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Tinder is shit lol the more you invest in it the worse it gets, but it's god damn entertaining

bumble is noticeably better (or at least it was when i used it, have a gf so i haven't been on any of them in a long time). tinder is not the place to actively seek anything other than sex and if you operate off that fact you can and will have success

I'd agree with this. Tinder has a lot of girls using it just for the confidence boost. If you're looking for an actual relationship, I'd suggest Bumble or Hinge (highest quality IMO).
Well hello Colohue, Vad, and Ace. Long time no see.
Kinda bummed only 1 person fell for my troll post

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Hi guys,

So I should be going on a first date with a girl who I know (- as in we've spoke a few times before, but haven't been in contact until recently); and I was wondering what are some of the ways break the 'touch barrier' and become more comfortable, and how I should generally handle myself, as I usually have a tendency to over-analysze things whilst they're happening & come across as awkward..


Go in for the hug hello obviously. When you are conversing with her, don't be afraid to put your hand on her arm, shoulder, or knee/thigh when telling a joke. It's a normal thing that people do, it's just most guys think it'd be weird to do it to a girl (but in reality if they are into you then they'll like it).

After the date, go for the hug goodbye, and you should know if she wants the kiss. A general rule of thumb is if she's looking at your mouth instead of your eyes when she's saying goodbye (or rather, the awkward 5 minutes or so before the date is actually over). Another tell is during the hug, if she lingers and slowly gets out of the hug and doesn't turn her body/face, then go for it.

Over-analyzing is a death trap. Just go with the flow, and pick up on the cues you do happen to notice.
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So I told this girl that I like her and now she's acting weird. What gives?!
1) Colohue is right, he is already the winner of that swordfight.

Friz, I am glad you have still kept your sig. Our love shall stand the test of time.
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So, bars and pubs don't work, internet dating sites don't work, no one I know has anyone they can set me up with.

I mean it's been two years and it hasn't bothered me for a long time but the past couple of weeks I've just wanted someone and I don't know any other way of really meeting anyone.

Any advice?

Go out on a adventure and download the smart-phone app "Tinder". Even if you don't meet anyone from it, it'll still keep you brushed up on your people-skills somewhat, and it is actually fairly addicting and fun.
Because girls don't like predictable and boring guys.
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Anyways, what cheers you guys up after a rough day? And what do you do to cheer your significant other up?

Relaxing and listening to some of my favorite songs and pwning n00bs in video games. If she's feeling down, I'll try to buy her her favorite candy or something, something small to let her know that I still like/love her hoping to cheer her up.
My little cousin would try to breakdance whenever he was around girls I dated if I recall correctly. Does that count?
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Anybody? Please?

Do you need us to tell you how to talk to a girl who is already interested in you? If so, this thread is not for that.
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Man, this boy knows how to keep my interest and attention. He builds and works on cars for a living and is a really excellent precision driver. The man knows how to drive and bring out a cars potential. He took me out for a drive the other night around this track next to his work, and oh my god, the adrenaline rush. I needed that. Least he is reviving my sex drive, I suppose.

Did run into one problem last night, though. My gay best friend surprised me and drove a couple hours to visit me out of nowhere. Didn't tell me he was coming.

Aforementioned friend of mine doesn't know I am seeing this guy yet, and my gay friend and I are usually jokingly very flirty and openly sexual to each other, so when he got here, completely oblivious, he greeted me like we normally would. Obviously this threw the new boy off quite a bit and I had to explain why this strange man was on top of me, smacking my ass, and screaming about how much he missed me and various parts of my body.

He understood after I explained but he didn't seem any more comfortable with it. Which I get, but my friend didn't know and after I told him, he cut it out with the sexual stuff etc. I mean it is pretty obvious my friend is exclusively into penis. He brought his boyfriend with him, for ****s sake, and they're not exactly subtle homosexuals. He still seemed very uncomfortable with him. If that continues, we are going to be over real quick, cause I literally have a giant harem full of gay boys that adore me ! Don't know what else I can do besides tell them to cut out the playful banter. I am certainly not going to cut my gay boys out of my life.

Would you guys feel uncomfortable with your girlfriends around gay men like that? I mean, they are pretty much my girl friends.

No, definitely not. If anything, I find it to be fun because it just gets me in a happy mood because everyone else around me is happy, know what I'm saying? If a gay guy can bring joy to my girlfriend, then who am I to stop that? I wouldn't even mind the playful banter, especially when it would be obvious that they like the D.

Don't worry though, I'll be there to pick you up if you fall, wifey
1. How old are you? 22

2. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you rate Film as a form of entertainment? 5

3. What are your favourite genres of film? Comedies, thrillers, and romcoms.

4. How often do you go to a cinema to watch a film? Once or twice a year.

5. How do you feel about the prices of going to the cinema? Too expensive, not nearly worth it.

5. Do you prefer going to the cinema or watching films at home? Definitely at home.

6. Name one of your biggest Pro's and biggest Con's of watching films in a cinema. Pros: better atmosphere. Cons: Miss parts when you have to leave and it costs more.

7. What do you think producers can do to increase the amount of people that go to the cinema? Make good movies, it's all about the price.

8. Off the top of your head, name one film that relies on modern technology in order to entertain? Any movie that uses CGI.

9. Do you feel too many films are being produced in 3D at the moment? I don't watch 3Ds so I don't care.

10. Many feel that the future of film is the switch to 48 frames per second, your thoughts on this? I don't even know what the fps is now.
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Everyones response will be "Oh my god. Who. The hell. Cares.", but I'm just genuently happy right now. It's turning serious with Ms. I. and I just asked her whether me using snus bothers her or not. Answer was: as long as you dont when were kissing, then Id give you a punch.

I'm just so happy. I've made the best choice ever. Cheers y'all and good luck

Bro we always care! Glad things are working out for you man!
Different strokes for different folks. Referring to our discussion over the overly flirtatious girl.
So you're just assuming this from what he's telling you. Life is too short to not take chances. How do you know she's not flirting with a lot of guys just so one will finally ask her out? Guys are pretty stupid at times.
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It's a situation where learning from the experience comes at a much greater cost. While some people will still ignore reason and try for it, in these cases it's probably best that Ace's advice is followed.

What is the cost? Rejection?
While that is true, it sounds like it could be a good learning experience if he goes for it.
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Just a curious question here:

Let's say there is a girl who is the kind that is touchy feely physically intimate with every single guy she is friends with, but doesn't seem interested in any of them. How would you differentiate when she's flirting with you if she does that to everyone?

You ask her out, then you'll know for sure.
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I wish I could think like that. That's one of the main reason I don't really talk to girls. I hate getting shot down.

You can't focus on rejection, but instead what you think you did wrong. It's how you learn from your mistakes and have a lesser chance of rejection the next time.

Besides, it's all a numbers game.
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Nope. Anything goes. As for the date? It was nice! He was an absolute gentleman. Nothing too interesting happened, just had dinner and got to know him more. He seems responsible and in a good place. He has a full time job, his own place, a car, and a college degree, and hes incredibly polite and respectful towards me. I really cant complain so far. That is already leagues better than my past boyfriends.

There is one red flag that I still need to talk with him about more and investigate. His past is really shady. He has a Latin Kings gang tattoo on his back and apparently he's been in trouble with the cops a lot for some pretty bad shit.

I confronted him about it immediately and he said he was getting it removed as soon as possible and admitted he made some really poor decisions as a teenager. But he assured me he is not associated at all anymore with any kind of gangs, trouble, or anything like that.

So that is making me cautious, and I still need to process that, but at least he is being honest about it and clearly is trying to grow up and stay away from that lifestyle. I mean, he is doing a good job so far. I would have NEVER guessed he was a thug in his past.

Why do I always hit it off with such shady characters ?

Oh my... that is crazy. Be careful out there, don't want to see the future Mrs. FreezerBurn getting hurt.

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Hello, this will be my first time posting in this thread.

Could really use some advice asap :0

Basically, I will give some back story.. In high school me and this girl got close and I ended up dating her. I lost my virginity to her and dated 3 months. She told me she had feelings for some one else and we broke up. Then she starts dating this guy. They stayed together for the past 2 years and they recently broke up some where between 2-4 months ago. How ever, while they were still dating there was a point where we hung out a lot and then we just kind of stopped. I never really talked to her except we would maybe say "merry christmas! .. happy thanksgiving" that kind of thing.

I noticed she was single maybe like 2 or 3 months ago and said hey. we chilled a few times and I made out with her then I started to have feelings for her again. I never really found out what happened with her and her ex boy friend because I didn't really care. I told her I wanted to be her boy friend but I wasn't ready yet, because she deserved some one great and she made me want to become the best person I could possibly be. Within a couple days of saying that I got a job, it really was just a coincidence. My friend needed an employee at the job he was doing so he hired me. My friend is pretty crazy and he basically was a total prick so I quit. He told me he was really disappointed with me and I basically fucked myself over. that was like 2 to 3 weeks ago, and I haven't got another job yet. but haven't really tried to be honest.

:end of back story:

Recently I have been kind of anxious that the timing of our relationship could have something to do with why she is with me. I don't want her to be with me because she was on the rebound, and I don't want to end up getting hurt again someday because of that.

Is it okay to bring this "rebound situation" up with her to clarify that our feelings are genuine? She has told me she never wants to hurt me again and that her feelings for me are true. We are not dating and I cant prove she isn't cheating on me, but I don't feel like she is. I feel like she has feelings for me, and we do stuff sexually we just aren't "officially dating" which is BOTH of our decisions for NOW. I don't want to bring this up, and hear the truth and then have her not want to be with me any more... if that is even likely.

She is not mean and I can open up to her and talk about things. But would this be different because I am making her consciously aware about the rebound? Is rebound even real or is it tv/movie magic? I wasn't trying to be like "awwww sheeeeeaat look whos single *swoooooopah*"

I have never been in a situation like this before and this girl means more to me then any other girl I have ever been with. If any of you care to take the time to read this, and have some advice to share it would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Lots of logic gaps here.

I don't understand.
Hit on her friends/sister. Seems to work XD
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Oh no, yeah, that is just me I suck at replying to comments and such. I am just always on the move and busy. Ill read them and reply back in my head, but then I'll never find the chance to submit it or I'll just forget.

Very good, that is what I like to hear! And by Monday I shall have a new sig for you In the meantime, I am off to dinner. About to scope this guy out some more. See if he is worth a shot or not. If the night is interesting, expect details to follow.

Okay excellent. Do you have any food allergies I need to be made aware of?

Also, we want details. NOW.

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Now what if I told you it was a bit more complicated than that. A friend said she'd have sex with me on my birthday (in a couple of months) if I still haven't lost my virginity by then...

I... don't know man, that sounds like a sweet plan but she's a really good friend, things could get ****ed up because of that.

Dude, don't. You want your first time to be with someone special. A friend of mine doesn't even know the girls name of his first time and hates it. Don't be like my friend. Make the first time special, it's cliche for a reason.

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Yesterday she (my new girlfriend) came over and we just hanged, watched movies, I played the guitar and we chatted with my brother, the two got along really well. At some point she mentioned some series and I told her that she should watch Breaking Bad.

When she was leaving I told her that I forgot that I was thinking we could make pizza and now I'm left hungry lol. Her reply was that she could come over tomorrow (today) as well and we could make pizza and watch breaking bad. She's starting to warm up. My life is awesome.

Dude that is awesome, I am so happy for you. Keep it up

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Thanks to the people who responded to me last time. Now back on another stuff, I've had my sights set on these 3 girls for the next little while. Now, I'm not trying to date them yet considering I have to be picky with the next girl I choose to like (I don't really need one right now) but I'm having trouble talking to them, I met the other one last week, like actually introduced myself but I've had a crush on her since my discussion group started about a month ago.... as far as the other one goes, she's just super attractive and we get along really well and we've both spilled stuff to each other about the past but I don't know if that blurs the line between a relationship and friendship?

Also, I had hook up sex a little while ago and I don't know, it was good... but after it I felt like crap. Is something wrong with me?

Sometimes you're just gonna feel like crap after a one-night stand, happens.

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I don't think anyone feels good after a one night stand really. I can imagine them being okay if the situation is right but mostly it's 2 lonely people sleeping with someone who's not the person they actually want

As far your stuff, fine start with the first girl. Ask her to do something, cooshty. Second girl, depends what was said but probably not. Same thing, if you get along with her just ask her if she wants to do summin.

Pretty much this.
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They really should. Bitches need to get on my level. Drooling is like the highest form of affection.

Pssh, what are you jealous for? We are practically married already, you and I. You just need to hurry up with the cake and that ceremony.

Oh shit, I never thought you read it. Finally I can stop losing sleep over it. Gather up the guests, I'll have the baker done with the cake by Monday.

Is she serious right now?
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What's your take on pity sex, guys?

I believe the quote is: "Doesn't matter, had sex"
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Got my sights on a new man. Target locked. Been casually seeing him for a few weeks now, just recently started taking it to a more intimate level.

So far so good. I slept over last night and drooled all over that poor boy in my sleep, cause I am charming like that, and he still wants to see me, so either hes really into me or my sex was just really good

Either way, hes taking me out to dinner tonight and then the gun range tomorrow and then I am taking him out paint balling next weekend. I'll keep you posted and updated.

More girls should be like you, friz. Consider me jealous.
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This is a bit of a weird one, I think. I get along really well with this chick friend of mine and all that, and we both signed up to Plenty of Fish recently for a laugh. Anyway we've been speaking a lot more recently and she keeps throwing compliments my way, all the "You're so funny you always make my day" sort of shit. So earlier on, we were sort of joking around about becoming **** buddies or whatever and about an hour afterwards, she shoots me a message on PoF saying "In a perfect world... we'd be so right for each other."

The fudge?

Sounds like your classic attention-craving woman that just wants to hear stuff and doesn't care to act on it.

Something had happened that had caused him to distrust you I'm guessing?
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Met a girl, went on a couple of dates, chemistry is off-the-charts. Last time we were together, she told me that she's looking to remain super-single, since she got out of a very long relationship somewhat recently. She was planning on using this time to sleep around, explore her sexuality, etc., so she was looking to have me more of a friends-with-benefits thing.

While I would much rather date her in the typical romantic way, I'm not entirely opposed to some physical fun. What would wreck me, though, is if she were to be sleeping with other people as well (which would be totally unjustified on my part, I know). Besides that, I feel like we're past casual at this point; she treats me like a boyfriend, not like a casual fling.

I feel like I'm in a lose/lose scenario. If I continue with this, I'm probably going to end up hurting myself because I'm jealous and petty and dumb. On the other hand, breaking it off so early feels like I'd be tanking the potential for a real relationship later on. Anyone have any insight on this?

You've pretty much already laid everything out in front of you. If you think there is potential for a relationship later on AND you are okay with her sleeping around, then I see no reason to not play it out. If the answer to either one of those question is no though, I'd stay away.
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Not necessarily a relationship thing but there's this girl at uni, first night there we were both in the club, grinding, kissing, all of that romance, it was going well until I lost her in the club, second night, a bit of flirting but she left early, third night I got third wheel'd all night.

Problem is that her flatmate really likes her but he has no chance and so whenever me and her start talking he comes in and tries to flirt but he has no game at all so it's just wasting the time I have in which I can put the work in, the foundations have been set, she hasn't been with any other guys, it's just the third wheel who is **** blocking me in a diabolical fashion, how do I get rid of this guy and get the girl on her own, it's just now coming together and it's starting to get frustrating.

Dude that is so romantic.

But like Drapte said, just ask her out yourself, stop beating around the bush.
For me, while I am horrible at LDRs, and while I would try them again (because I am stubborn), I wouldn't start out dating someone who is long-distance unless I have dated them before in the past (or knew them more than the average girl). It is just way too mentally exhausting to have to start a relationship out with lots of distance in between without having that base level in the beginning.

I agree with Ace. I'm not trying to play down yalls relationship by any means, but breaks usually last anywhere from a weeks to a month or two before usually the couple realizes that they shouldn't be together. Also agreed with the "if we're meant to be" thing, sounds right. Hooray for being in the 1%, eff Obama right?!
I too missed it. Also megano, *whoosh*
Drapte is back! I await our future discussions.