I have one that I play some metal through and its not bad. I have heard mixed responses though. But hey...its like $30
The last part is the best. I didn't know how to respond to that due to the fact that I was laughing soo hard.

hey buddy
You've got my full attention. I've been waiting for you.
What are you saying?
Tell me more about your .
my what?
I have no idea what to say now.
Are you free?
Oh you know it baby
Don't call me "baby". Dude! " Are you free?"? Do I know it?
Of course you do silly
Dude! Yes I try to silly as often as possible, do you?
I answer a lot of silly questions.
No you art the silly one
Are you serious? Interesting gossip: said I art the silly one.
Silly goose
No I am God.
sure you are
Hey. No I am not.
but i thought you just said you were God
Well, I am God for Christians at least.
then what does that make your mom
" Well, I am God for Christians at least."? What does it make your mom?
stops copies me
You are asking about yourself?
for totally dude
Your purpose is totally dude.
my testicles are...
Have you told many people that your testicles are?
have i told them what?
I know you have a .
a what?
" I know you have a ."? A what?
stops copies me!stops copies me!stops copies me!stops copies me!
OK Let's talk about you.
damn right woman
Colloquial expression. Understood. Me too. I am a she.
I really think that this should be closed simply because the same things are being repeated over and over.
Geez dude...what did you do to your foot?

The body does look very interesting glued up. Me likes
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Gah? Odin? I like the reference for some reason.

Don't you get raped on the shipping charge though?

Isn't Asator another name for Thor? That would be pretty badass.
They are just stereo jacks. The reason I use that term is because some look like stereo but really just have a NC switch type thing. Anywho the cables are stereo though. If the footswitch is like mine then you should only need SPST switches. If you want I could post the schematic I used just to give you a general idea.

EDIT: Nice find on the switch too. I couldn't find a normal stomp in SPST anywhere
Ok so I looked at the manual for it and it has 2 footswitch jacks. It shows that gain is the ring part of the first jack and the channel is the tip. They all share grounds. The second jack has the effects as ring and reverb as the tip. You would need two TRS jacks and 2 stereo cables.

Also, don't be shy. They may send you a schematic if you e-mail them about it. I did the same with Crate and they sent it too me in about a day.
Ah well I guess thats all I have to suggest. Sorry.
I'm not sure if this is your problem or has anything to do with it but are you putting the wah in front of the distortion?
I have ExpressSCH too but how did you get the tubes in there. Is there a newer version or something or did you make them in the program yourself?
I have on old Harmony student size acoustic that has a zero fret and a burst just like yours. I think you should fix it up even if only for poops and giggles.
You have my bow.
Ok so I really know nothing about modding the tubescreamer except that google may be your best friend I did just check out the drum forum...I rofled do realize that it is also spelled different in other countries and just because it is one way in the US doesn't mean it is universal right?
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Or maybe even some boot polish?

This...It worked to mask some scuff and holes in my cabs tolex. I wouldn't put too much on and kinda pat it on light but it should work.
That darn invader seemed to skip right over your thread yesterday The only thing I could think of is try to find something on seymour duncan if you haven't already. I'm not sure what exactly what you want though.
Hmm...all I really even think I know about them is that they usually run on low heater voltages.
...Cut a hole in it. Sorry, I have a tendency to confuse people a lot. As long as the metal wasn't really rattly then that would kinda look cool if you just left it in.
I wouldn't really know for sure but one would assume so.
You may even be able to attach it like it is now but what I meant was take out the metal screen and put some wood in instead.
Bigsbys don't require routing but also won't do divebombs or anything drastic.
Still a bit different than what I had imagined but I know what it is now. My parents used to have one when I was little. I think if you made the mesh part solid and mounted a speaker on it that would be infinitely badass.
Um...I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but what is a piesafe? I thought I read it wrong at first but I have no idea what you mean.

EDIT: I just asked my gf and she sorta kinda explained it but pics would be lovely.
Pics please? There are no holes for knobs or there are just no knobs anymore?
Wow...that is really simple looking. It kinda reminds me of a ruby or the like on roids
I wouldn't try it even though those fuses seem more common around my area for some reason. If you do it could potentially let way too much current through in the event of a power surge. That could cause very bad things.
I'm pretty sure its possible but as to how I'm not really sure. Maybe just wait til some of the smart cookies get here. They could probably help you out.
Do you have the tools to make such a intricate inlay TS? It would definitely be hard but awesome.
Wow...I just looked up Hal Taylor. They were soo amazing. Even just a quick look amazed me. I love the World Peace Sticks too
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typing like this
looks like
william shatner sounds

i'll be quiet now

Wow...I never really realized that but yes it does Back on topic...I think the koolaid would be more like a stain. Although it would be badass none the less.
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hey **** you anti-americans.

That was kinda unnecessary...Anywho, I would love to see the birdseye maple fretboard. I love that stuff. Oak would kinda be plain correct? I don't like stuff hella plain but there is such a thing as too much figure. I was actually thinking about making a body out of oak but I'm not sure if it would be any good.
Wait...are the Fernandes pickups really necessary for the sustainer? If I could get a hold of a sustainer circuit couldn't I just use that in the guitar circuit or am I mistaken?
You realize that this is teh sex0rz right? The stripes pop out just right. Oh wow...just wow.
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I haven't had any hands-on experience with them. But as far as I can see, they're ugly. Can you pull up on a bigsby like you would be able to on a floyd rose?

Not really. A bigsby won't do really big dive bombs or pull ups. I hear that if you pull up too far then the spring can pop out and become a projectile. We wouldn't want that now would we?
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if you get cancer, let me know. i need bones for my future guitar project. morbid. But its for a good cause, a metal as hell guitar. Anywho, how could you get cancer from it? Also, what color is it? Like white or that weird greenish that glow in the dark stuff is?
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^ yeah thats what i was thinking with the bowling ball.... from king pin lol. if this works and actually sounds/plays well the possibilities are endless of what you could put in there a swarm of bees or something, maybe a bunch of spiders. thorn vines. little school of fish. anything

An ant farm!
Now that you mention it, it might be hard to get it in the right position. I was thinking maybe a small piece of suspended wire going through it up towards the fretboard to get it positioned. Kinda like on mythbusters when they made a torso. When its all ready to go then clip the wire and do as you would normally do. Sound right or no? I must find a way for this to work just because its soo awesome
I just thought of something. The reason it is considered stronger than concrete is that if there was bone and concrete of the same weight then the bone would be stronger. The only thing is that bone is a lot lighter than concrete usually so a femur might be as strong as a handful of concrete. Probably a bit more complicated but you get my point. I wonder how acryclic would do?
I kinda figured the soviet russia reversal was going to come up soon