Happy times! im on the right
Try Heroin. it might work
what the **** is a sig??
Hate to say it all you haters....but mac and cheese is the ****in ****!!!!
well i would have to say i am an atheist....being as i have yet to recieve any kind of hope or nething from. the above...
ESP Horizon NT II Son its where its at
****ing Rap seems to be taking over every god damn thing so.......
I wont be a poser and say that "I liked them when they first came out" but i will say that ive been listening to them for about 4 years and that they're new **** sounds like asshole i love they're old **** with a passion. Something wild and Hate breeder are the best of everything they have ever made
true I am in a death metal band and we def dont make ****. the only bands i can think of like that are Bodom Amon Amarth and slayer. i mean i dont give a ahit really personally yeah money would be nice but i like bustin ass
I Got Your Thrash Metal BITCH!!!

Testament- The Ballad

The Best Song Ever Created
What I like is the way you can tell what song it is and how its underground and it aint the same **** played over and over again <Fallout Boy> and just radio bull****. metal is the greatest thing since sex. I love it the fast complicated riffs the pounding drums. and most of all it is some of the best work out music on earth lol
most definitely south of heaven man without a doubt. Reigning Blood is so over played.
****in Billy Gibbons Crazy ass Beanie I want that **** so bad. ZZ Top is Awesome!!!
2 girls 1 cup......that would make even bruce willis cry
well i was walking in the mall and my friends and i were short a dollar to get out of the parking garage and i asked a lady for some change and she told me to stop being such a low life and get a ****ing real job.
i would most definitely wash my hair every day. if not it looks grungy and dirty. and it just feels gross
Children of decadence-Children of Bodom