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....Do you like Huey Lewis and the News??!?

Is that a raincoat?

Yes, it is!
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Is that the bint who bathed in virgin blood?

I remember reading some book about "real life vampires" in 3rd or 4th grade with her in it.

Apparently she fried up the flesh of her dead servants and fed it to her prisoners.
This reminds me of Silas' girlfriend on Weeds.

Anyways, I would if I was attracted to her and I liked her. Her being deaf wouldn't bother me too much at all.


Wasn't there some incident with Carrot Top at one of them?
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It's a tube!

By George, you're right?

How did I miss that?

At first I thought it was a small robot. At least light bulb is a little closer to tube.
EDIT: To Haedadru

Not quite sure what your avatar is...

A small light bulb, perhaps?

If that's the case, then you are a bright person.

You could use this to your advantage...

You: Excuse me, I'll have a beer, please.

Bartender: Umm, I'll have to see some I.D.

You: *points to hair* You see this? That's grey hair. What kind of minor would have grey hair? Are you calling me a liar?

Bartender: I'm sorry sir. Of course you're of age. How silly of me.

You: That's what I thought, bitch.
I don't think it's homophobic at all. Nothing really implies that the man was gay. Tons of straight guys wear short-shorts when they're running/jogging.

I actually found it quite funny.
I recently had to make a similar decision. I was gonna get a gaming laptop for ~$950, but I decided to get a guitar instead. I made up my mind when I realized that my guitar I have right now (some cheap-ish Epiphone Les Paul) is slowly dying on me, and I can't live without my guitar. It sounds like your guitar is in better condition than mine, though, so the real question is: How much do you like to game? Do you enjoy playing games more than playing guitar? If yes, then you know the answer. It sounds like you've pretty much decided already, though.

EDIT: Plus, I already have a 360, and I love it.
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Yes I know.

So why not just create a drum game? They were riding on the GH wave of success and pulled it off quite nicely, which is the same thing GH is doing now. Copying is not a new trend in gaming, if you haven't noticed. Doom or Wolfenstein or something was the first FPS, you don't hear anyone saying Halo is just a rip-off. Together they created a new genre, split, and now they're fighting it out trying to one-up each other while other companies are trying their versions.

To be honest I'd love to try both, but them being ridiculously expensive I can't afford it.

Harmonix had the idea of combining all of the instruments, and Guitar Hero followed suit. I don't have a problem with Guitar Hero doing it, but you can't compare that to people who say Halo copied other FPSs. It's not the same thing. It's more than a style of game, it's a whole idea for a game. They're practically going to be the same thing. You can't really say "Guitar Hero came first!", for obvious reasons, either.

I'm not trying to argue or be rude here. I just wanted to say that.
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So? Which one was the original again?

The new guitar in GH4 looks pretty cool, and the drums are probably better.

You do know that the people who made the original Guitar Hero make Rock Band, right?

So, in my opinion, he's right. Guitar Hero 4 is just copying Rock Band.

Rock Band 2 is definitely my choice.
I wouldn't do it, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Also, it definitely is homoerotic. That's the whole point of it, is it not? Don't tell me that you're too lazy to jerk yourself off. If you are, then you don't deserve to jerk off at all.
Canada is fighting in Afghanistan? I had no clue.

Anyways, good luck, man. I'm sure you'll make it through. Just keep your wits about you, and you'll be fine.
He loved Big Brother...
That's horrible. I can't imagine what would possess someone to do something that cruel. Poor dog.

*Goes and hugs his cats*
My day was actually quite good.

I saw The Dark Knight, which was amazing. I played a lot of video games, which I don't get to do much these days, due to working.
My brother played that stupid ****ing game for a while. I don't think you should be mean about it, but I wouldn't act all sad for him either.
No, I would not hit that.
You are obviously a masochist. Or a troll.

*spits on you and calls you dirt*
If she's a girl: Not my cup of tea.

If she's a man, man: OMG! im not gayy!!!!

I don't think she's a guy, but I'm erring on the side of caution.
Another one:

Handlebars - Flobots

Another good rap song. It actually tells a story.
Pork and Beef - The Coup.

I love that song. It reminds me of Superbad.
I'm a lefty that plays righty, too. I tried playing lefty at first, and I actually prefer righty. That way, I can pick up just about any guitar and play it.
I don't know about Australia's separation-of-Church-and-State-laws, but religion seems to be playing a big part in this. Like it said in the article, the kid wouldn't have been arrested if he'd worn a shirt that said "Mickey Mouse is a ****", so why should he be arrested for wearing a shirt insulting Jesus? Sure, the shirt is dumb, but they can't say things like "The Bible says you're on thin ice..." and shit like that. Not everyone follows the bible.
The mother's face at eighteen seconds is hilarious.

I don't think the 6600GT is gonna run CoD:4. It's not exactly the best graphics card, is it?

I'd suggest overclocking it a little. There's a bunch of guides on how to do it.
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Alchohol should be outlawed.
I didn't say it would work, I just believe it should be. Kind of like communism is a neat idea that doesn't really work.

No it shouldn't. As humans, it's our right to put whatever we want into our bodies. If I want to drink, I should be allowed to. You'll have to have a really good reason if you want to step on our rights like that.
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Oh yes $10 immortality rings, they might work.

I'm having trouble telling whether or not this kid is serious. Is he really asking the Pit to help him achieve immortality?
18, since that's when we legally become an adult. Anything higher is just ridiculous.
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You're right, I don't have any idea. But I can look at cigarettes and make a pretty good assumption. I also don't know whether or not you'd complain about the price... but that's why I said "probably".

I'll assume (for the sake of the argument) that you're a mature and responsible person, and you'd only get high on your own personal time. But everyone isn't as responsible as you. Everyone isn't as intelligent as you. If they suddenly made it legal for people to drink and drive, would you? Probably not. But you can bet you'd see drinking and driving deaths skyrocket. Some people are just dumb like that.

But that's neither here nor there. The only reason why pot isn't legalized is because the government would not be able to make any money off of it. No one would buy their expensive stuff when they could get it from Jeff down the street for a fraction of the cost. And the stuff from the kid down the street would probably be better, too.

If pot was legalized, Jeff wouldn't be selling it anymore. Cigarettes aren't so badly priced. Sure, if you're addicted they are, but pot is not physically addicting like cigarettes, so I'd shell out a little more money to buy it legally. Plus, if Jeff was selling it for cheaper, then the major companies would have to lower their prices to compete.
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I have not read this whole thread. I do not care to listen to the arguements of brainwashed 13 year old kids, fresh out of 7th grade health class and the "yeah man, legalize pot"s from the stoners. He is my arguement, organized of coarse:

Gateway drug: Weed is not a gateway drug. There is no such thing as a gateway drug. Doing harder drugs is a decsion that normally comes from a self destructive personality, depression, or thrill seeking tendencies . Do any of these sound like things you develope while smoking pot? No.

Health issues: Smoking ANYTHING isn't good for you, and can cause cancer. If weed was legal however, devices could easily be sold to vaporize it, which doesn't hurt your lungs. The only other proven side-effect is short term memory loss caused by smoking often. INCASE YOU DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW: It is not PHYSICALLY addicting. However, much like alcohol, you can develope a mental addiction if you use it as an escape.

Rehab: If pot was legal, people who HAVE a mental addiction could get help, much easier and without fear of the law.

FREEDOM: I live in the USA, there is no law against slicing my arm open with a razor blade, so why can't I smoke up a joint? Tell me, who does that hurt besides me? (stolen from the drug thread)

Well said, man. I agree with everything you said, as I've been using that argument for a while now.
You'll be fine. When it says 400W, it doesn't mean that it consumes 400w. It's just a rough estimate for how much power you'll need to run the rest of your system, plus the video card. I'm gonna guess that those cards pull ~100W max, so you'll be fine.
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I get it. Don't you people realize that if the government legalizes marijuana, they'll just tax the **** out of it?

Personally, I'd rather pay the tax and be allowed to smoke legally, than smoke illegally without the tax.
Legalize it. It's our right as human beings to put whatever we want into our bodies, regardless of how harmful it is (not that marijuana is all that harmful.)

EDIT: I don't know if Meths has gotten a hold of this thread yet, but if he hasn't, then I'm waiting for his list. You guys know what I mean.
My Sharona. I seriously love that song, and it has a great solo.
So, is this a real rape, or the "I had sex with this guy and regret it so I'll call rape" rape?

Not meaning to sound insensitive, but I wouldn't go about kicking this guy's ass if you don't know his side of the story.

Come to think about it, I wouldn't kick his ass at all. I'd either call the police or, if she doesn't want that, then let her get someone else to handle it.

If you get involved with this you'll only be making it worse for her and yourself.
Freddie Mercury, definitely.
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Alright, my bad bro.

No worries, man. I'm just so used to doing it, ya know?