama becoming President
New Killers Album
Folie A Deux (Yes, I like this album.)
I started dating an amazing girl.
Last year Bush is in the White House
My grades are off da' hook.

I know there's other stuff, but that's all I can think of at the moment.
I see 2008 as an alright year, but as the last ****ty year of the past 8 years.
Whoa, Dark Knight is winning.

What a surprise.


Yeah, I voted for it, too.
Quote by Rambo-Conny
Woah, woah. Back the hell up.

Polo shirt?


Of course he got all the girls, he's Rick Astley.

Dude, you've been sigged.

That made me laugh so hard.
Quote by rougegratton
Cant wait till you realise you got 32 bit OS most likely

Oh and i didnt get anything for christmas, this is the only drawback of having no family what so ever

32Bit OSes now support up to 4GB of RAM. It came in SP1 of Vista and SP3 of XP.

So ha!

Just because some of them are annoying doesn't mean the whole religion is annoying.

So what if they go to your door? You can simply say "No thanks" and shut it. If they're overly persistent, then that's another story. Almost every other religion has some way of advertising.

True, it is a fairly judgmental religion, but then again, what religion isn't?