Text game is hard, especially when you don't know what you're doing. What do you need help with?
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Are you supposed to call/text someone immediately when you get their number so they they have yours? I never thought it was a big deal, especially because in this situation I saved it for future reference (as in, "call me when you're back on campus") and we have each other on Facebook and mostly talk on there anyway. I figured if he wanted to call/text first he'd ask for it.

It just makes the whole process a lot more smooth.

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A girl I never dated (who I used to be interested in, who knew I was interested in her, and was interested in me at one point too) invited me to her birthday dinner on Sunday.

I haven't talked to her since Christmas (we basically parted ways since last summer for school). I texted her a week ago about going to an event we went to last year with some friends for old times sake, but she couldn't go because it was the day before her birthday. After a few random exchanges over the past week (none lasting more than 3 texts) she suddenly invites me to her birthday dinner, where I'll be the only guy.

I have no idea what to make of that. The logical side is saying she just wants to catch up with an old friend. The emotional side says something else.

Any thoughts or advice? THank you.

She might actually think you're gay.

If not, strike while the iron is hot and go for it.
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if a girl ask me for my number does that make me a little bitch?

No, it means you're doing something right. But what I like to do is just get their number, then immediately call them so 1) You know it wasn't a fake number & 2) Both of you have each others' number (more optimal than just her having your number).
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Ye, but I guess it could've been something I could've done during the party to drop a hint.
I guess the whole 'not knowing if she likes me' thing is what makes this exciting (in both the good and bad way) for me.
Is it considered odd to ask someone out over facebook? Or should I do it?

Get her number via facebook, then start texting. Facebook chat is really non-conducive to flirting with girls you're interested in.

No need to drop hints though, just ask her for her number. It's not a big deal.
Don't over-stress the number. It's really not a big deal when you think about it in the big scheme of things.
Dude I think that girl has back problems, holy shit I don't think backs are suppose to bend like that
Reported. But holy crap that is a nice boob
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Consistency is important here. If you're playful irl, don't become super serious on text and vice-versa. I mention this because people will expect the same kind of energy to pass onto the text and if your tone changes it can cause an error in translation and kill the conversation.

Agreed. A good method for texting is to reread what you type after you type it (but before you send it). You then ask yourself, "Could the receiver of this text be able to read this text in my voice and it make sense / sound like me?" If it doesn't, chances are your texting is different than how you are in real life.
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How can I be less boring when I'm texting someone?

I am fine talking irl but I suck at texting.

Your texts could be too lengthy. Be short and sweet. Original, but not off the wall. Concise, but don't miss important details. Funny, but don't come off as a goofball.
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There is an art to giving compliments. They should be spontaneous, unexpected, specific, and sincere while also having some consistency.

Many girls put a lot of time, effort, and money into their appearance. If you learn to notice the details and can give a good SINCERE compliment then it works a charm.

DON'T get in the habit of telling a girl how good she looks all the time. It loses it's impact and sincerity.

DON'T give compliments when she is fishing for them. It should be spontaneous. The best time is when you notice the thing you are complimenting, and to notice it you have to be paying attention.

And DON'T be generic - be specific.

Compliment ANY girl not just the hot ones you want to screw (pro tip: all girls have a hot friend ) - but only when it is deserved. It must be sincere, never compliment something you don't really like.

Aside from compliments it is also good to know how to insult a girl in a playful way.

It's like buying a girlfriend flowers. It's an awesome thing to do every once in awhile, but if you doing it all the time, it loses it's sincerity.

I saw a post once on Reddit of this husband who paid his wife's hairdresser to text him the details of what changed each time she went to get a haircut Now tell me that isn't clever as fuck!
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So yesterday as I was walking around in the sun I saw this guy literally run up behind a girl and lead with "Excuse me! I really don't mean to scare you at all but I just thought you looked amazing...", that's all I heard.

Not sure how it turned out but if nothing else the guy showed balls, was impressed.

Yep. Cold approaches are hard, but all it takes is to have some confidence. Don't get stalled by approach anxiety, and just come off as a positive person and the girl will usually give you a shot. There's a youtube channel ( that has these 3 dudes that demonstrate that it doesn't matter who you are, it's just how you approach. There's a video of one of the guys approaching women in a batman suit check some of them out.
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Sorry, sometimes your delivery is much more self centered rather than focused on helping others. It's comes across as ego centric. If you're not than you're not, that's just what I've noticed in the years I've been involved in the incarnations of the relationship thread.

I don't mean to be confrontational or negative, it's just grating after a while.


There's no way you're going to pull some kind of seniority trump card for my respect. I respect users on the content and quality of their posts. It's very much earned. The users I respect, I have good reason for it. The users I don't, I have good reason for that as well.

Even if it was self-centered, others can take positive things from what I'm saying and incorporate them into their own lives, but this is not even the case. Don't try to downplay what I'm posting and then hide under the false pretenses of being non-confrontational, uncool. You've had beef with me for quite some time, but that is a can of worms that doesn't need to be opened here.

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I have a question for all the guys... What do u want from a girl,.... like what do u like and dislike in a girl..... i just dont get a guys brain at all.....

Our brain is relatively simple. Tap into what makes them horny and you will virtually be able to control a lot of them.
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What is this you're talking about?

Basically, learn a foreign language. If you can speak it, girls will be a lot more attracted to you.

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Delete this please.

It's just him bragging about hooking up lol. 100% guarantee it was just something smarmy that he pulled off.

I was just reinforcing some advice I was giving the thread. Just because I'm finding new ways to be successful with women, does not mean I am (coming off as) smarmy or arrogant. I've been a part of the RT way longer than you have, the least you could do is have some respect for what I post. I've never been one to brag, it just isn't me, but when I can incorporate a positive field report into what I've done, then you can be sure I am going to pass on the good information to my fellow RT goers. I want nothing but the best for everyone here that I am friends with and who I try to help out when I can.
Spanish charmed worked again. Dude I wish I did this shit earlier.
Word of advice for all of you looking for that special someone. Get off UG (and the internet, sheesh) and start meeting more women. The more you talk to, the better your chances. Remember: it's all a numbers game. I may not post here that much anymore, but it's because I'm out meeting more girls each and every day. Don't limit yourself to your current potential, make it a goal to surprise yourself day after day.

Just when you thought girls couldn't get anymore confusing, they remind you that you're wrong. What could make a girl turn 180 degrees emotionally in the span of 5 hours when you didn't see her or talk to her?
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I agree and disagree. Polygamists and cheaters are not the same thing. The difference though is honesty. Cheaters are dishonest. Polygamists have many lovers but are open about it and not deceiving anyone.

Also (making some broad generalisations here) men cheat for sex women cheat for romance. The reason doesn't matter. Similarly polygamists might get all their romance from one partner but find they want sex with mulitiple partners, or vice versa.

However, I couldn't share a woman so couldn't expect a woman to share me. One at a time for me. Though I do think there are people out there that can do it fine.

Agreed. All of this is pretty much spot-on.
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That isn't all that they love about tongues. Heyyooooo

Was my pun that obvious? Dang, I should really work on my delivery.
I am here to simply brag about how I met an amazing girl last night, and I have her number, and that I am going to see her again tonight.

My advice to you all: LEARN A ROMANCE LANGUAGE

She found it very hott that I was able to keep up with her Spanish (she's a native speaker). Girls love it when you can talk in tongues.
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Did you pick them up after.... Or.... What? Did she pick them up? I'm concerned and I'm not sure why.

After she said yes, we hugged and we both picked them up together if I recall correctly. It's been almost 4 years so my memory is a bit hazy. There is an alternative version to mine, where you tell her to pour the box over her head, and then the note reads, "Now that I've kissed you from head to toe, prom?"
What I did:

1) Got a small box
2) Filled the box with Hershey Kisses
3) Gave box to girl
4) Note on box said to dump the contents on the box on the ground
5) Kisses fall on ground with a note that read "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to prom with me?"

Was cheesy, but it made all the other girls around her really jealous.

And she said yes.
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Before all of you begin overthinking every text message, scream YOLO and just do it anyway. Seriously you will come out on top

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She was a big part of my life. Meeting more women would just make me upset.

Let me rephrase that. Basically, i cared about her a ton. I need time to get over her. Meeting more women right now wouldn't be the best thing right now

Then all you can do is be surrounded by friends and family who care about you. Pick up some hobbies, start working out and getting back in shape if you aren't already. Just do anything that doesn't remind you of her.

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Best strategies to handle rejection?

Learn from your mistakes, and keep on trying. Play it off if she thinks it's weird, just be cool about it, and she should too.
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Hey guys. My girlfriend broke up with me today after a year and a half. Any tips to help get over her a little quicker?

Meet more/new women.
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I was dumped... and I still Like him.... sad....

The more you dwell on it, the longer it'll take to get back to being yourself again. Realize what went wrong in the relationship, and chalk it up to learning a good lesson. You were clearly able to land someone you were very fond of when you started dating, so you can do it again just as easily, if not easier because you've already been there and done it once. Give yourself a week to recover: talk it out with girlfriends, spend time with friends and family, and splurge a bit here and there (whether it's retail therapy or food cravings), then get back out there and have some fun in life!
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Hey RT, so I've been sitting next to this girl in one of my classes who's pretty cute and seems nice and we talk quite a bit in class and stuff. Knowing as little about this stuff as I do, I'm not sure if there's even a little bit of chemistry between us or if she's just being friendly and stuff, and I've been holding back from even thinking about her as a girl to date or anything for two reasons:
1) There's this guy who always comes over and talks to her before class, and I always see them eating lunch together, so I don't know if they like each other or anything. But today after he went to his seat after talking to her, one of our mutual friends who sits in front of us was all like "Aww, you're so adorable," and the girl I sit next to (the one who this whole thing is about) was like "No. No." (very adamantly, not like, giggly). So that may or may not be a problem.
2) I'm a junior in high school, and she's a senior, and she'll be going to college out of state next year.
Sooo... Is this worth pursuing at all, or should I just forget about it?

Go for it. Clearly you've been thinking about this girl enough if you went ahead and made a post about it on an online guitar forum.
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Sorry to break it to you Freezer, there's no such thing.

You've been doing it wrong all this time? Dang, those feels.
But... free sex!

I guess you could always just have sex with her for the rest of the week, since you won't break-up with her. I mean, what else would you do?
I've tried FWB with 3 separate girls (2 of which I had previously dated). It's fun for awhile, but like everyone else, someone (usually the girl) gets attached.
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Just following up to the break up I asked you guys about yesterday. She just left. We ended on good terms, so I'm happy about that, and she took it (fairly) well. She kind of knew something was wrong, so she was expecting it. Thanks for the help, though. It's nice to have some input sometimes.

We're both pretty bummed, though. Balls, man. Balls.

Good on ya mate, you did the right thing. Now next time you get into a relationship, make sure you really want it, and not just the sex.
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Hey, been a long time lurker of this thread and used a lot of the advice given to good effect, so thanks for that, but now I've got a question that I haven't seen before (although it's probably been asked).

So a quick bit of history. I went to a party in December, a friend of mine told his girlfriend to bring a friend of hers because he thought that she would be good for me (poor set-up, I know). My ex decided to turn up to the party and I ended up spending the night arguing with her, so never got a chance to speak to this girl and never seen her since. Then two weeks ago, she randomly added me on Facebook, which I thought nothing of (I didn't even know who it was at first).
Jump forward to Friday, I was at a party when she showed up with my friends girlfriend. As the night went on, we ended up talking and eventually spending all night together in town. We've been talking over Facebook over the weekend and there's something there (similar interests, get on well etc).

Now for the question. I'm definately going to ask her out, I'm not here to waste your time asking if I should, but what I ask is when should I, considering that I've got a couple of 'lads holidays' coming up in the next month, where it's basically an excuse to go to a sunny place, drink lots of alcohol and have lots of sex. I could just go for a good time and not get involved in any of that, but I don't know if it would look good to her if I took her out once or twice, then disappeard to a week long party, twice. Obviously a couple of dates isn't a committed relationship, so it wouldn't necessarily be cheating, but it wouldn't seem right to me.


I will compare your lads holiday to spring break here in the states. It's an unfortunate time to start anything, especially if you plan on getting fukked up over your break. Best bet is to go on your break, do what you want, and come back hoping she's still interested. Or alternatively, don't do anything crazy over your break, and instead hang out with this chick. The choice is yours.
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What do you guys think of the situation when you're always the one who has to start the conversation with a girl? It's happened to me a few times with people who were completely different so I don't really know what to make of it.

It usually just means you think about them more than they think about you. This shouldn't have to be the case.
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Here's my situation...

Grace: My bestfriend of many years, recently i've found myself attracted to her and i definatly have feelings for her. I would like to act on these feelings but I'm afraid of ruining things between us.

Will: Grace's unsensitive boyfriend of almost 4 years, and also a good friend of mine.

Will an Grace get in arguments everyday, are never in a good mood when around each other, and yet after 3 years they hardly know anything about each other, not to mention they have extremely few things in common. I know some relationships work no matter what but this makes no sense at all. When its only Grace an I together we laugh have fun doing nothing at all, so I can't help but wonder how much better things would be if I was with Grace instead of Will.

any suggestions?
(being real serious here, so please don't be a jerk)

Will and Grace... I smell trollin, but I'll bite (pre-reading).

Dude, you gotta let it go. Home-wrecking is not cool, especially when you know the dude (trust me, I've been in all 3 positions during a home-wreck, each one is just as crappy as the next).

Feel free to take the plunge and tell Grace how you feel, but you will regret it.
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That's shitty logic.

Was mainly sarcasm.

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What was so bad about his first move? He got into a relationship too quickly and probably thought that he really liked her. He's definitely not an ass for doing that.

That's just not how it came off to me. Seems like he got wrapped up in the sex, and his little head did the thinking for the big head. Nothing too horrible, just a bit immature/naive.

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Maybe it'll act like a double negative

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I liked hanging out with her. It happened really quickly. We met, started sleeping together, then started dating. I mean, I would love to keep hanging out with her, and the sex is good, but I don't think I can give her what she wants. She's awesome, though. I just know that breaking up would suck, largely because she's kind of the only friend I have right now.

That's really selfish of me.

EDIT: She's also about to lose her job (her contract runs out soon), and she isn't even close to finding something else, so.... doing it now would be a major arsehole move.

You've already done an arsehole move, what's the matter with doing another one?

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I've got a question, once a relationship is ended, not matter what the period of time is should contact be cut.

Disagree, but only because there are too many other factors to consider.
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I think I need to break up with my girlfriend. I like her a lot, but purely as a friend.... I mean she's fun, and I love doing things with her, but I don't see a future with her at all. Bummer

We've only been together four months: does anyone usually develop feelings after this point? I just don't want to waste any more of her time.

Wow, really? Just 4 months? Why'd you start dating her in the first place?
It's usually just short-time fun. Very rarely (<.01%) does anything come from them. Try them at your own risk.
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He's also a dude lol.

Curse my naivety of believing people's information on the internet.
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Freezer, Neo is a prolific troll and instigator. Pay no mind.

Never seen her around so I didn't know, oops