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Just wanted to know what you guys think about girls who have a lot of guy "friends" you could say. Normally I wouldn't have a problem however I've had two exes in the past who also had a lot of guy friends however those friends eventually turned out to be a little more than just friends. I'm talking to this new girl and notice she too has a ton of guy friends as well. Naturally given whats happened in my past my guard is up I'm trying to approach this without putting on her what my exes did if that makes sense.

So basically just curious as to how you guys all handle a situation where a girl has a lot of guy friends. I personally have quite a few good girl"friends" but I normally tend to back off those like the hanging out alone and constant talking when I enter a relationship mainly out of respect for the girl I'm with and respect for the relationship. Also because I wouldn't want to have to go through all that with the girl and her friends but not everyone is like me.

I'm not a jealous person but I personally do not want to deal with all the dumb shit I've already gone through before in a situation like this. Any advice would be appreciated.

I have a lot of lady friends compared to guy friends, and I've found that most girls have a lot of guy friends, so it's hard to be a hypocrite. But what I try to do, is trust the girl until she gives me reason to not trust her anymore. Also, I make sure to give her good reason to not want to cheat which has worked all but once for me.
I don't mean to put ideas in your head, but it is possible she may have screwed up somehow (i.e. cheating). I'm not accusing your g/f of being a cheater by any means, I just wanted to let you know what might (<5%) be happening from an outside POV.
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I just texted her "hey" and immediately got back

"I love you"
"I want you to know that I love you so much"
"I miss you"

Crisis averted?

Possibly. Is it unlike her to do that?
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man just when you think you've got it figured out and understand women you get a curveball to the face. shit just makes no sense to me. Women are ****ed.

Not even women understand themselves or other women.

Can't live with them, can't live without them
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Yeah, seems about right. Not much I can or could do then.
What about her lesbian side thing? She only watches lesbian porn, when she goes solo she mostly imagines one of her female friends, ... I would have quit her a while ago, if only she didn't say she could also imagine being with me, sexually, also having a dream about me, saying she has no preferences over gender and well, telling me that this is not the reason for her wish to put things off for a few weeks. Should I even be concerned about her orientation or trust her completely? Because as you said, I should rather observe her actions than her words, and in this case actions seem a lot more gloomy for me than her words.


I really think you're fighting a losing battle here.

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the dude with the star wolf avatar. because "Ace" is so hard to remember

I think your symbol after your name really threw him off, he probably spent hours trying to figure out how to make it.
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It indeed was a crush, she gave strong hints of even wanting to have sex with me, we had quite a few conversations on dirty topics, it was all going so well, but as she told me later on, she gradually felt less and less comfortable as making out would involve more and more touching each time we met. She never showed it though, she got hold of my crotch without any persuasion and seemed to like it when I did the same. That's why I find it strange she would so quickly lose most of sexual interest in me, but still show that much interest to keep me around.
Well, she did like it, physically, but something put her off mentally. Among the other reasons, perhaps the women fantasies thing, perhaps her lower self esteem (she said she's not even comfortable getting naked alone to get a shower), I never knew for sure, neither did she.

I once dated a girl who was like the girl you're describing. Everything was great, she was pretty aggressive physically, so I did the natural thing and reciprocated, then she kind of got embarrassed and pulled back a bit, saying we should take things slow. I was totally down for it, then we eventually stopped seeing/talking to each other. However, she saw me out at a bar one night dancing with some girls and she sends me a very passive-aggressive text about me liking her but dancing with other girls

Anyway, moral of the story is, some girls think they know what they want in terms of physicality, but then once they get it, they lose that sense of chase and no longer want what they think they did. It is very possible that she is just keeping you around for whatever reason she wants, so just be weary of what's happening and try to think with your head, not your heart.
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Sorry Freezer, I read the op a while ago. We're 19.
We aren't dating at the moment, but we did for a happy month (well, if the first month hadn't been happy then that'd have already been strange from the beggining), then things got complicated.
It wasn't completely what you would call dating though, because we didn't talk about our feelings, until she was already a bit confused about what she wanted, as her crush on me faded and it was about the time deeper feelings would show up, if they developed.
They partially did, she told me. But not as strong as mine were (why do you think I don't love her?), leading in the conflict of how often we'd hook up.
You are probably right, about her seeing me as a friend only at the moment. It's just me that's still grasping her words that she might change - after we have time again and will be able to hang out more often - that is keeping my hopes high enough (though low)

You don't have to talk about your feelings for it to be considered dating. But her "crush" on you fading should give you a warning flag that you might want to step carefully. And I was under the impression that you two hadn't even dated yet, and we get that people here "love" girls they barely know often, I am very sorry for putting you into that category, we just get so much of it.

But you shouldn't put so much effort on her words, but instead watch her actions. If you give her some space, start talking/flirting with other girls and building some confidence, she may come back around. If she does, awesome, if not, don't sweat it, just try to move on afterwards because I don't think she's worth the effort.
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So, no one really seems to care, but thats ok, I ain't even mad, I swear. =P Everything worked out just fine and is right on track and stuff. I was clearly just being my anxious self. As an fyi to other people, listen to these guys. They are very rarely wrong. I started reading what these guys had to say, a while ago and it did help. It really is just common sense and experience. If blake, or the dude with the star wolf avatar say to do should do it.

"The dude with the star wolf avatar"

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The girl I'm into fantasizes about other women, even had experience with them, but also finds herself attracted to me, although not as sexually as she was before to a woman.
We talked quite a bit about this, mostly because I never quite knew if this was the problem for our relationship to have so many ups and downs. Ups being the time when we actually spent time together and a few days after that, then after not getting any signs of affection towards me from her, it got me wondering again.
I might have told her too much about my feelings, too many times all over again, hoping to get a clear answer from her, but she just doesn't know what she feels now or if her feelings might change dramatically after the stress is over (I can tell that it really did have an effect on her for the worse).

On top of that, I'm not sure if I still insist with her because I love her or because I really believe that she's my type, because we can talk just about anything, the dirtiest and sickest secrets, but in many ways we're not compatible. I wouldn't really mind though, if only she showed as much interest as I do.

Can I even expect from her to be exact about what she wishes from me? How should I play this? In 2 weeks there's going to be plenty of time to hang around, I plan on taking her to a few places and seeing how she responds, but until then?

How old are you two?

You obviously didn't read any of the FAQ

Also, you don't love this girl, you two aren't even dating. To me, she only sees you as a friend at the moment.
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Hey guys, I'll try to keep this short.

My girlfriend and I have been together 2.5 years, and I care about her a lot. I have never done anything inappropriate behind her back and have no reason to believe that she has done anything either.

Anyway, this summer she is likely to be going away for 2 or so months. I am planning on having a trip interstate with some friends, basically just have a 'boys trip' and have a good time. We are going to go to a strip club (which my girlfriend is cool with) and a few of my friends are quite looking forward to getting lap dances.

My question is this; I am keen to get a lap dance too. It's not something I do every day, and to be honest I don't see it as being inappropriate. I can honestly say that if my girlfriend went with her friends to a male strip club (I assume these exist) and she got the equivalent of a lap dance it would not bother me. If she was grinding some random guy at a club I would see that as being inappropriate, but I feel as though strip clubs are just a form of entertainment.

I need some honest and impartial opinions; am I alone is believing this is alright? If so, what would be the best way of letting my girlfriend know and her being okay with it?

Thanks guys.

I can see where your logic is coming from. On one hand, I can understand the fundamental different between grinding in a club and grinding via lap dance. On the other hand, I can agree to the fact that grinding is the same physical motions no matter where you go.

For me, this wouldn't be a problem, as I don't ever plan on going to a strip club in my lifetime. However, I will try to be reasonable with my answer. To me it seems like you have 2 options:

1) Resist the urge to get a lap dance because you realize that it's not worth the potential head ache that it could create if she were to find out or if you decided to tell her beforehand.
2) Try to tell her what you just told us, but in a different way. Let her know that you are going to the strip club for the camaraderie, and that the lap dance is only purely for entertainment and nothing more. Basically, try to convince her like you sort of convinced me: explain the fundamental difference between grinding in a club and grinding in a strip club.

But really, is it worth the potential head ache for any of this? It's just a lap dance.

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So I just got a girlfriend and that's helping tremendously with the whole first love thing, because I think this new girl is far better for me than her. But we were asking each other random questions and she asked if I was bi. I told her probably, because I'm not completely sure myself. And she kept asking about it and it got me thinking. How would I know if I was bi and who would I ask/tell about it?

You'll know if you are bisexual (I'm guessing) if you find yourself attracted to both members of either sex. There is no one you can ask about it but yourself, and you are free to tell whoever you want about it, there are no rules with this stuff.
Alright, I read Blake's response, and I'm going to infer what you said from that.

1) If she wanted to be with you instead, she would.
2) Even if she dropped him for you, she might drop you for someone else, food for thought.

Are my answers relevant?
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Met up with a 'friend' last night. We've hung out and had drinks a few times before and there's been mutual interest. The evening went well. We had cocktails, she was flirting like crazy and I went in for a kiss - she reciprocated (tongues too), but from that moment she seemed distant, hesitant with something on her mind. Body language changed a bit and she turned a cheek when I kissed her goodnight.

Now, I'm almost 100% I know what this is. Her and her boyfriend of 2 years broke up around a month and a half ago. She still talks about him and isn't over him.

Makes sense, I understand and I'm thinking I should distance myself here and give her time - move on and find other girls? I just don't know how to approach this from a contact POV - cut it for now?


She's nearing the end of the rebound period, so give her space and in the mean time don't let it deter you from talking to any other ladies.
Sometimes it's just the right word to use, ya know? It just feels right.
Alrighty then, onto a new topic: Tinder. For those of you unaware, it's a smart phone app, where you go through and rate members of the opposite sex based on 3-5 pics, their name, and age. You select either "Like" or "Nope" and then if both parties hit "Like" then you can initiate chat with one another.

What are your thoughts on this? It really became popular at my college at around March-April time this semester.
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You and I both know you don't mean that. You gotta be more outgoing, confident and happy in life. Shit man, I ooze positivity and believe me, girls can pick up on that. Think about it. Would you want to be with a really pissed off, depressing girl that doesn't like anything? If not, apply the same standards to yourself that you would to a girl

There there, that'll do pig, that'll do.

P.S. Don't feel the trolls
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So um, this is kinda the opposite of a problem and I really dont think i should complain but there are too many girls that like me. How can I turn them down without hurting them

Make them fight to the death for your undying love.

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Not sure what you mean by this. I meant it was the last time I'd see her through that avenue.
Nah I can see why I would have come off as nervous, but I;m not. She's really easy to talk to and I'm quite comfortable around her.

And neither of us can drive, that's why I mentioned we're 16.

Oh right, not everyone is in America where the driving age is 16 and 3 months.

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Good. I hope a girl never looks at me twice again.

Wat. That negative attitude doesn't belong here.
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I just listen to soul crushingly sad music and leave the blinds down.

Yeah sounds about right. I'll put the saddest song on iTunes and just leave it on repeat while I cry into my pillow. Door closed, obviously.

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Girl and boy likes each other. Girl likes talking to boy a lot. They have sex and hang out just like a couple. Girl doesn't want to be **** buddy. Girl doesn't want to be "together" or "stuck" nor exclusive, she wants to be "free".


Moar context pls.

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Drink whisky alone in the park at 3am listening to Shlohmo

I approve of your drink of choice, but idk who Shlohmo is.

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I don't know you of course and no one else on here but why would a girl chase you other than for money when there are so many other guys/girls they can have? I see the ugliest, fattest bitches get fought over by guys.

Not everyone is shallow. People can like this thing called personality, ya know. Girls like guys that have "power" which is usually money, but in other cases it can be a social power. It dates back to old times when the female required a powerful male to have a child with so th
One thing I've found to help me out with my whole situation is to make a music playlist. Starting off with some sappy break up songs and shit, and then slowly have them get more and more positive until it ends with one of the happiest songs you can imagine. You go from both extremes. First, sadness to bring about some self reflection and stuff. Then the most happy and upbeat shit to put you in a great mood. I feel like it kind of reflects the break up process in a way. You're ****ing miserable at first, but overtime things get better and better until they culminate into complete happiness.

Or maybe I'm full of shit.

It's different for everybody. Whatever works man
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I escaped the friend zone (She even added me as her brother on facebook at one stage)
And we're meeting up to 'escape' it again this weekend.
It's not impossible brothers, you just need to make space between the two of you, be up front about your feelings and not let her get away with petty shit that you used to. Godspeed and goodluck to anyone in this situation

While I must congratulate you for this, I think you may have gotten lucky. You really should never tell a girl how you feel unless of course you are already dating them, then if you want to be mushy gushy then so be it. If I had to guess, you were never actually in the friend-zone, you just never made a proper move on her before.
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Hey everyone I'm a bit new to the whole relationship thing. I met a really cool girl over the past few days and I got her phone number earlier today since it was going to be the last time I'd see her.

Thing is now I don't even know what to do with it. Call me an idiot or whatever, but I have no idea. I said maybe we could try something this weekend or the next but I'm looking at the phone number in my contacts and I'm all "wut." She said she didn't know when she was free but yeah. Feeling a bit clueless.

It's kind of complicated too since I think she might already have a boyfriend, plus I don't think I quite made it explicitly clear about it being a boyfriend/girlfriend thing. And the whole friend thing seems lame so I rather it would turn out the other way.

Not sure what advice I'm asking for... maybe how to start a text conversation, good place for a 'date' or something or other? lol

Btw we're both 16.

If you got her phone number being as nervous as you sound, I don't think she has a boyfriend. As long as she lives near you, then you have nothing to lose by trying to work something out. Also I'm assuming that one of you is old enough to drive. Text her today asking her how's she doing, then your next text can ask if she is busy this weekend. If she says no, ask her out.
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I gave up on trying to find someone earlier this year. I feel it's not worth it for me in the long run. People tell me there's "someone out there for everyone" but I don't believe it. Do you think there is?

Yes, but you have to actually try and look for them. They aren't just gonna magically call you up and ask you out, you have to put in some effort.
Both options work. It's mind over matter for stuff like this, having a strong willpower helps.
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The pill itself is about 91% effective compared to ~70-80% on a condom. That's not considering other additions you can add to drop both numbers. While combining both is the safest option, it's not laughable for a person to only choose just one.

And when you consider that a big portion of the 9% of unintended pregnancies happen because of not taking or skipping pills, the number lies a bit.

tl;dr I'm on the same boat as guy above, even though it's for different reason. Don't let your paranoia dictate at who you laugh at.

That's assuming that they aren't used correctly. It's actually 99% and 98% respectively.

Paranoia? If I can have sex and not get a baby, I'm happy, and I want to maximize my chances of not having one
Now I just want to go get rebound sex for the next month or so. It's so nice not having to use condoms though when you are in a relationship where she's on birth control. I've actually never used condoms. :/

You should always use condoms IMO, it's just not worth the small chance.

Lulz @ never having used one

Edit: Wording
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Some one has been reading his girlschase well haha

I've read just about every article on that site. It's really helped me with the lady situation. My only problem is with cold approaches, I need to do them more and be less nervous

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By having her block me it makes it so I can't go back though and unblock her if I'm ever in a moment of weakness, so I think it works better that way. Right now I've mainly been playing GW2 and Dayz, I'm a pretty big mmorpg junkie so there aren't many I don't/haven't play[ed].

I suppose that works.

And ah nice, I used to be into mmo's then my friends stopped playing so I stopped playing
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Just a curiosity..

Often, when I find myself with a group of people, I find myself being the one who makes a lot of jokes, making everybody laugh, etc.

And I am always remembered because of it, I often end up as the centre of attention, simply 'cause I'm always making everyone laugh and all.

How does this ruin my chances with any of the girls?

..Like, I kind of imagine how being like an entertainer ruins any this true?

'Cause I kind of like comes naturally...often people want to be around me because of it but if it seems that losery I'll cut it out a bit.

It's because you seem like a goofball, and not as a confident lover. In case you aren't familiar with the Law of Least Effort, it basically states that the more you can achieve while appearing to put in less effort, the more attractive, powerful, and "cool" you are perceived as.

The more investment you get while giving as little investment as possible, the more desirable you seem to women and the stronger you seem to other guys.

Refer to this graph: (Invalid img)

You want to put in less effort with obtaining the same results. Don't come off as a jester, but instead a king.

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Story is a page back but incase anyone cant be bothered to remember: cheated on after 4 years.

I agree with everything you all are saying and actually had already told her to block me on facebook so i can't see any of her stuff. And I'm pretty confident it wasn't me that was sufficiently lacking, all my friends say I treated her too well tbh. I always sent flowers, made her CD's of new music, I'm good at art and would send her pictures with her favorite type of chocolate covered pretzels and whatnot. An odd plus to the situation I had no idea would occur is that I have more money lol, seeing it stack up allowed me to treat myself the other day and buy a nice new gaming mouse I've had my eye on for a while, so in the wake of breakup, cheers to playing with yourself!

You can also block her. That is what i always do and it seems to work fine. You don't need to see any of her updates on Facebook and she doesn't need to see yours. The less contact you have with her, the better.

But ay mate, that's good stuff. What games you play? Dota 2 or LoL by chance?
So, if you remember a few days ago my girlfriend had broken up with me. Id just like to report that im actually pretty decent right now. There's no doubt that I miss her a lot, and if she ever did come back to me id totally go back to her like a dumb idiot. But other than that im doing pretty good. I've just got a question though.

Is rebound sex an okay thing to do? I enjoy having sex just like everyone else, everyone and id kind of like to continue doing that. But i feel like it might be a disrespectful thing to do, and it might just make things worse for me in the end.

You'll be doing better as soon as your drop her from your life. Once you are mentally able to tell yourself that you won't go back to her, you'll be in much better shape, I can promise you that.

Rebound sex is fine. As long as she is it in for the same reasons, then why not go for it?

Alright. I was just saying cause I almost got some last night. This girl at the bar was hanging out with one of her friends and they kind of joined our group. Then she found out i got dumped and she didn't leave my side the entire night, and it felt awesome to have another girl showing compassion for me.

but anyways, we all go back to their place and she invites me to go smoke a bowl with her on the patio and the two of us were just out there smoking together and she was pointing constellations out in thr sky. I felt like something was going to start between us, and then my friend walks out on the patio and he's like, hey what's up? And then from that point on ge cockblocked me the rest of the night. I was so pissed. And then when we left he was like "did you get her number? She seemed pretty interested in you."

****. She was so cute too

Lol, what a dick. Kick him in the balls the next time you see him, it's an appropriate punishment for a cockblock.
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Bleh I know that long distance relationships are hard, but let's be honest: it's never okay to cheat on someone.
Was with a girl for nearly four years and got cheated on. Feelsbadman not to mention I'm only 21 so it's my only real relationship too. I'm not about to say I hate girls or anything like that, but the whole good-guy turned asshole makes a little more sense after this; it's difficult to maintain a level head when your best friend and the best girl you've known cheats on you.

Idk what is worse, the random texts that I still get with the "goodnight + [insert cute emoji here]" or that fact that I still love her, and girls have radars for that stuff and likely still knows. Meh came into some money to spend on some nice clothes and started exercising, she may have been able to find temporary happiness quickly but I think that if I'm able to deal with this healthily I'll come out on top.

Ugh, stuff like this makes me so mad. I've been there too man, I've felt those feels. The only good thing you can do is think about why she cheated on you: whether it was something you lacked in giving her, or whether it was just because she's that kind of person. If you come up with the latter, then don't blame yourself. Otherwise, maybe there is something you can work on during your next relationship, as I can promise you it'll be much better than the feels you have right now.
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This question has no doubt been asked a million different times, but is there anything objectionable about getting a girl's number through a mutual friend?

We've known each other as acquaintances for years and talked numerous times, but I still have reservations about getting her number from someone other than her. I would much prefer to ask her out in person, but I have no idea when I'll see her next. Thoughts?

If you are a good enough texter/phone caller, you can pull this off, but you have to be really good at it. It has to be so smooth, she forgets how you got her number in the first place.
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So I went on a date with this girl and I've been told she likes me and I like her. We went to a small diner for coffee and we agreed to do something again soon. Anyone have advice on where I should take her?
And yes, I read the FAQ, just seeing if anyone has any better or more original ideas. I'm bad at this sort of thing.

Attraction is already there, so the hard part is over and done with. Assuming that you two had a good conversation during dinner, inviting her over for a movie wouldn't be a bad second date choice. You can get a little physical/cuddly with her while watching the flick.

If you don't have free time at night, ask if she wants to take a walk through a local park and surprise her with a premade picnic or take her to get ice cream afterwards. The ideas are virtually endless.
That's odd. Maybe I've just never had to read 10 in a month?
Uh, no, I get as many as I want, you are probably just doing it wrong.
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So I went round to my girlfriend's place this evening and talked - and we've broken up. I feel like a cruel human being.

Thanks for the advice though, RT. Sure it was the right thing to do.

That takes guts man, I'm proud of you. She might not realize it now, but soon she'll understand why and she'll know that you did what you had to do for the better of both of your worlds.

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Does anyone know how to get a free girlschase subscription or recommend something else that's free? I've read some good articles there.

Why would you ever need a subscription? All the stuff you need on there is free.
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Everyone has autism on the internet

Fucking lol'd.
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Maybe he's actually not a bear...

You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?
Quote by Axeaman
I keep on lying to people because I'm spineless and then I make excuses.

What kind of things are you lying about?
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Two years ago I dated a girl for a while, and one day she had suddenly removed me from Facebook, didn't answer my calls/texts, nothing... haven't seen her since.

That shit hurt man.

Da fuq?

The feels, they hurt.
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So this site is /relationship/ approved? I thought there was a split opinion.

I don't know what the other's opinions are, but I've been using this for awhile and it's really helped me. Whether your looking for casual relationships or a long-term one, these blogs still give good insight on women.

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So I was at my best friend's house swimming in his pool when his little sister and her friend show up in practically nothing but beach towels. My best friend was at work soon to be arriving so I had to choose friends sister? ...or her beautiful blonde friend. I chose the latter out of guilt. After swimming naked in the pool with this girl that had clearly wanted me and I clearly wanted her , after some making out and foreplay we decided to go for it then and there. The thing that was getting me "all mast up" was my friend's sister sitting there playing with herself watching us. The blonde friend wanted to be more private so we went to the pool kiss and didn't come out unil four hours later, honestly best endurance I've ever had but I was just thinking of my friend's sister over and over.finally she was exhausted and went back to her house. So after a couple rounds of bowls smoked I walk outside and start making out with my BF's sister we do it on he ground under the stars right then and there, pretty amazing. I would spend he night to stay in her bed at least three times a week. He hard part was telling my best friend I was sleeping with his sister.
Anyways topic of story : sisters are off limits

Not buying this.
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If a girl says she doesnt think she has feelings for you, and probably never will, yet she still wants to spend time with you/ hook up, and has been actively pursuing you for 4 months, asking you out and going on dates with you, is it possible she's lying?

She's never been in a relationship and is a virgin, but has 'been' with guys and they're usually dicks to her, ive been really nice though. I know i should probably just move on cause she said she doesnt feel that way about me, but does anyone think its a possibility she's just scared?

Wait what? So essentially you're in a mini FWB relationship, she's asking you out, but says she doesn't have feelings for you? Easy, you watch her actions instead of listening to her words. She's more than likely just really scared that you'll hurt her emotionally. If you actually want to date this girl, then you have to reassure her that you aren't a total dickface and that you two will be happy together.

Or just send her a relationship request on Facebook

yeah im going to go out tonight with some friends, it just sucks because all of my best friends are also some of ger best friends. I know after all of this has cooled down it'll all be fine between the two of us but at the same time i just can believe myself when i say that's

Also, it does help talking to someone on here. Maybe not as much as being face to face with someone, but it does help.

Ask if your bros would mind if they took the next couple of nights to really just be around you, because the last thing you need is to be alone. Camaraderie is an essential ingredient to getting over sad times. If your friends are good friends, they will understand and won't mind.

That really means a lot to me right now. Thanks.

Anytime man, I know the feel all too well and I hate it as much as the next guy. I'm just glad to be able to help because no one deserves to ever feel like that. Let me know if you ever need anything, I'm just a click away on the interwebz