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Why is this thread so anti-woman?

The only people here that are anti-women are just bad with girls, and chalk it up to the woman being a bitch, instead of taking a step back and seeing what actually went wrong.

Please don't think that we are all like that, Neo, that would make me sad
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I don't feel like explaining this all but I'm single again and I've been for a while. I've fallen for another girl and she's admitted feelings for me, but we're not sure if we should date. I asked her out, and all she said was "Hmm..." so I take it that she was thinking about it and forgot. I asked that Saturday, and we haven't talked about it since. I think I'm going to let it ride until maybe Wednesday and ask again. What say you, pit?

Go by what she does, but by what she's saying.
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she wanted to date me first. but we both had alot of stuff that time...and we were both like "yeah when we have time we should totally hang out...." so when we had time i asked her out but she probably felt already more for that other guy because she gave some lame excuse. her attitude towards me had already been changed, so when i asked her why she ignored me alot lately she friendzoned me.

Seems to me like you only wanted to be with her when it was convenient, and she took that as you not wanting her in that way. So when you come around, she is confused because your previous actions are different than your current ones. This causes her to distrust you, and in the end not want to date you.

This isn't even the friendzone, you were just being difficult and naive.
But you just said that she wanted to date you. I was simply refuting it, because I know that it wasn't true.
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i feel used. i've been friendzoned a while ago and as things turned out she started a relationship 3 days after that. Normally i wouldn't care but SHE wanted to date me, gave me hints,... she had me at my best yet she chose to break my heart. Also the fact that she said she was honest with me tastes really bad, for honesty you were 2 months too late you slut. all you ever needed me for was to comfort your insecure miserable life, to tell how great you are...
i know you can't read this but you truly are a heartless bitch

If she wanted to date you, she would have.

Watch her actions and ignore her words.
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Hey relationship thread. I usually lurk around but never had to actually post. Well times have changed.

Over the last two months I have started to develop a small crush on one of my friends. Me and her get along pretty good and have a good amount of mutual friends. While I know she likes me as a friend, theres a small part of me that thinks she may reciprocate some feelings as well, but its really hard to tell as she is naturally flirty. We also sort-of cuddled one night for a bit (although she was quite intoxicated). The next morning she didn't really remember much, so i'm afraid that this might be a fluke symptom now....

There is a few problems though. The big one is that we work together. If I ask her out and she friend-zones me, things will be super awkward and literally everyone I come into contact with will be making fun of the whole thing. Like I said earlier she is also really flirty, so I keep getting mixed signals (i'm like 80% sure I'm just a friend, but dammit that extra 20% of me is going crazy over this). She also is not the relationship type of girl. She appears to be happy being single.

So pit, what do you think? Should I take the chance of utmost humiliation and talk to her about my feelings? We're almost always together in a group of people, so its hard to get one on one time with her. Or should I realize that getting involved with a co-worker and risking loosing my friendship with her is not worth it and try to move on?

Its really rare when I get feelings for someone. Like once every 2-3 years, so if I move on, chances are its going to be along time before I get into a relationship of some sort. Any suggestions on how to successfully execute any of this would be great.

Sorry for long read.

TL;DR- Feelings for this girl, who is co-worker and friend. Would be super embarrassing if shot down. We sort of had one "spark" moment when drunk. She does not remember (or does not want to talk about it). She is a a natural flirt though. What I do?

Girls naturally try to come off as being happily single, even when it's not the case-- it's sort of like a defense mechanism.

Don't talk to her about your feelings.

Your co-workers (assuming they are 14 years old) won't bash you for making a move on someone.

However, don't dip your pen in company ink. I advise most people on here to avoid work relationships, as they almost always end in flames for one or both parties. It's just not a smart move, unless you're ok changing jobs if things don't work out.
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Do you guys still think I have a chance to get him to go out with me? I don't really know where to go from here since he's not answering my texts.

You could try being really forward with your texts, or just overly flirtatious in general.
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Alright, acceptable dating age is (Your age)/2+7. I'm a Junior in High School, turned 17 a few weeks ago and talking to this girl. She's a freshman, but almost a sophomore. The cutoff to be put into school is late September and she was born in early November, so she's just a bit more than a month away from being a grade below me. She's awesome, she's into me, I'm into her, if her parents approve I'm going to be with her regardless of what everyone else thinks, but do you guys think I'll get too much shit from my friends for dating a freshman? Her sister's in my class, but she's annoying as an extra pinky so I'll probably catch hell from her. That's whatever though, I don't know why I thought it was important enough to write down, but I'm not changing it.

DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Seriously, who cares what others think?
I disagree. With clingy girls, you have to be blunt, or they will just think you're shy. Tell the mutual friend that you are not interested in said girl, but that she shouldn't take it the wrong way (Ex: If you still think she's a cool person, let her know that).
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So, a month ago I was broken up with. Which sucked, a lot. But that's not my point. I was in school and I saw a friend of mine from geography last semester. So I sat with her and her friends. Big mistake. Because now one of her friends is like, really into me. But i don't feel that way about her. It gets worse. Her other friend was referring to myself and this other girl as "lovebirds" which leads me to believe that she talks about me to her friends. Which is pretty "whatever" really, I don't give a crap who talks about me. But I don't know what to do.

Oh, and she's clingy as hell. I can't even take a shower without getting at least one more text. I don't know what to do about this, because I don't like hurting people's feelings. But I can't let it go on the way it is.

Not only that, but there's a different girl I'm kind of interested in, but I'm afraid it may be like a rebound.

So basically, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place in this situation... any advice?

Tell the mutual friend what you are telling us.
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I text this girl if she wants to go somewhere on Wednesday evening and she doesn't reply until like 20 minutes before the time we were supposed to go saying she definitely wants to go in the 'near future', whatever that means, but couldn't that specific day. Possibly a legitimate excuse, makes no sense for her to say 'I definitely want to go' if she wasn't interested I guess. Are all girls this wtf or do I just run into the most confusing ones?

Not all girls check their phone constantly. They may be good reason that she missed your text. Try again soon.
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Hey hey. Married life is frickin' awesome, can't complain in the slightest. Honeymoon, we're not doing till over Xmas this year, so as we can put money aside throughout the year for it, and it gives us something to look forward to anyways. But I've no doubt it will be good haha.

How's tricks with you mate? I feel so disconnected, I never get time to come in here in any more with work and life and all that. . .

That's fantastic, I'm so happy for you!!

Planning for the honeymoon like that makes so much fiscal sense, I'm surprised more newlyweds don't do it.

Stuff with me is alright I guess. Got a semester left in college, been single for a bit but that doesn't stop me from finding new girls to hook up with

You think you'll be able to make a bit more of an appearance in the thread? 'Cuz that'd be awesome.

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This one might take a while but I'm at my wits end. I have been with my current girlfriend for nearly 4 years, she's been nothing but great to me but she has her own issues that mainly derive from her previous relationship where she was cheated on multiple times. These problems usually lead to arguments between us that have been getting worse and a lot more ferocious the past few months.

I still love her but I know I feel differently about her, something's changed and I'm unsure as to whether it's me looking to end it but not having the guts or something else. Another thing bothering me is what she would do to herself if I did end it, she's never threatened anything in that way but she's cut herself before and she'd have literally no one else if I ended it. I'd really appreciate any help because I've basically stopped putting in any effort and I'm afraid of dragging it on and hurting her even more. Thanks guys, feels good to get it off my chest.

An unhealthy relationship is no longer a relationship. It is usually one-sided, and ends in flames at some point.

What I'm getting at, is that it sounds like your relationship is going to end either soon, or in the near future. You have to decide on which one you want to occur. Do not drag it on if you aren't happy. Talk to her about it, be 100% honest with her and let her know exactly how you feel about things.
Get her out of your life. She's a sinking ship who is trying to make sure you don't get off on a life-boat.
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Shit is hitting the fan HARD. On last Friday, my ex actually cheated on me. On Saturday we broke up, some more drama. Today I asked her if she actually did cheat on me on Friday. Now this wasn't the deal here, because apparently I'm: paranoid, controlling, can't hold promises, can't understand that the relationship is over, idiot, no courage, can't handle the fact that we're now friends and that I got nothing to do with her anymore. But wait, there's more, apparently she wanted to break up with me earlier because this kind of behavior. She poured some big shit over me, but it's ****ing done now. **** her. I got my own problems, for example a lot self esteem issues, plus parents issues. I don't have to deal with this shit. She gives me such a ****ing hard time because she also has low self esteem, but no one cares about that! She's ****ing perfect and can control her feelings really good. **** that, I'm pissed off.


EDIT: And it always was my fault, but I knew when I did wrong and I knew WHY I DID IT. She treated me like shit, but I don't know if she does on purpose. She is a lovely girl, but she is in a shitty position in life atm.

It'll all be alright man. We are here for you. You don't need her anyway, she sounds like a bitch.
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Quoted for truth man.

SED! How's the married life buddy? Have a nice honeymoon?

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Thought I'd update my situation, everything seems fine again, we had a little chat about it and it all seemed okay; she even opened up to me in a way she has felt really uncomfortable doing before, so I guess good came out of it.

On the subject of quotes this one always helped me a lot with break ups:

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."

The fact that she's opening up to you is good, so I think things are looking up in your case.

And as true as that quote is, I never liked it because girls spammed it in their AIM profiles back in middle school
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Thanks a lot for the advice guys. Helps a lot. Cheers.

Freezer: man that's gotta be rough. I assume you lost your best friend as well?

Yup, but he was never my friend in the first place, come to find out. I'm glad that piece of crap is out of my life.

Just know that things can always look up.
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Fellas, about five months ago my girlfriend of 15 months broke it off with me because she said she was never in love with me, and that's been kind of tough. We broke up about two months before for around a week but I managed to convince her (to my own detriment) to stay together to see if anything changes. We tried to remain friends after everything (again, stupidly), we went from talking daily while together, to three days per week, to maybe once a week and now we haven't spoken in about a month. I've hooked up with other girls since we broke up, gotten a few numbers, had different girls in my life ask me out and it really doesn't feel like I'm any closer to getting over it than I was five months ago.

Anyway, this was my first real girlfriend (although not the first girl I've been with sexually - to kind of throw that potential theory out the window in answering my question). The whole process of meeting her/the process of getting to know one another, and eventually dating just had a pretty great feeling about it; probably the happiest I've ever been. I'm just wondering if that feeling really comes back with subsequent girls or if it all kind of gets jaded after that first time you experience that feeling?

This is mainly to those who experienced the first one a little later than others.

Man does this sound very close to my situation. My ex also broke up with me 5 months ago. We tried the whole friends thing, speaking daily to eventually never but it didn't work out (mainly because she started dating my best friend).

It gets better, I can assure you, but you need a positive outlook. Print out this quote and look at it everyday, and you will feel better:

"Your first love will feel like your last, but I can tell you now, your last love will feel like the first."

It's so true. Ask anyone you know who is happily married if this quote has merit, and they will all tell you that it does. There is a reason why the cliche phrase "There are more fish in the sea" is used so much-- it's because it's true!
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Sup guys, i have questions again!

Anyway, its been like 2 months since me and my gf broke up. I kinda miss her, but not really in a romantic way, but more like how i would miss a friend if he went away. So anyway, after trying to go out with a girl i am clearly friendzoned by (sucks, but what you gonna do right?), i kinda decided that im not gonna worry about women for a while.
So, there i am, not worrying about women, and out of the blue a classmate at college asks me "Hey, do you still have your gf?" and im like "No, not like for two months." And then she started saying how she broke up with her bf recently, and how she is single now, and what a cheereful person she is, and how her fb was bad, and how she is single, oh, and i almost forgot, how she is single now.

So, am i reading to much into this, or is she a bit into me? She is hot, and we got along good until now, so i guess i could ask her out? I just don't really know how, since i never actually asked a girl out on like a date (i have no idea how i managed to score my previous gf's).

So, as always, bless me with your wisdom pit!

Rule #1: We =/= the pit. We are a special breed of interwebers.

You are in a good position. If you two are college age (17-23), then just ask her if she wants to meet up for lunch this weekend. Hopefully you already have her number... you have her number right!?
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So coming out and saying "I know I've spoken about exes too much recently but I really didn't mean it like that" is a waste of time? I'd kinda assume so.

Just don't bring up your ex ever again. It's relationship-suicide. Focus on her.
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I did kinda assume that. Anything I can do?

It'll be hard, as you damaged her self-esteem a bit, so you'll need to be really open with her, love and care for her more than usual for the next couple of days. Surprise her with flowers/chocolates in the coming week. Just let her know that you really like (or love if you've gotten that far) her, but don't come off as needy or clingy. She needs you to rebuild her self-esteem that you incidentally tore down.
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Pretty sure I said some stuff whilst drunk that made her think that I did, which wasn't my intention I was just trying to explain something but I forget exactly what. While I'll admit I "miss" my ex I don't want to be with her again; it's not missing in a romantic context. I'm a bit of a sentimentalist.

You dun goofed. At least it makes sense now; you're the reason she's insecure.
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So guys quick bit of advice guys? My (relatively) new gf (it's been like 3 months or so) is acting a little weird. We live together (we were uni house mates before anything happened) and things are getting... well I dunno I think it's weird but I get a little paranoid over relationships after being screwed over a few times before.

Basically it's the hot/cold act. For the last few days, well she doesn't act like she hates me or anything but she's just quiet... I'll ask if anything is the matter and she of course say "no". I know she does get in moods from time to time; then again I do the same. The weird part is, is when we're in bed together (sleeping for all you dirty minded people) she'll come and cuddle up to me of her own volition, and at times she very obviously happy to see me whilst not in bed too. So I don't get it.

A few days before this started I woke up to her crying because she thought I'd rather be with my ex than her, which I thought I'd managed to convince her I didn't but maybe that has something to do with it? (I definitely don't want to be back with my ex btw.)

Sounds like she may be having some security issues. Keep showing her that you really care for her, and that you are with her for a reason, not wanting to be with anyone else but her. Hopefully it will reassure her into believing that you truly like this girl. Give her compliments more often if you think you've been lacking in that aspect.
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Cool, yeah I don't think I am any more so than a normal person. It's not like I've had much trouble finding women to have around here, it's just that I haven't found one that feels the same to be around as the women I had back home.

Thinking about it, it's almost creepy how much being with my ex gave the same feelings as being around my mother

Well Sigmund Freud hypothesized that we look for mates that resemble our mothers... so maybe it's true for some people
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I know what I want from women at the moment, and in general. Well at least I think I do. And yeah, as close as a kid living away from his parents can be I guess. The thing I'm not sure about is whether my wanting to have a woman around is due to some kind of insecurity within myself or just a natural reaction to having been doing it for so long.

It's definitely the latter. Breaking the habit of always having a female near you at all times is difficult (most experience it briefly after going away to college, but are so immersed in the social life that they quickly forget about it). Don't think you're insecure because of this.
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On that note, is it appropriate to attempt a follow-up call just in case? The way I see it there's nothing to lose, if it works then good, if it doesn't, you're back where you started and you can move on.

Appropriate? Not really. Should you try it? Why not.

Most guys would just cut their losses and move on, but one last ditch-effort has a probability of 0<x<1 of working.
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Damn, not a good sign for me then. Just makes girls seem more wtf than they already are. It's like, why did you give me your number? Why did you suggest we should meet at x place? Why did you ask me to coffee?

Sending mixed signals to me all the time man.

And it hurts more than it should when your text gets ignored by someone you thought was really cool/someone you thought liked you.

You might have messed up in the process somehow.

But you're right, it hurts you right in the feels. We've all been there

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I think I've figured out why I don't like being single. From about the age of 10 I've had a woman in my life to look after on a daily basis. Now that I'm both single and away from my mother I feel like a natural part of my life is missing. I think I tried projecting this on to a couple girls I've met here to disastrous effect. Meh

From a Psychology-major's standpoint, I have a good idea of what you're going through at the moment. This is something that you need to workout with yourself first, and really think about what it is you want in a woman. Don't try to substitute one for your mom (but I think you already noticed that you tried projecting it, which is good that you realize what you may be doing). Are you still close with your mother?
Fair enough blake. Just don't act so pretentious and uppity. Pretending that you've never spammed this thread is humorous though.

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If you are having a text conversation with a girl and you ask when shes free to hang out and she doesnt respond is it safe to say shes not interested?

I mean I can jump to conclusions but to me its seems pretty straightforward.


Odds are against you in this situation, yes. But there could be a good explanation for why she isn't responding: phone died, wasn't near her phone, etc.

It also depends on how long ago you texted her, and at what time you texted her.
Damn, someone needs to pull the stick out of your ass, guys. No wonder all the other regs left this thread.
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Losing your virginity is not related to being cool or not.

It is to an extent after around 30 years old.

I only cover like 1 of them
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Aw dude, I just found some makeup brushes and eyeliner she accidentally left in my room. Perfect excuse to meet up with her again or what?

Girls do stuff like this all the time. Strike while the iron is hot.
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how to i get laid before I'm 18 so I'm not a loser?

I didn't get laid until I was 19, and I'm glad I waited for someone who I actually really loved and cared about at the time to be my first. Don't force it, you'll regret it.

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You are so stuck in 2008 it's ridiculous.

Psh, I wish it was 2008 here. UG was so much better it's not even funny. True story.
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Ehhh don't worry about it. We're fine for now. I'd be okay if Våd wanted to throw one down, but not really anyone else is active enough.

I think you just want to increase your e-peen
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usually so people can brag about being the thread creator

False. It's about letting other regulars/vets put their own spin on each version of the RT. Plus it actually is tradition, started by cas way back when (before some of you even discovered the internet). Besides, usually people vote on who the next leader is (with the exception of defrocked) so no bragging ensues, unless you're into that kind of thing (again, i.e. defrocked).
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We don't really need a new one yet, it's whatever. Chill dude.

There's always been a caps lock filter.

Sure we do, it's tradition.

Everyone always gets excited for it.
Where Da New Thread At?!

Why Can't I Use Caps Lock?!
Cheers for being single. It's the superior relationship status of 2013 at the moment.
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If a girl starts complaining to you about her ex, are you supposed to shit talk him or what. What's the strategy here? Like, I never knew him but I knew who he WAS and thought he was a terrible choice for her, and now she's talking about he won't leave her alone and he owes her money and she's really good friends with his roommate and I don't really know where to go with any of this because I don't know any of these people or anything about their situation. But it sounds complicated and obviously if he's harassing her, I might get involved if anything happens between me and her.

Standard protocol is to only bash him if she does first. Otherwise, nod your head and agree like a good boy.
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Thanks Freezer. I just wasn't sure who was more in the right. My girlfriend likes to talk and some might call her annoying, but I don't mind it. She completes that aspect of me because I am usually the one of few words

Anytime man, I know how it is to be on both sides of your situation.

And yes, this is a perfect example of when opposites should attract. So what are you planning on doing?