Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass.In great condition. I have replaced the pickup covers with Genuine Fender Precision Bass Pickup Covers, and replaced the stock bridge with a Gotoh-201 Bridge. Comes with a Warwich Rockbag. Lookin for around £175. Collection in Dundee would be preferred but willing to drop it off within reasonable distance
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You can buy pre-cut P nuts from Guitar Center for
about $10 plus shipping,

If they are near you, they should have them, and can
save you time and shipping cost.

If you shop around, you may find a better deal, I don't

sorry should have mentioned im in UK :P
long time no see bass forum! anyways, i have a Squier VM P-Bass and the nut is broke. i really need a replacement soon but im flat broke so it has to be cheap. ive bought nuts before that have not been the right size (either my mistake or seller mistake). im looking at this one just to tide me over, can anyone confim the size will be ok?
shouldnt have sold it back to me, should you. you remtard
go get hattori hanzo to make you a sword
dunno if this is a valid suggestion, but how old are your strings
geez long time no see bass forum

anyhoo, the 09 mexi standard fenders have been kicking around for a while, so are they worth the extra money as far as quality goes (coz they look sweeeet)
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I have no idea wtf you are talking about.

ok, sky player is sky's online service, like bbc iplayer, its free to sky customers (which is why i wanna put in my mums details) but if ur not a customer u have to pay
am not trolling, its a serious question.....

if im not getting my point across very well just say
hey pit, long time no see etc

basically, my mum is a sky tv customer, and im at uni in a different city. Basically, she has told me to register all her sky customer details in sky player so that i could watch stuff at uni on my pc (coz shes never gonna use sky player). would there be anything to watch out for when using my parents sky details to watch sky player, because im not actually there, and its not her computer.
bassmasta has alot of walking bass tabs
the gotoh is really good, havent used the BAII
wire colours i believe
if ur not set up for online banking then ull have to wait till you get this months statement
ull have to pay tax, and post office handling charges. i paid £4 + £8.80 on an £80 effects pedal so
MIA jazz
MM stingray
svt stack/klystron stack
fuzz factory w/blend pedal (regain low end)
ehx micro pog
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Elites are great strings. And even with the exchange rate and shipping in the US, they don't run much more than what I pay for Rotos.

i remember the elites bandwagon a couple of months back i didnt really like them went dead real quick. maybe i got a bad batch
rotosounds are cheap and sound great
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throw ur pick away and start using ur fingers?

the number of times i have heard this! and yet its still a ridiculous thing to say. pick tone appeals to some bassists, get over it
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So if we don't make any money from it it's ok?

as long as its not commercially produced or distributed
cant get the whole "road worn" or "relic'd" look. if u want it that way buy cheap and get sum sandpaper lol
arent covers by an amateur band alright? failing that contact their manager/managing team, not their myspace
saw them in a pub in my hometown few years back. they left after 3 songs as they were coked outta their heads
VM precisions are P pickups.... hence why it is a P-bass. also, it has a rosewood fretboard and a maple neck. is it specifically a maple neck, or a maple fretboard you want?
dan andriano's tone from the album "maybe ill catch fire"
MB's suck. personally id look into ashdowns and oranges, they make the best practice amps at the moment imo
i calculate a 150% chance it will break
where was i during this fionce business! ..... perhaps i was on my dig. anyway, after reading, i vote it
im not a huge fan of them, but a few come out that are quite good, my Blood Angel friend
couple of pedals, no new amp till '10. maybe a bass in summer..... maybe
other forums say the ls2 works a song for regaining lost lows from guitar fuzzes like muffs, think ill bag this one
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Go for it mate, tell me how it goes, I might get a Barge at some point, because I like boutique pedals .

It'll work exactly as you want it though, don't worry.

thanks anyway, the prospect of mixing a low-end sucking guitar pedal with clean bass tone has been sumthing ive thought of since i got my first big muff, but havent properly looked into until i got my Fuzz factory. tbh i used to like sucking out my low end, i kinda dug the tone, but i want the option of a blended low end fuzz as well
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I know how it works, the problem is how much signal quality is lost, since I can't find any information about OPAmps or buffers used to retain quality, I can only assume they don't use them. I'll do a bit more searching.

kool. with the current exchange rate direct ordering from barge's website ends up at about £80, which id rather not spend if the boss is only £50 and in UK so i can easily return for any reason

theres some images here of how the 2 loops work on the LS2

EDIT: just saw ur post nutter, looks pretty good but would have to order over from the states, u sure that Boss wouldnt do the trick....
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Not sure that exists, let me check.

i did have my doubts. doing this would be much easier with two amps i know, but thats not an option just now rly

EDIT: what about the Boss LS2
so i got my fuzz factory but havent tried it yet as i aint at where my bass is at. i know ill lose sum low end and ive heard that blending in some clean in at the same time makes it sound quite nice. what can i use for blending clean and dirty using one amp? any pedals and such
google the slogans eg. "the sun is trying to kill me t-shirt". etc. they come up quite easy
thunderbird is just an altogether bad bass, too many problems with it
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So I recently sold my Fender Jazz Special and got an Epiphone EB-3,


yeah i hated my eb3, would have traded you any day haha. i agree with mutant though, mids