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Wirebird has the "Contour" model which is the exact model I want.
Just a humbucker in the bridge and that's it.

Hit him up man, nice guy. Last I checked it was about 2.5k for a standard six from him.
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It's cool man, I'd just rather not pay out the ass for a Warmoth or something like that.
Although, I'm not sure what First Act would charge for what I want exactly, but I can't see it being more than $2k.

Should email them man. If you want a tele I'd recommend wirebird, he's fairly new to the game, but his prices are good. The guys in The Safety Fire play his stuff.
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You're reading it wrong. I'm not uptight. All I'm saying is I can't take this company serious, when all they've ever sold is Walmart junk and now they expect guitarists to shell out $3k to $5k for custom guitars. Was doing some research, while you were suggesting I "chill." Appears others have the same problem I do and they also feel that these guitars are way overpriced. If I'm going to shell out $3k to $5k for a guitar, and I have, it's going to have some quality and name brand recognition. Anyone who wants to spend that kind of green on a First Act experiment, be my guest. The only reason I bashed First Act, was because all they've ever sold is cheap crap. Ever. At least Fender and Chevy have sold more expensive, higher quality models all along. Has First Act? If all Chevy ever sold was gold carts, then suddenly they broke onto the scene with the Corvette, wouldn't you find it hard to take the Vette serious? I would. So, I have considered the whole picture.

Be sure to post NGD photos when your FA custom arrives at your door.

Back to chill mode...

Edit: Oh, and don't forget the custom shop Bugera amp. They go good together, like peanut butter and chocolate.

They do sell mid-range guitars. They're not great, not bad however. And their customs are much closer to 2k rather than the numbers you're throwing out. I wouldn't drop that much on a FA, but they aren't bad.

This doesn't look bad for the price.

Also, seriously? Caring about the brand name? Jeez dude, grow up. If it's a nice player why care.
I believe both guys in Mastodon play them, and the guy from Daughters. They all play their ninestrings. The guy from Converge plays a few and I'm pretty sure Baroness plays their guitars heavily.

There was a few guys over on sevenstring that got a few, they were all pretty impressed given the price.

EDIT: Also pretty sure the custom shop is run by a few former Gibson Luithers.
You have to look at it in perspective. When they came out, the ramones were fast and hard.
Nowadays they don't seem so hard or fast, but then again neither are Black Flag, The Dead Kennadys,X, etc.
Not really, unless I've been gaming all day and my hands have curled into horrible horrible claws.
Mathcore is the same way. It's tough as shit to find someone who likes it and can actually play well.
Ermmmmmmm no the lyrics are funny but its not really that great.
Just practice, theres not lots to it.
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I hated the first album :P

Wow thats weird, because I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like Between the Buried and Me but, I can't stand Tommys vocals. He's a great singer, but his growls and screams kinda suck :/

And 90% of metalcore bands, breakdowns are really effing boring

Same for Deathcore, but thats also partially due to the singers and too much repetition.
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*Metal Douche*

Win, but anyway I think that Protest would be a bit harder, BTBAM Have a bit more repetition in their parts. But as someone mentioned before they play a large range of styles.
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gibson necks are coustom fitted to each guitar

Yes, I know that. I'm referring to thicker necks, I say Gibson since Gibson usually get mentioned when people bring up thicker necks.
Yeah I was wanting to get a Stealth but it's kinda pricey for the features. And what I mean by a gibson neck is a thicker style neck.
Hey I was wondering what brands (or guitars) have a neck similar to schecter necks/Gibson Necks. I've been thinking about checking out Jackson but the only one I played (The Explorer like guitar) was pretty uncomfortable, but I think I was playing a lower quality one.
Viridian by between the buried and me.
Play gypsy punk like Gogol Bordello!
I think that there can't be another band like Nirvana, but there will be another group like them that will drastically change the direction of mainstream music. Personally, I think it's going to be one of the more progier groups that have came around. Possibly, Anthony Green with or without Circa Survive (He has some mainstream appeal.) or Mastodon considering the sound of Crack The Skye.
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What? I don't see how anyone can accuse Demetri of ripping off ANYONE'S style, since the dude basically does EVERYTHING. Plus why would he rip off a guy who's done so many drugs that his jokes are funny but his delivery is stiff and awkward?

His styles alot like steven wrights with music and one liners being common in both comics standups. But, Demetri doesn't really rip anyone off. The ONly comparison I'd make is Steven to Demetri but Stevens jokes are really out there.
Steven Wright FTMFW!

And Georage Carlins pretty good too.
Hes reffering to your picture of gerald way.

EDIT: Poo I should be quicker
Every song on pinkerton by weezer mainly butterfly.

Work on your range a bit by bit then sooner or later you'll be able to pull that type of stuff off.
Anthony Green (Seven Years and such) or the guy(Everything besides the first ep) that replaced him? And to Anthony Green no thats his singing voice check out his stuff with circa survive or his solo stuff. I dont know about the 2nd guy.
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idk. i know protest the hero started when they were under 18. at least most of them were under 18.

They were 13 or 15 when they started they wrote the material for kezia when they were 17.
His vocals sounjd better on the first track. I like it!
I hate Brah, its annoying as ****.
Stop making new accounts to post this one video over and over again. Seriously it's annoying.
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christ dont put Paul Gilbert in. overrated wank.

Who would you put in his place? Chad Krouger?
It was probably a guitar world related compilation. The only dimebag book that I know of is the one they put out.

EDIT: Im sure you can find Vais ten Hour work out on the interwebs somewhere. I was able to find bucketheads lessons when he was more obscure so Im sure you can find lessons by someone as popular as Vai.
The Ramones are a pretty good example of punk.
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Whatever, enjoying trying to repopulate your country amongst the rubble and smog that you once called home, using your mothers corpse as a blanket to keep warm and avoiding being crushed by the giant metal scorpion robots China sent to patrol the streets and dig for money under the all the debris. Life in the post-Obama apocalyptic wasteland is not going to be easy little boy.

SWEET! Its going to be like fallout 3!
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The Fall of Troy

I like it, but the group they formed beforehand had a better name. (The 1000 Year War)

To whoever said the thing about As I Lay Dying: THey got it from the William Faulkner book As I Lay Dying.
Name him Rody! Or Chewy!
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well around here Explorers start at 2k and the Epiphone ones don't seem worth it to me

Have you tried any mom and pop places? Another good one to look for is a V if you have bigger hands.
So I've had an ibanez artcore guitar (NOt sure which model) for about a year and I've finally decided to put new pick ups in it. Im mainly using the guitar for singer songwriter type stuff and punk rock. The Amp I have is a Vox AD50VT.

Edit: Budget: 350-400

I've been thinking about getting a gibson dirty fingers and some tv jones pickup for the neck but Ive heard some mixed things about the dirty fingers. Id like to be able to get some nice sounding leads from it as well.
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The Xiphos is a Jackson Warrior copy.

And the Jackson Warrior is a copy of the B.C. Rich Stealth whats your point?

Anyway to OP, I found that the Kelly is kinda hard to play since. I probably didnt have enough time to get used to it. To me the Xiphos feels like the fret board is sticky. Bit Od probably pick the Xiphos over the Kelly. But personally, I think a Gibson Explorer feels nicer than either option.
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Mastodon I think. Could be wrong though.

edit: One's guitarist and the other one's bassist.

The Drummer sings too.
If you're a type of -core band you could have the vocalists prance around like the guys from HeavyHeavyLowLow. Showbread used to have to vocalists the 2nd guy would stand there and dance to the beat or goof off if that gives you an idea for what the other guy will be doing when the other guy is singing. Also, many mathcore bands have 2 vocalists you might want to check out groups in that genre.