I loved Charlie Day in Pacific Rim. I didn't even know he was in the movie until he showed up and I was like "aw shiet this is gonna be good." He pretty much is Charlie from It's Always Sunny except also a scientist.

Honestly I thought the movie was great . It was about giant robots fighting giant monsters and everything was cheesy as hell, which was perfect.
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"Vikernes’ wife had a legal firearms permit when she bought the four rifles, the official said."

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I have a question for some of you UGers. I am fairly certain that a few of you here in the metal forum have said you write reviews which are published. If so, how were you hired, or at least given the opportunity to write these reviews? What kind of perks do you get with this kind of job (e.g. receiving albums early, payment, etc.)? I was just thinking, I almost have a degree in Philosophy and Literature (I could graduate in the Fall, but it would be worthless since graduate schools don't offer admission until the subsequent Fall), I would consider myself a good writer, and most of my free time is spent finding new music and listening to metal and other related sub-genres.

So, do you any of you guys know anything about writing reviews to be published for magazines, websites, etc?

Not really the same thing, but I write reviews and articles on the side for a small video game website. My friend who runs the site pretty much hooked me up with it since he knew that I wasn't a casual and I could write properly. Since I do reviews I get games for free under the condition that I write a full review for them. It's usually games from indie companies though I did get the collectors edition of Company of Heroes 2 for free recently, so we might be getting free stuff from Sega in the future.

Like Jon said, the best way to get it done is to get your reviews for places like this site approved first. Whenever my friend gets people asking him for a writing position, my friend asks them for a writing sample to judge whether or not they're actually capable of doing so, and having approved reviews already up will probably make it much easier when you contact site owners so they have ready access to your work in addition to seeing that your reviews were worth publishing.

But yeah good luck with that. Gonna be hard.
Oh what the fuck
I've spent like 250 hours on PC DaS and I've only encountered like 4-5 hackers at the most in PvP.

If you already own it on PS3 you might as well stick with that though unless it drops to like 10 bucks for PC. I think the PS3 community is larger.

Also, kinda relevant.
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Watched Wreck-It-Ralph today, and I think it was a solid movie. It had its moments where I hated it, like hearing Sarah Silverman's voice.

But I like John C. Reilly, so there's that point too. I wish they did a film, that was an actual rehab for video game bad guys. They all have their problems and you get to follow them around as they drudge through their lives, leaving behind a meaningless wake.

Eventually they all come to terms with how evil they are, which is like the premise of Wreck-It-Ralph, except there'd be a lot more whores and drugs.

You're a dynamite gal
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That picture seems about right. Until the Light Takes Us still isn't as gay as that fringe black metal documentary. That eerie sheep fucking oddball from Striborg was unbearable.

I love this documentary thing because it made me realize that Xasthur lives in fucking Alhambra, and it's such a weird place for a white guy to be making black metal because there are no white people in Alhambra.
Some of Septic Flesh's songs sound like soundtracks for a Disney villain while they explain their evil plot or something
My favorite song is the one that had Tupac on it.
I don't believe in Jesus but my faith is in with the Based God
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Not to sound condescending to any newer bands of today, but when they say things like "OUR ALBUM IS FINALLY RELEASED!!!!" I immediately get the urge to never even think of your band again. Since when did bands get this entitlement? When is this such a crowning achievement? There's only like 10,000 bands doing this every year and each one sounding as bland as the last.

I personally ignore these bands most of the time, but maybe that's just me. I do see a lot of bands doing this type of thing where I am. It's shitty promotion for the most part, and if you feel your product needs to be distributed more frequently than a polio vaccine in the 50s (Historical accuracy pending), I think there's a problem with the product.

In all honesty, I'm just not a fan of promotion in general. I find it's often a cheap gesture. I mean, I get posters and self-endorsement within limits of not being obnoxious, but flooding everywhere with your band is enough for avoidance.

I feel the same way. I never really spam my band's material because it makes me feel like an annoying dick, but that's also probably why we don't get that many hits lol.
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Uhh, the new song kinda sucks y'all. It doesn't flow at all, the chorus sucks and the riffs are more derivative than Sodom's shitty thrash.

It's unfortunate you feel this way. This is the first time in a long while that I've been this excited to hear a new release.
I absolutely love the new track. I'm really fucking hyped to hear the new album.
See the problem here is you're browsing the pit which is a total shithole.
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I'd like to give my congratulations to Morphogenesis, your Dio/Asking Alexandria comparison

I think I missed this. Where was this? It sounds really funny.
Yeah what's up with the production? It's typical Nuclear Blast bullshit.
Not one single mention of Barbatos. Disgusting.
I love Askival actually. I think the dude recently said he was gonna do another album but I don't know if it'll actually happen or if I'm confusing him with someone else.
I didn't realize that so many bands I like released albums this year. The only band off the top of my head who had a new release that I really enjoyed was the new Napalm Death album because I haven't followed new releases at all. My favorite release of 2012 is probably the Odd Future album though, followed Murs and 9th Wonder's new release.
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Haha that looks absolutely savage...Comedy bang bang is king!

edit: The greatest CBB moment of all time

My favorite bit is when Nick Kroll does El Chupacabra because it's one of my favorite characters on Reno 911
Xasthur is based out of Alhambra? Fucking lol. That place is like 10 minutes away from my house and it's full of Chinese people.
I thought the lineup was gonna be absolute ass but that's actually pretty awesome.
Totally thought this thread was about my band. Woops.
There's a new Pig Destroyer album what the fuck. I need to find a way to keep track of new releases.
Their instruments look like they're too big for them.
Yeah I think he left after releasing the new album. I guess he got mad at TUK and wanted to redeem them? Or something like that.
So apparently Levesseur isn't in Cryptopsy anymore. The fuck.
Are they only doing an east coast tour? In any case, I'm still jealous. I'd love to see them again.
When did this site start selling guitars? The fuck.
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I think this may be the best metal song I've ever gotten from my head to my guitar. I spewed it out of my brain relatively fast (for me) as well. Check it out guys!

Sounds pretty cool. I like it.

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So, along with CO, WA is the first state to legalize marijuana. We are also legalizing gay marriage.

You live in Washington? For some reason I thought you lived somewhere in the midwest.
120lbs of pure skeletal fury get at me
How much do backpatches usually sell for? I have a Death in June one I'm trying to get rid of probably on ebay because the people who sent me the shirt I bought also threw it in.
Yeah. Also you don't see Anchorhead having Shredisode 1-3 either because the trilogy is the best.

Actually I take that back, the first 3 episodes did have good soundtracks.
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stars wars died a long time ago, I can't believe they're still jumping on it's corpse. Lucas is a fat greedy fuck who just got lucky in the first place.

Yeah pretty much. Episode 4-6 were only good because Lucas wasn't allowed to have complete control over how the movies were gonna be. Lucas had complete control during 1-3 and we can see how that turned out.

Kinda relevant.
TB is a cunt. I hate him. I used to watch his videos but then I realized that he's incredibly ignorant.
I'd donate but I bought the Humble Bundle for a friend awhile ago so I think I've done my part already.

Do any of you guys listen to Brother Ali? I'm gonna see him Saturday and I'm pretty hyped. Gonna see Death Grips in December too.
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Having bottles thrown at you is fun? The reason those songs exist is because they were having fun...

Well it's not MA's fault people can't appreciate good things
He kinda looks like Mick Foley