never, ever ask him to play through the fire and the flames' solo.
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You could say she was putting the fire back into their sex life.

the cheesiest line of the week? it gets my vote...
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"heavy strings will bend your neck." theyre not gonna ****ing bend my neck asshole, you know why? because i'm buying them so i can play in A#, not in standard.
lol, they always ask me if i'm sure when i'm buying 12s.
id say the left hand mostly since legato is a proper technique. but ofc i voted for the coconuts. i couldnt resist...
switch to regular slinky
go through with the plan. and add a metronome just in case your foot breaks down.
i currently have an 81 in the bridge position and an 85 in the neck. im going to switch to one of the two above so, which one?
"it's awesome!" *face melts*
id stick with the epiphone
maybe the sh8 invader by sd?
i offer you my deepest condolences. the dog now known as "dimedog" lives on in every uger's heart. may she rest in peace.
masterlords of doomshadow
sry, didnt read post carefully
the electric yetis
why trade man? seems like a cool guitar.
the blackouts are good for metalcore. they wont make a crappy guitar sound amazing though...
if you dont want to play those ****ty songs, then dont play them. explain, your bandmates, that the songs do not satisfy you and suggest playing something more interesting. after all two weeks is a long time.
it's going to be annoying at sound checks. but that's about the only disadvantage.
ive had it with black guitars and personally i think the red one looks crap, so... yel- i mean white.
ben dover
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exactly. its the only thing herman can do right. too bad it's absolutely useless.
Any good? (I play mainly thrash and death)
...curse the lengthy solos of metal music! they kill my self- confidence every time I lay my eyes upon them. just listen to the solo you need to learn a billion times, then you'll learn it a lot easier. or play each bar a billion times over. which ever suits you best. boring but that's the way learning works.
lol, bikers with .50 cal rifles, frightening and yet surprisingly funny. and rappers think they're packing...
unplug it. the batteries wont last for long if its on all the time.
welcome to ug, mate. also, does the pit really have cheerios? if so, why was i not told earlier?
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that was awesome. definitely a power ballad.

absolutely, you should totally get slash to do the solo for it
playstation - crash bandicoot 2 i was 6 or 7
Wesley SG copy. Got it off eBay. Looked cool at the time. Also very cheap.