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Gentleman of the Gaming Thread,

I got invited to the Assasin's Creed Revelations beta on PS3 but I'm not going to using that. I just got a code so if there's anyone here who'd like to try it let me know (by PM or here) and I'll forward you the invitation.

First come, first serve.
It means you see it one way or the other way, with no middle ground. Like: someone is great or he sucks, there's nothing inbetween.

It doesn't mean that you're boring.
I haven't been here before but just thought I'd drop in and say Lunar Womb is an amazing album. You guys are crazy for not liking it :p.
Alice in Chains
Church of Misery
Dream Theater
Electric Wizard
Hacride (High on Fire?! Man I can't pick.)
Iron Maiden (gotta be..)
Judas Priest
Legion of the Damned
The Monolith Deathcult
The Obsessed
Reverend Bizarre
Sonata Arctica
Ted Maul
U______ (Uriah Heep, hah, nothing metal here).
X______ (I can't stand Xasthur).

This was fun and useless.
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Well, be sure to check out Media Markt some time. It's where I got my copies of Call of The Mastodon and Leviathan. I also think it's pretty weird they sell CotM and not Blood Mountain.

If you're in Amsterdam in saturday, check out FAME. It's at the start of the Kalverstraat, near Dam square. They'll have Blood Mountain for sure (hopefully it'll only be 8 euros, that's what I paid, but I think it was a special offer thing) and I've seen Remission there aswell.

Have fun on saturday - I'll be going aswell!
I'll check it out, thanks. Some extra insider tips from people who have visited would still be welcome though.
People of the pit,

I'm looking for a hostel or cheap hotel in London to stay a night in Januari. Does anyone have experience with these in London and can recommend me one?

I prefer something in the city center or close to a metro station. I don't want something dirt cheap but rather something affordable.

Also, recommendations for nice restaurants are appreciated aswell!

Clutch is a very heavy 'jam' band, definitely bluesy.
Also, some stoner or southern influenced bands. Try the latest Church of Misery record, it's doom with blues influence.
People of the gaming thread, I've not been up to date with recent games for a while now, but I have an urge to start a new game.

I'm looking for a game in a medieval setting, either an RTS or MMORPG. I prefer 'realistic' games over fantasy. If it's an MMORPG, please one with a reasonably large playerbase. I also prefer fancy graphics .

I hope you can give me some advice. Thanks!
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I'm looking for a death metal band with slow (or mid-tempo), doomy, and catchy riffs. Like Morbid Angel - Where The Slime Live, Morbid Angel - God Of Emptiness, Morbid Angel - Nothing Is Not, Bloodbath - Eaten, Nile - User Maat Re, etc. Any suggestions? Nothing too obvious please. And it doesn't have to be a band, it can just be a song.

Coffins - Buried Death.
Allright so during running I dropped my iPod (I know, my bad..) and although it seemed to work fine it stopped playing after the song was finished. So I tried a force reset, because that mostly fixes this kind of problem. However, after the Apple logo I get a screen with a red X on it telling me to go to the support site. I did this, and followed the instructions there trying to get it in disk mode, but it won't go into disk mode.

I was wondering, is my iPod lost forever and should I try sending it to Apple support or is there anything I can still try?

It's an iPod classic 160GB model btw, so not current gen. It's a little over a year old.
How can you ever be confident if you think you're average? I think I'm better than the average person... the average person votes Geert Wilders in my country.
Ensiferum's Victory Song has my vote! Especially for the chorus

Aye been two years already. Well there was Nil Recurring obviously, but two years since a full studio album. I'm fine if they keep following the direction they're going in noww .

Ah yeah, HMH? I'm not too fond of it either. Still, it's better than no PT. Do you suppose they can sell out the venue? Should be able to, since they sold out both nights in Tilburg 'n all.
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Off the top of my head

This Godless Endeavor - Nevermore
Zero Order Phase - Jeff Loomis
Nihility - Decapitated
Ashes of the Wake - Lamb of God
Dechristianize - Vital Remains
Evisceration Plauge - Cannibal Corpse
The Price of Existence - All Shall Perish
Rise of the Tyrant - Arch Enemy

The greatest metal album out of that list is easy though:

This Godless Endeavor by Nevermore

If you haven't heard it yet, wtf, get off your lazy ass and go buy the CD, its worth every penny and more.

I got it. Don't really like it. But I don't really like Nevermore so that might explain it.

Whoever said the newest Nachtmystium, I agree! Forgot about that one. I actually think they got better with every releasing album. They were a decent, but not spectacular, USBM band in my opinion before changing their sound.

Also, boyan89 , I'll try to make it more obvious next time .
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these are mine:

Avenged Sevenfold- Waking the Fallen....(City of Evil not 1/2 as good, but still great)
Korn- Issues
Korn- Korn (first one)
Opeth- Blackwater Park
Mushroomhead- XIII (yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!!!!)
Atreyu- The Curse

Haven't heard all of Crack the Skye yet.

lal Opeth is not metal dude!
Ahh, I'm going to the Holland festival, which is only one day. Sorry can't help you with that question.

It'll be fun to see Metallica again I suppose, though having to sit through KoRn and Slipknot.... I'm mainly going for LOG!
^ indeed, now that's some sort of list. Ridiculous amount of fail in this thread, but that's to be expected.

I agree with Conqueror, BWP (too bad Still Life is from '99), Wintersun S/T and Reverend Bizarre, they'd make my list aswell. I'd also add ObZen.

Personally would add Monolith Deathcult's Trivmvirate, just needs more exposure (:P) so people can notice how awesome it is!
Seems like I'm going to Sonisphere after all

^^ Get Ashes of the Wake.
Well, it's been two years. That's practically a lifetime considering SW's release drift . Also, more shows in Holland! I'm definitely seeing them again, what about you?

I finally bought Insurgentes aswell, I'm still not sure about it though.
Seems to me dark and power metal is quite a contradiction but I'm no expert.. hopefully someone else can help you.

I'm still looking for electronic / techno influenced (brutal) death metal. Think Trivmvirate by Monolith Deathcult, in that style. Listened to Blood Stain Child (ugh.. sorry) and Disillusion (which was nice) but I'm looking for more br00talz !
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I also need something totally fukkin nuts. Uncontrolled and heavy. Can have breakdowns in it, but not overdone like most hardcore. I don't mind them in moderation.

Ted Maul would fit the bill. Uncontrolled, heavy as **** and some tasteful breakdowns, not on every song .
Time to revive this thread. Anyone listening to Hazards of Love? I'm going through my second listen now, really like it so far. Decemberists with balls is what I'd describe it as . I mean, I love the soft songs like Engine Driver and Eli, but this album is very different. Very heavy on electric guitar compared to the usual stuff.

I hope they tour Europe soon, I've seen them every time they came here since I've started listening to them (which was, just to add to a discussion from months ago, before they signed their major label deal ).
One of my friends back in high school brought a knife to school once. He was an Indian guy and some racist pricks were harrassing him during breaks. He never did anything to 'em, but they never bothered him again.
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Alright then chaps, got a slightly crazy request for you all.

Lately I've really been digging metal with heavy electronic influences, and I'm keen for some new stuff. I especially like what Blood Stain Child have done, so something like that would be nice. I also love trance, so any recs for trance mixed with metal would be very much appreciated.

Funny, I had the same request last page . Anyway, I'll check out Blood Stain Child, and would advise you to check Ted Maul!
It's decent enough. Worth checking out, but I don't really listen to it anymore. It got boring quickly .
Yeah I'd say that's a fine start, their first two albums, The Legacy and The New Order are essentials! Their 90's work has more death influences, check out Demonic for a taste of that.
But start with the first two.

Guys, I'm looking for brutal death metal mixed with drum 'n bass / electronic elements, like Ted Maul or the latest Monolith Deathcult release. Any recs?
The thing is I saw Down, Mastodon, Metallica and the Sword these last 12 months, I'm seeing Pendulum twice already, and I really don't care about Slipknot. I'd rather see LOG play a show by themselves!

Isn't Sonisphere a one-day event anyway? I'm talking about the Dutch version, it might be different in the UK .
Foie Gras, you know, paté made from goose liver.
Most of the time I just mess around with basic chord progressions and add little bits in chords, making the suspended or adding notes. A lot of my 'simple' progressions are based around D and G chords.
Can't give much advice here, but if you're looking for more research material: Oceansize is a band that uses three guitar players. They mostly play the chord / harmonized lead stuff. Also, I remember seeing three guys on YouTube playing acoustic versions of songs, but I forgot what band they were covering, I'll edit it in once I remember .
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Listening to them puts me in the mood to listening to them

Hot damn, that groove in Wrath of the Ba'ath gets you pumped. You know which one that is.

Hell yeah!

Trivmvirate is one of my favourite albums from last year, the music is amazing but I also love the themes of the songs, especially Kindertodeslied, about the Battle of Berlin, and Wrath of the Ba'ath.

Apparently (I read this in an interview) they're trying to create this arrogant, pretentious image with the statements on They also got in a feud with this Nile guy, if I recall correctly. Don't see why they'd want this, but whatever floats their boat I suppose .

On a final not: I'm proud that this amazing band is from my home country (patriot mode ).
Ridiculous how everyone jumps down TS' throat when they see 'metal' and 'no feeling' in a post. He's saying he doesn't feel any emotion by listening to metal, not that metal has no emotion in it.
Hi, I was wondering if there were any rumours or information about an European tour?

See, the thing is, I know they're playing the Sonisphere festival during summer here, but I'd rather see a stand-alone LOG show. They'd play a longer set and I don't care much / have recently seen the other bands on the Sonisphere bill.

Perhaps they won't announce European shows officially while there's still tickets for Sonisphere or something? I really want to see these guys live , so if the festival is the only option I'll go there, but meh..
I was so drunk that night that I....

- Lost all my other friends except for one that was puking constantly, so I bought us 2 20 euro club cards so he could throw up in a fancy toilet. We got thrown out in 5 minutes..

- That same evening, I went to a hotel with a girl who I thought was looking nice (might've well been beer-goggles). We had some fun time by the pool, but when I finally got in her room I fell asleep on the couch before anything serious happened.

- The following morning I walked about an hour back to our appartments while still being drunk.

- Another night, I was so drunk that I got thrown in a holding cell to sober up . Me and my friend were released around 8 the following morning, on our way back home I threw up and finally got home around 9, went to bed, 5 minutes later my mom walks in asking if I had a good time. Well mom, no I didn't.

There's more stories aswell... but this should do for now .
Dutch because it's my mother tongue, fluent English because half my family is from the states and one of my housemates is a scotsman now, so I speak English at home most of the time. German because it's similar to Dutch and I love the language. Enough Spanish and French to save myself, but I couldn't really hold a conversation in either language.

I've actually started thinking in English aswell, it's sort of annoying. Like, how I know what I'm going to say but actually have to translate it to Dutch in my head :P. That rarely happens though, but sometimes I can't think of a word in my own damn language for gods sake.
Your aunt and uncle must hate you :P.
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Obviously put cameras inside so we can make some bitchin' reality TV and mad profits out of the chaos, too.

Tonight on MTV! The Real Life: Africa. This could work .
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And I'm all for putting a huge iron fence over my eyes so I can't watch the misguided bullshit that you type.

Be my guest.

I think that Africa can only be stabilised if we stop interfering altogether. Giving aid is fine and all but it's not gonna solve much in the long run. African countries can't depend on us for help, well they could, but our governments are not going to keep giving help and not expect anything back, it just doesn't work like that.