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i think you've just not got the font installed


Soccer, for sure.

You have to have so much endurance to play that game. Not to mention good feet-eye coordination.
I'm assuming she likes music.

Just buy her one or two CDs. I got my girlfriend a Pavement album, which she couldn't find any where, and she loved it!

Just make sure she doesn't have it already.
Did the title remind anyone else of Pink Floyd?
Yup. I'll probably just upgrade my Vista installation. I have my computer triple-booting with Vista, XP, and Ubuntu.

I love Vista, and rarely experience bugs, so Windows 7 should be great. After all the shit Vista got, I have a feeling Microsoft will make sure W7 is pretty damn stable before they release it.
My girlfriend's mom is a Jehova's Witness, and she's an extremely nice person. It's pretty lame of you to generalize people like that. Every religion has some nuts. Their religion is no more silly than Christianity, or any other religion, for that matter.
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Sarah Palin... Nuff Said.

Anarchy, which I think you're supporting, since you hate the government, is a stupid, stupid idea. If you feel so strongly about poverty and things like that, then why don't you go and donate some money or help out a soup kitchen instead of bitching about it on the Pit?

Merry Christmas, dude. I hope you can cheer up for one day of the year.

Pretty nice, eh?

EDIT: This is my linux one.

Whoa, that was awesome. Pretty freaky, too. Whoever thought that up must have a few screws loose, but in a good way.

Thanks for posting this.
I don't know if he should have been sacked, but what he did was wrong. He did it out of anger because the kids were being bad. He wasn't trying to enlighten them, he was trying to ruin their dreams of Santa. There's nothing wrong with kids believing in Santa for a while. Third graders aren't that old. That man was an asshat. I'm actually surprised UG is voting the way it is; have we no sort of nostalgia for the time when we believed in Santa?
People don't like Jersey because they try to be New York. They can't quite pull it off, though. New York is where it's at.

Anyone here seen Ted's Jersey rants on How I Met Your Mother?
Oh man, that sucks.

I'd be pretty mad/sad if that happened. I'm the kind of person that feels betrayed if something like that happens to me, even if I don't know the person that did it.

Hope you feel better, man. Maybe they'll catch the bastard.
Never had it.

My parents just kinda assumed I knew what it was.
Congrats dude.

You've successfully proven that a child is not a product of his environment. Someone should really give you an award, or something
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Did you know that Texas wanted to remain part of the union when the civil war started but the south was like "Bitch your gonna be on our side" so Texas ended up being part of the confederacy. Thats my random piece of civil war history. That and we're the only state that can fly its flag at the same level as the american flag so the south can kiss our ass.

Texas is the only state that thinks it's a separate country.

Flying your flag at the same level as the US flag is just stupid.
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Never been to Michigan have you?

Or Connecticut.

There are racists everywhere.

That being said, the South does have more racists than the North. It's just how it is.
Those flags stand for the south, which stood partly for slavery.

So, those flags are guilty by association.

There's no need for them, now. The South don't have much to be proud of.
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i was about to be pissed until i noticed you live in canada and therefore you not supporting the military doesnt effect me at all

Even if he lived in your country, how would his not supporting the military directly affect you?
Personally, I'd just start screaming nasty things at them.

Or possibly throw an egg or some rotten tomatoes.

I've not patience for people like that.
Of course not. Where do you live, Israel?

The government shouldn't be able to force anyone to do anything, except for stuff like paying taxes.

I have nothing against the military, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for men and women that serve in the army, but the idea of the government forcing people to serve in the military is just silly.
The allies behaved pretty civilly compared to the axis.

Even if they did commit some war crimes, though, they would never be brought up on charges; they won the war.

You know that saying "The victors always write the history books."?

Well, there's another, less known one that goes, " The victors never get tried for war crimes."
TS should have made the polls public so we could see which of us here at UG are neo-nazis.

On topic, though, I still say it was a combination of all the allies.

The war could not have been won if it wasn't for the US's, Russia's, and Britain's combined efforts.
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A combined effort of all three but Britain don't get a mention?

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So, what I'm trying to say is: It was a combined effort between the US, Britain, and Russia (along with some others.)

Of course Britain played a huge part in it.

I did say US, Britain, and Russia.
Sega Genesis and that cartridge that had 4 games on it.

I wasted so many hours playing that.
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Germany surrended before Japan.

The Russians had more man power, not resources.

Well shit, you're right!

Man, I shouldn't have slept so much in Global last year.
It was a combined effort between the British, Russians, and America.

America joined the war very late on, but the sheer amount of moral support they provided definitely counts for something.

Germany taking on Russia was a very stupid thing for them to do. That severely hurt their forces, simply because Russia outnumbered them greatly.

When the US dropped the bombs on Japan, that ended Japan's part in the war (I have mixed feelings on this, but I won't get into that here. )

When Japan surrendered, Germany was out of two allies (Italy and Japan). It was only so long before they surrendered too.

So, what I'm trying to say is: It was a combined effort between the US, Britain, and Russia (along with some others.)

Also, I'm no historian, but I believe the information above is accurate. If it's not, please don't flame me. Just correct me.

I'm not a "Go America!" type of person at all, but if you look at the statistics it just wouldn't have happened. WWII couldn't have been won without Britain, but it also couldn't have been won without America.

Also, I have tons of British family, so I'm fairly unbiased against this.
You're 18 and your mom is still telling you what kind of music you can't listen to?

Listen to it anyways, and make it clear that she's got no right to censor you.

Geez, does she spend her spare time listening to records backwards and looking for hidden satanic messages?
Take some more oxycotin.

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And she asked him out over the phone.

That's another sketchy thing.

She's definitely gonna steal his kidneys. Probably his liver, too.
There's a problem with a 20 year old asking a 15 year old out.

First off, if a girl asks a guy out that's usually a tell-tale sign that she's desperate (not always the case, but I've found it to be true.)

Second off, she's an adult and you're a minor. That's just weird.

Don't do it.
Funky Monks - Red Hot Chili Peppers.

BloodSugarSexMagic is by far their best album, IMHO.
I wouldn't give the guy a beat-down.

Lord knows he deserves one, but like someone said a few posts above me, you can't just take the law into your own hands; the police won't like that.

Why aren't the police filing charges? It sounds to me like you have a case on your hands.

I'm really sorry about your brother, and he sounds like a sweet soul, but I wouldn't risk going to jail over something like that. Maybe you could try talking to the douche-bag who punched your brother?
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+10000 Try and prove it wrong. Betcha can't

Try and prove it right.

Betcha can't.

I'm not here to argue about religion, but if you use that argument then you need to expect people to use mine.
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Doorstep of a church.

Remember to leave a note saying "Thanks but no thanks"

Tell them that censorship causes blindness.

It's a freaking book, for God sakes.
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yeah people will say "Well we voted for the change" but if you asked them "What change?" they cant give you an answer. im not racist but he won because he is black and only that reason.Presidential elections are a popularity contest these days. no one cares about the issues. **** Obama(again im not racist)v McCain should have won.

You, sir, are an ignorant twat.

and a racist one, at that.

Also, the economy isn't Clinton's fault. It's a mixed result of Fanny May/Freddie Mac and complete deregulation of the economy.
Tons of kids think like that. It's just their age, not their skin color, as someone in this thread kindly pointed out.

The security guards should have given them a proper beat-down, though.