killergege I understand the concept, there is far too much repetition  do we really need 27 versions of Hotel California....etc  
You really only need one....the correct one....but who's to say ultimately which one that is ?
I think the rating system you have now is effective in directing people to the most accurate Tabs.
I guess my question is .. why is the current system such a problem?
Personally I like a few different versions of each Tab because you tend to learn more... 
But please tell me why I should put  8, 16, or even 24 hours of my time into a full score Guitar Pro tab just to have It changed arbitrarily by others  edits?  
If that happens I  definitely will not submit anything more. 
killergege I guess It may be a good idea to some... but l just  want to have the option of  keeping my Guitar Pro tabs my own transcription only. 
I spend hours on these things. What would happen If someone edits one of my tabs  and  I  think It's incorrect ? 
evfidripiy Not a good Thanks