Hey everyone. I would really like to establish myself locally as a bassist/vocalist and was wondering if there were any songs that would be fairly simple yet cool to cover with just bass/vocals. Right now the only song I have really found that sounds AMAZING with just bass and vocals is "Nobody is Ever Going to Want Me" by Giles Corey. I know my choices are slim. I would even accept suggestions that would include a drummer with the bass/vocals.
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Pass on the Bullet. Save you're money and get a VM or CV model or if available look at the 51.You are better off spending the money on a higher level guitar then trying to dress up a pig.

This is really the best advice you're gonna get bud. With a Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe Squire, you wont even really need to switch out pickups, plus they feel and look awesome. I honestly can't tell the difference between those two series and your $600-$1000 fenders as far as your neck and sound is concerned. There is only a SLIGHT difference in tone and that's only if you're comparing them back to back.

You could easily gig with one if you had a nice amp.
Hey everyone. So I recently discovered Tweak Bird and they really opened my eyes to the potential of dropped tunings. I believe they use drop A and it sounds amazing.

This got me to thinking... Are there any other bands you guys know of that use Drop A, B, C, that AREN'T metal or hard rock?
So this is a power duo but Idk how this guy makes his guitar sounds like a bass as well. I need some help.

Is he tuned to drop A or something?

Is he using some kind of effects pedal that makes his guitar sound like a bass?
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Hey hamza4best!

I'm not sure whether your post is still relevant but just in case your still searching for someone to jam with online you might wanna give a try. It's for free and has much better latencies than skype. You'll might find someone with the same taste. Hope I could help you and please don't feel bothered if it's not what you were looking for!

Best sofadude

This is fantastic and exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks!
So you are saying that if I just change the pickups it will be good?
So I'm shopping for a new guitar and I have fallen in love with this guitar I REALLY like the V neck profile of Deans. The problem is that every review/demo I have found for ANY Dean guitar has been completely awful in terms of tone, even with a good amp.

My question is this, do Deans just have bad stock pickups? If I switch out the pickups for Dimarzios, will the guitar sound like a freaking dream? Or will it just sound like a crappy guitar with hot pickups?
So here's my dilemma, I play a lot of funk/blues/ fuzz rock so I require beautiful tones like guitars from Fender. That being said, I love the look and feel of "metal" guitars like ones by Ibanez, Jackson, and B.C. Rich

I want a guitar with Fender tones and an ibanez-like buttery neck/cool body. What guitar am I looking for guys?
So lately my guitar has been acting funny. I have an Epiphone Sheraton with stock passive humbuckers. My bridge pickup has been dead for about a month and my neck pickup has been randomly dropping volume and increasing and cracking and popping. Today I went to test it out again, turned everything off. Pushed on the bridge pickup with my thumb until it moved a little and now my bridge works (but is doing the volume dropping and increasing) and my neck pickup is now dead.

I got my soldering iron out. What do I try first?

INB4 take it to a pro, there are no pros around where I live.
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Why aren't you surfing?

Because I enjoy my arms and legs and sharks like taking those things away from proners
So I'm 25. Today (after 10 years of playing), I realized that I no longer have a desire to play all... I was recently re-introduced to the ocean after living away from it for many years and now being on paddle boards, boats, scuba diving, and fishing are all things that I can't stop thinking about. Can people totally replace a source of happiness for another without even having a shred of desire to go back to the former?

Has anyone else ever felt this way?
Thank you good sir!!!!!!!
In your opinion, What three songs (any genre) do you think a beginning bassist should learn?

three songs any intermediate bassist should learn?

three songs any advanced bassist should learn?

In your opinion, What three rock (any subgenre) songs do you think a beginning guitarist should learn?

three songs any intermediate guitarist should learn?

three songs any advanced guitarist should learn?

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EXACTLY what I was looking for! thanks for all of the responses guys!
Hey everyone. I'm looking for an acoustic guitar with easy access to to many frets past the 12th fret for soloing, much like an electric guitar. Do they make them? Can anyone recommend some models?
Anyone know where I can find the tabs?? I must have them. I've been googling high and low
I guess what I should ask is how would YOU find out What scale length neck u needed to buy?
So if I bought a neck of the wrong scale length, What kind of problems would that give me?
So I've acquired some random guitar bodies from ebay. One is a strat, but it appears to be of a smaller scale than the others. Is there a way that I can find out what scale length neck I should buy?
So I have an RG guitar body. The maker put a sealer on the whole body except for the cavities (pickup routes, cavities in the back) so they are still unprotected by any type of sealer. I'm new to building up guitars so I was wondering if I'm supposed to tape these cavities up when I spray the body with clear coat and leave the wood in these cavities unprotected and raw? My dad says that it doesn't matter and that I should probably spray the cavities with clear coat as well.
So I'm new to finishing guitars. I was wondering what steps I would need to take to hand-paint my Ibanez RG with acrylic paints? I Should I sand it all the way down to the wood? Please be as detailed as possible. Thanks
So I just bought an Ibanez SG style body and noticed that there aren't too many new RG Wizard II or Wizard III necks floating around on the internet for sale, However I noticed that there's a CRAP TON of tele necks and strat necks. I was wondering if I could fit one of those bad boys on my SG? I heard that the only thing that matters is scale length, which an Ibanez SG should be 25.5" am I right?
Hey everyone. I want to get an Ibanez 7 string but my only real option is to get Ibanez's most famous and boring So I'm taking matters into my own hands when I get it and I plan on giving this bad boy a black light reactive splatter paint scheme. Best tips for getting the effect shown below?

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travis picking for playing style. as for composing, well if i had a mind for chord progressions like he did, i'd probably be putting out a record instead of typing this reply. musician talk or something would probably be more helpful.

That actually helped me a ton! thanks!
Hey everyone! Been gone for awhile but I'm back with a question. The most inspirational and influential artist for me has always been Elliott Smith. The thing is that no matter how hard I try, I can not compose a song in his style of music on guitar. I don't even know what kind of style he plays. Are there any lessons on the internet that would help me?

To clear things, I'm looking for advice/lessons that would help me play LIKE him, not actually play his songs.

Thanks muchos
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So my friend is trying to get a job at guitar center and asked me if they piss test. I had no idea so I'm asking the pit-monkeys. Do they?
Greetings fellow fappers. I need the name of the movie where a young man appears at a husband and wife's doorstep dressed in very preppy golf-type clothes and somehow ends up in their house (I'm guessing he was invited in) and he calmly lets them know that they are going to die and proceeds to try to kill them. It's not a new movie.
I'm looking for an effects pedal that imitates the sound of a NES video game. I'M NOT looking for a fuzz pedal. Play notes by picking the strings at the 12th fret to get an idea of the sound I am looking for. Any pedals sound badass like that?
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Hmmm.....that might have something to do with the less than stellar sound.

7 strings are just like 6 strings in the sense that a low quality instrument will give you a low quality sound.If you play a decent quality 7 string you'd see that they sound great once they have electronics capable of handling the low B string.I find that a lot of lower end 7's sound muddy and bad because the pickups just flat out blow.

Thats what I thought the problem might have been. THANKS!!!
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I'd say the extra $100 is for the pearl binding, which doesnt look that good on a BC rich.

IMO, BC rich are constructed poorly and arent very reliable or that nice to play.
I would reconsider if I were you.

What would you suggest? Anything but Schecter or Ibanez
So every 7 string that I have come into contact with has had absolute crap for tone (super muddy). all of them have been worth $400 or under. Do higher-end 7 strings sound just as awesome as 6 strings? I really want to get a 7 string for the extended range but just can't seem to find one that sounds half-decent. :/
So I'm buying one on Monday....I just can't really tell the difference between the two...

and this

The only real difference I see besides cosmetics is that the NJ has EMGs but every review on youtube has the WMD owning in tone. Why is the NJ $100 more?
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It's not really a better or worse kind of thing.

A fretless sounds quiiite different from a fretted bass. In most musical settings, a fretless might sound out of place.

There's a certain m'wah to the tone that is very unique, but you need to be sure that it's the sound you're after.

If you're unsure, and are gonna drop a big chunk of change, I'd say go fretted. I like the sound of a fretted better myself anyways.

I guess I should say what kind of music I'm into eh?? Anything from Primus to Mudvayne really. I like all kinds of music. I REALLY like primus but it just seems like I can't get the right sounds out of any fretted bass I play :/. But yeah I like all kinds of music. Whatever the hell primus is, grunge, metal.
hmmm so one for fretted, one for fretless.....
So guys....Time for me to buy a high-end bass. I have a problem though. I live in the middle of no where in Alaska (seriously) and can't really try out any Fretless basses. I have never tried one but heard that you can't mimic a lot of the sounds that come from a fretless on a fretted bass (primus for example). So fellow bassists, should I buy a fretless bass or a fretted bass? How different do they play? Which one is better in your opinion? all input is appreciated.
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not a song but it made me think of this:

a man is walking down the beach when he sees a woman with no arms or legs weeping and asks her what's wrong.
she says "in all my life I've never once been kissed."
so he bends down and he kisses her. When he starts to walk away she starts crying even harder. when he asks her again what's wrong.
she says "in all my life I've never once been ****ed."
so the man picks her up, and throws her into the ocean and says "well, you're ****ed now!"

You sir.....Just made my day...... Thank you deeply lol
Greetings fellow fappers. I need good songs about getting screwed over.

The only ones that I can think of at the moment are:

Face to Face - Sevendust

Push - Matchbox 20