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it was all over the internet, i dont know how it was already ruined for you, but sorry anyways

Nah, no worries, man. I like the show for the comedy, not really for the plot twists.
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Either she's easy or that 14 year old is one smooth talker.

I'm gonna guess the first one.
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Well said. I completely agree. I smoke pot, and I've never touched hard drugs (barring acid once). I have a good job, I live independantly and I'm going to be a success in life. Sure I went a little off the rails once, but people with the motivation to do well will do well.

LSD is a soft drug.

My parents caught me with weed a little over a month ago, and they just took my computer away for a month. They were pretty mad at first, but then they realized that I was responsible with my smoking and that it hadn't really changed me.
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You really shouldnt bold a single letter to get around the censors. Id imagine the admins dont like when people do that.

Not to spam, but do you know how many people do that?

Yeah, pretty much the whole Pit. Loosen up, man.
I guarantee that 14 year old gets so much "street cred" for fucking that hot teacher. If one of my friends did that, I'd probably worship him.
Sure. If I had feelings for her.

Race doesn't matter.
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i dont smoke, and i watch it with my mom.

this show does rock, it kindof sucks how they took out heylia and conrad in the 4th season though

Thanks for ruining it for me.

I've about 3/4ths done with the third season. I don't have Showtime, so I watch the seasons after they're released. I love the show, personally. I think it's hilarious.
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Ahem. It's White Catsle.

I'm afraid I don't follow.
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did you say ... mint ... sauce? on lamb meat?

lamb meat, pita, cucumber sauce, onions and tomato. thank you, greece. thank you.

I love mint sauce on lamb meat. You've never had it? I never eat lamb without mint sauce.
I know this is a generic stoner response, but if you're really hungry, you can't beat White Castle. You can get 30 burgers for ~$13 there. They're greasy, but oh-so-good.
I've thrown up a few times while drinking, but I rarely make an ass out of myself. I don't like it when people look down on me for smoking or drinking, so I try to handle myself as civilly as possible.
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Ok first off i wouldnt count it as brain damage or a metal illness at all. you really should be happy you have got it. (i know everyone will make fun of me for saying that but they can F*ck off cause im not talking to them). theres a page on the net called "25 things good things about having add" i cant veiw it cause i dont have a pdf veiwer but heres the link, . Its not a illness unless u think it is. It all good.

You know, that makes a lot of sense. It's always good to look on the bright side.
I'm undiagnosed, but I believe that I have moderate OCD. I also have these little ticks, but I'm not sure what they're from.
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Yea. but I like simple phones. I don't need a phone that can email 500 people and scratch my ass at the same time.

You silly and your milk in bags and hockey.

(if you are wondering, I posted something similar to that a few days back. I am plagarizing myself).

I actually remember that.

As for the phone, the MOTO by Motorola looks alright. I don't know much about cell phones, though.
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I'll accept being wrong in your manner.
Not in his manner.

Thank you for clearing it up.

No problem, man. Just wanted to stop the argument.
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Stop being an asshole. Come back to me with a more reliable source. THEN I'll believe you. Wikipedia? THAT was your arguement? Jesus Christ I can find more reliable information from the back of my fridge.

He's quite right actually.

Let me put this is the nicest way possible: You're wrong.

Go look it up. Synesthesia is not just seeing colors. It's when the brain gets the senses (i.e. Sight and Sound) mixed up, so it appears as though you're hearing colors and seeing sounds.
I've never experienced synesthesia, not even when I took acid. I hear it's more common with mushrooms, though.
Keep strong, man. At least his suffering is gone now. You and his family will be in my thoughts.

I hope this works. I really, really do.

I had no clue it was that easy to order a hook.. I mean "escort".
I love this movie. I think that Otto smoking weed and the scene with Bart's penis are two of the funniest things in that movie.
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What are you talking about? We're fighting terrorists, and helping the innocent. We took away their dictator and gave them freedom. The women and children now have freedom, as well as some men. Now women won't be beheaded for falling in love with a foreigner anymore. Now kids can play in the streets. How can you compare our army to terrorists?

We took away the only thing that was keeping them from going at each other.

The religious police still run rampant in the streets, beating down women. That's their culture, we shouldn't fuck with it. Don't you ever see Muslim women wearing their headscarf in America? That's because it's part of their religion. This brings me back to my original point. As a Christian nation, we disregard other people's beliefs as silly. If women not being allowed to show skin in public is part of their religion, then we should respect that, not take that away from them.

Are you kidding me? The only kids that play in the streets are kids that have a death wish.
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I always say Athiests should live their lives and quit judging others for havig religion like many of them do.

Likewise, coming from a Christian, I say we shouldn't judge others for not being like us.

Long story sort, let ppls beliefs or non-beliefs be their choice and not be in place to be judged.

I'm Christian, but he has every right to sue if he is being discrimiated against.

Amen, brotha!
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it's kind of hard to believe but according to the article it's true...

and about the war and all...

this is my last statement/opinion concerning Iraq and the like since it has nothing at all to do with the thread.

Bush made an attempt to spike the already faltering U.S. economy by gaining control of the oil in the middle east.
it's not Bush'es fault the U.S. economy sucks, and it's not entirely Bush's fault the inflation is getting worse and worse. the one thing i do blame Bush for is lieing to everyone about his intentions, other than that i don't see how people can critisize him for what he's done. He's not the first president to do this mind you, past presidents have done the same and said presidents have been regarded as "heroes" or "great america leaders". i don't support war, i hate the fact that the U.S. government are such interventionalists, but things being the way they are, he would have been a poor president to sit there and do nothing.

He's a good man because he attempted to steal oil from the Middle East using military force? That disgusts me. It's selfish, to say the least.

The faltering economy is almost entirely Bush's fault. Without this war, we wouldn't be spending trillions of dollars on weapons and military supplies. Gas wouldn't be over four dollars a gallon.

You wonder why the economy was so good under Clinton? He didn't start a pointless war.
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Terrorism and anything that might be linked to the terrorists involved. Just because Osama is out of the picture, for now, doesn't mean that terrorists with the same agenda are.

That still doesn't apply to 9/11. You used a bad example.

Also, we had no reason to believe Iraq was a terrorist nation. Remember those WMD's? Oh wait, there were none. This whole war is a lie, feeding off of people's fears. The public is finally wising up to it. That's why Bush has an approval rating around 20%.
I just tried to go through the "offended" page. I thought I could make it, but it was just too long. I can stomach a dozen or so of those pictures, but not a hundred of them.

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When did "We will never forget" turn into "We forgot"?

When we stopped looking for Osama Bin Laden. "We Will Never Forget" applies to 9/11, and since the war in Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11, we've already forgotten why we're in this war.
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What world are you living in?

A world where terrorism is aimed at everyone and not just America.

Terrorists aren't all Middle Eastern, hate to break it to you.

There's terrorists everywhere, and he's right, terrorism can never be stopped. We're already mostly forgotten about the man who is behind 9/11. We're focusing all out time and money on a nation that didn't have anything to do with Osama, while he's still out there somewhere.
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who would be the American people through taxes, yes that's the function of an army

it's all about the economy. Economic Gain is the reason we're there. we need oil, they have it and won't give so we go and take it by force. Bush's decisions aren't bad decisions, but good decisions executed in an unorthodox fashion. Bush isn't the first president to go to war for economic gain and certainly he won't be the last.

Yes they are and no they're not.

We can't just take oil from someone. What we've done here is pissed off the Petroleum exporting countries, thus raising gas prices. Bush still gains from this, though, since he owns oil rigs and whatnot.

I don't wanna say that Bush made gas prices rise on purpose, but if Col. Sanders became President and the price of chicken suddenly rose, I'd be suspicious.
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Terrorists are everywhere there, who all have the same agenda against America and we're stopping them. We're not butchering people in the streets of Iraq, we're helping the innocent make a country of their own with no dictatorship and we're doing that along the way of taking care of our problem because we aren't dickheads who only think of our own country.

It's not our place to tear down governments. There are dictator countries all over the world, yet we chose Iraq because:
1.) It has oil
2.) Desert Storm was a failure and Bush wanted to finish what his daddy started.

We've created more violence there than we've stopped. Innocent people are getting butchered. Things were bad under Saddam, but at least he kept the Sunnis and Shiites under control most of the time.
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you misunderstood

America's previous involment in the Middle East is what envoked those middle eastern terrorists to attack the U.S.

then the U.S. used the attack as justification to invade the middle east. Osama Bin Laden was backed by his group of terrorists who all happen to reside in the Middle East in the countries we invaded.

Iraq is a different story. We went in their for oil and we brought down a dictator in the process only our officials decided to lie about it. the whole war itself isn't so terrible, but the fact that they lied about their reasoning is.

Desert Storm was bullshit, too, so it all comes down to the U.S. making bad decisions under Bush.

Iraq is a terrible and useless war (although it technically isn't a war, since was hasn't been declared.) There was no point to it, besides America wanting more control over the oil market. The fact that we were lied to is just bullshit icing on top of the bullshit cake that is the Bush presidency.
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Actually the end picture is just that nazi from AHX stepping on some guys head and a girl eating poo.

Meh. seen worse actually.


I can haz cookie now?

Yes you can haz cookie now.

Here you go. *gives Våd Hamster one e-cookie*
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A bit? They're risking their lives, everything they have, to keep this country free. Yeah, the army is Christian based, and let me tell you that's a Christian trait to be selfless like they, but they do it to keep freedom in America, that includes freedom of religion. And in case you don't remember 9/11, we have good reason to be attacking these terrorists. (I'm not saying arabians are terrorists, I don't care where they're from, they messed with the wrong country)

It's not just a Christian trait. Those Arabians that we're fighting also belong to a peaceful religion.

I'm not necessarily talking about the soldiers in the military, but the people who run it.

There's the whole issue of gays in the military, as well. The only reason they have a problem with it is because it supposedly goes against Christianity and the bible.

Funny thing, I don't remember Iraq having anything to do with 9/11. They didn't mess with the wrong country. Osama Bin Laden was not backed by any country in particular, so cut it out with the whole "We're America! We can attack any country we want!" crap.
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hahahah I don't think that was intentional. But that was a cool pun. Help you in the long run. You can get them from long runs (runners high) and it makes it so you can go longer and feel better. ahhahahaha.

Actually, "runner's high" isn't caused by endorphins; it is caused by a chemical called anandamide, which is similar to THC.

Some people just don't react to marijuana well. Try different strains, and if you still tweak out, then just give up weed.
Herbal tea helps relax without any negative effects. Look up "Sleeptime Extra" by Celestial Seasonings. I drink it every night to help me wind down. I'm a naturally anxious person with a mild to medium form of OCD. I think it really helps.
One e-cookie to whoever looks at the picture at the bottom of the page and tells us what it is.

I'm too much of a pussy to look for myself.
Of course the army is Christian. Say what you want, but the army definitely looks down upon non-Christians. I'm not just talking about people who serve in the American army, either. The vast majority of Americans look down upon anyone who isn't Christian, so when we invade Islamic nations, we don't understand and don't care to understand their culture or beliefs.

Of course I'm generalizing a bit, but religious nuts piss me off.
Extremely. The only thing that really gets me still is Kids in a Sandbox.

The horror...
Sounds like a love triangle with ass kissing involved.

Or did you not mean that literally?
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Can't you all just be overcome with overwhelming kindness and help me without much of an explanation?

eh who am I kidding. How about:


No. You can't ask us something like this without an explanation.
Iodine pills that are used to purify water will make you throw up two or three times, and then you'll feel fine. That might work.