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For the first time in a long time, I am proud to call myself an American

Amen, man!!

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Intelligent enough to forge his own birth certificate to make it seem as if he was born in the US and then get away with it even though he's been famous for so long?

Well, if he was eligible to be President, anyways.
Brian May, for sure.

The man is just so intelligent.
Personally, I love kissing my girlfriend.

It just makes you happy, ya know?

I don't want my laptop to die on me, so I refrain from using Limewire.
I'm not a fan of any of them, but I think that Sarah Silverman is at least a little better than the others.

I voted Larry the Cable Guy. I already know the South is stupid, I don't need a fat redneck to reiterate that.
Wasn't there a thread like this a few weeks ago, except instead of being homeschooled, the kid was a "body-builder", and all the ladies loved him?
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How much rope do I need for the noose?

I'd say about the amount it takes to make a noose.

Plus three feet.
Three feet, plus the noose.

I wash my hands a good 20 times a day, I'd say.

Also, I crack my wrists constantly, because once I start, I can't stop until I feel like I've cracked them enough times.

Basically, once I start something, I don't stop until I feel that I've carried it out to completion.

I don't know if that's OCD, though; it might just be anxiety.
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washingtonpost - Joe biden voted with democrats 96.7% of the time during the current Congress.

Democrats aren't the ones who screwed up our country.

The fact that Biden votes Democratic just makes me like him more.
Are you seriously arguing with some kid about what Halloween costume you're going to wear?

That seems a bit childish to me.
That's some of the stupidest shit I've ever heard.

It's about time you guys got yourselves a Bill of Rights.
I agree with everything John Stewart said.

Palin plays the "small town girl (Livin' in a lonely world!!!!!!!!!)" card way too much.

She's just not intelligent, and it's really sad that a lot of people in America can't see that.
Personally, I would never hit a child. That will just teach them that violence is a way of getting what they want.

Of course, if you spank your child, it's not the end of the world, but I don't think it's appropriate, either.
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where the 3rd party choices?

obama and mccain are both dipshits

Ron Paul, even though he has no chance of winning. (I wish he did. )
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Also, since Palin is so "pro-life", I wonder what would she do in this scenario:
Someone is on life support and doctors say he has no hope of ever coming off it. The family can't afford to pay for that, they simply don't have the money. What happens, then? Does the government keep them there for decades and foot the bill?

Oh, Palin would definitely make it a federal case, just like Bush did with Teri Schiavo.
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well they pretty much are in they have to have the baby if they get knocked up.

and this reminds me of the presidential debate the other day when McCain repeatedly called Obama "Pro Abortion". of course no one's pro abortion, he just believes in the choice.

McCain is a self-righteous idiot. and it seems like a large part of "Pro Life" people are the same way.

Exactly. The other side is anti-choice. It doesn't give the mother any say in the matter. Basically, you can not have an abortion, or you can not have an abortion.

McCain used to be Pro-Choice, too...

Then he met Palin.
It's the same shit the republicans said to FDR on his plans for social security and the likes, and look what happened?-- People are worried of losing it now.

Personally I agree, we could use some more socialism, and Obama is not a socialist, people in America are just too "America is liek the greatest country EVAR. Fuck yea America, bra."
People who honestly believe that Obama is going to turn America into a socialist nation are major tools.

I agree, as well. This nation could use a little more socialism. Not any of this total deregulation bullshit.
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I can't stand listening to Obama anymore. It's painful.
To hear how he lied straight through his teeth about voting against the bill requiring care be given to babies born of botched abortions. Thats sick.

I also watched his whole "Joe the Plumber" thing where he said he wanted to "spread the wealth around". Youtube link.
Why does Obama think he needs to play Robin Hood? He doesn't seem to understand that the companies that are successful and making money are the ones that are the most productive and creating the most jobs. Tax them, and they will simply have to raise their prices and lay off workers. That definately hurts the lower income people he claims to help.

I also disagree with him on education. School's performance isn't measured by the amount of money that you spend. If you reward good teachers and get rid of bad ones, which is what McCain says, I think you will see an increase in school quality. If you simply give all teachers a pay raise, which is what Obama said he wanted to do, you're just spending more money and not gaining anything. I also agree with McCain on school choice.

You, sir, have no idea what you are talking about. Obama clearly stated that the bill would help undermine Roe vs. Wade, and that he had voted for a very similar bill, that did not undermine a woman's right to an abortion. Of course Obama isn't going to deny failed-abortion-babies health care.

If you support McCain, then you support abolishing sex-education in schools, and the teaching of Creationism and Intelligent Design instead of Evolution.

Mind you, these are mainly Palin's views, but the second Palin joined the McCain bandwagon, all of a sudden McCain transformed into a right-wing-nutjob.
Abortion is still legal, and even if Palin and McCain are elected (God forbid), it's not going to turn illegal overnight. I doubt congress will pass any sort of bill or law that the God-Squad proposes.

Sometimes abortion is necessary for the health of both the mother and the unborn child.

As far as I'm concerned, the fetus hasn't accomplished anything, it doesn't know what's going on, and chances are, if the mother is considering an abortion, the situation it would be born into is probably not a good one.

I don't believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control, or a fallback-plan, but women should have the right to choose.
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his policies were super-moderate back in the day. He was against the bush tax cuts, against torture, against overturning roe v. wade, fought for campaign reform, etc.

That's why I used to have respect for him.

Then, he switched to full-blown Republican mode.
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So today is the final presidential debate. Apparently the two candidates and the moderator will be seated together at a table this time, which should make it more interesting. McCain says he will bring up Ayers, but if he will or not is really anyone's guess. If he does bring it up, and Obama handles it well, it will more than likely hurt McCain in the eyes of independent voters. If Obama gives us more consistancy and does not mess up, he and his campaign will have swept the debates.

I agree.
I used to have some respect for McCain, though I've always been an Obama supporter. Then, he chose Palin as his Vice President, and all my respect was lost for him.

People don't take her position seriously enough. I don't think they realize that McCain could drop dead at any point. He's had a history of melanoma, and this campaign has run him ragged. If that happens, then the United States is going to be run by a right-wing-religious-nutjob. Palin isn't very intelligent, in my opinion, either. She's just well trained.

Luckily, I have a feeling Obama is going to win.
Free Bird!

Just kidding.

Why not play some cheesy stuff like "Eye of the Tiger", and then some more serious stuff that everyone knows.

Or something so good that you're confident they'll love it, even if they don't know it.
Why is it that threads like these always have 5+ pages?

I guess it's just so much fun to flame people who brag about all the lady-attention they're recently getting.
All it seems to do is promote negative stereotypes about black people.

Not really my cup o' tea.
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I kinda switched between sarcasm and seriousness between sentences, I should take my pills.

It's understandable, my friend. I know I'm not the best at English, but I sure do try my darndest.
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You're awful at English. Seriously, you even mixed up tenses. And the ending was far too cliched. You'll probably bitch at me, something along the lines of "wah but I was just having a bit of fun".
You're gonna fail and goddamnit I will be smug in my delivery of 'I told you so'.

Wow. I can't tell if you're serious or not...

I actually got a very good grade on the paper, though.

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NPH Fact of the day:

Neil Patrick Harris is a magician & collects vintage magic props.

I love his fireball tricks on How I Met Your Mother.
What is this RuPaul you speak of?

Unless you mean... Ron Paul!
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I think that someone's in dire need to express their homosexuality to pit.

Is there something you'd like to tell us, then?

EDIT: By the way, NICKtothecore. is in my English class for realz, so he can attest to this.
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thats a very short story, i'd love to hear what your teacher says though.

This is what she wrote" Your obsession with Neil Patrick Harris is well, um..., creepy, but this is very funny! =)"

See, she already knew about my love for Neil.
So, Pit, there's something you should all know about me...

I have a man-crush on Neil Patrick Harris. The fact that he's gay has nothing (well, maybe a little something) to do with it. He's just so amazing.

Anyways, I wrote this story for my creative writing section of English class. I felt like sharing it, so who better to share it with than the Pit?

Hope you enjoy it!

Quote by My story
It was a bright summer’s day when the clock struck 13. Neil was late. I had moved to California just for the wedding, and he repays me by being late on the most important day of our lives? Well, my life, anyway. I was having doubts about his sincerity, now. He said he was excited, and ready to start a new life with me, but... I don’t know. Perhaps I’m just being paranoid – I have a tendency to do that.

A guest stood up and yelled “Look! He’s here!” I turned around, and there he was. He seemed to glide towards me; he was surrounded by doves, and I think there was a unicorn in the distance. I said in a negative tone (with my arms crossed and one foot tapping), “Where were you? The ceremony was supposed to start forty-five minutes ago.” He defensively replied, “Sorry, I forgot. Besides, I was doing an appendectomy. “ Even though I knew I should be mad, I just couldn’t. Neil had a way of making me forget all my angers (especially if they were directed at him). It must have been those dreamy eyes of his. The theme from Doogie Howser started to play. It was our song. I looked at him and said. “Are you ready?” He looked straight into my eyes and said “You know it; let’s do this thing!” It was at that moment that I knew he was ready. Ready to settle down, have a small house on the beach, a picket pence; the whole nine yards.

We began to slowly walk down the isle; the music was getting louder. We said our vows, and the Elvis impersonator asked me, “Do you, nosushi4you, take Neil Patrick Harris’ hand in matrimony, to hold forever, in poverty and wealth, in sickness and in health?” I was getting so choked up, that I was barely able to reply, “I do.” The impersonator then turned to Neil. He asked him, “Do you, Neil Patrick Harris, take nosushi4you's hand in sweet matrimony?”

Neil swallowed. I could see his beautiful Adam’s apple slowly move up and down. He replied, “I...”

Then I woke up.
I don't know why this made me laugh so much...

Probably because he seems so sincere about it.

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tricky, i'd love to move to New York, because it's so big there would always be something to do, but i HATE America and most Americans (no offense, i won't go into details), so i'd have to move to England i suppose.

I don't really take offense to this, but this has to be one of the stupidest posts I've ever read.

No offense.
I want to stay in America.

If Obama wins. Otherwise, Canada FTW!
Coming into this thread, I seriously thought this was gonna be some prick bragging about his new Mac.

You, sir, just owned all those mac-bragging-pricks.

EDIT: What Mac OS is this, anyways?
I love video games, but rarely get to play them due to my heavy workload during the week.

I just got a new laptop, but I refuse to buy WoW, because I know I'll get addicted.