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Ah bin caulisse de saint simonac de tabaaaaarnack!! It ****in' worked.

You just made my night less frustrating.

Thanks brah, I appreciate the lack of ''COMPUTER THREDZ BRO!!!! DUH!!'' and the actual tip.

I'll assume you're from somewhere in Quebec lol

Also, clearing cookies should be the first thing you do when you're having small problems like this. I usually clear all my cookies before i go to bed. It's mostly to ensure I remember to tho xD
Phase 90 <3
Or a fuzz. Everyone likes a good fuzz :3
It's the amp I'm thinking of buying. It has a pretty good sound, and even at low volumes I've gotten great tones while trying it out.

The Girth channel can do some heavy tones, but don't expect a thrashy/deathmetal/core sound. It's ideal for Sabbath, or at least I find it is. Maybe with an OD pedal you might be able to pull off heavier sounds.
The bright channel can be set to a nice warm bluesy sound to a really clean, sparkly tone. I also find it reacted well with the guitar volume and tone nobs (I think I was using an entry level Gaudin)

It's worth a try, but don't buy blindly on the internet. Find it at a local shop and try for yourself. I've heard many mixed reviews from friends. I love it, but some hate it.
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what exactly do u mean by pick noise??

I may be wrong, but i think he's saying that when he plays he not only hears the sound of the strings, but the sound of the pick hitting the strings. Like, a little thwack or something. I get it too, but not often.

I used to get it but over time you develop a way around it. It's mostly technique although string gauge may play a small role. Try out a slighter heavier gauge and see if that resolves the problem. If not, get a slightly thicker pick and/or keep the pick more "in". By that, I mean leave less of the pick out to hit the string. I usually leave about 3mm between the tip of the pick and my finger.

Again, it's mostly just technique.
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Use the tip of your finger to slightly mute the low E string. And work on perfecting your technique. Practice, my friend... practice.

This, or you can do it the way I do sometimes.
I wrap my thumb around the neck and mute the low E with that. Although I do use my index finger tip to mute it sometimes.

Just remember, there is no right or wrong. If it works for you, then keep doing it. Just gotta find what does work.
It's the Soul man.
You don't need to have crazy technique to sound good. In fact, to most non-musicians, it's easier to listen to simpler music. It's the reason so much Pop music is just simple rhythms and such.
But still, the Soul prevails over anything.
Smoke a joint, play guitar and write. And listening to some music, whatever i'm in the mood for.
Or if drugs arent possible, I hang out with a friend to get my mind off of the shittiness and remember that life is good.
I'll brush in the shower when I'm running late. Otherwise I prefer to use cold water over the sink.
Well, I'm normally against such big gaps, but at the same time I do believe that if both parties are mature enough to decide what they wanna do, they should go for it.
That being said, my parents have a 13 year difference, and my mom was 19 when they got married. Creeps the hell out of me xD
It's still on air!?!?!?
I loved that show
I wouldnt get rid of anything. As much as I dislike many styles of music, everything I like would be completely altered. I'm happy the way things are now
The guys from Powerglove were throwing Starbursts into the crowd when they opened for Symphony X
Probably the best thing ever xD
Electro Harmonix Metal Muff with Top Boost for sale/trade in the greater Montreal area.

Mint condition, barely ever used.
Sold with original box and everything it came with.!!!!!!!!!

$80, although price is negotiable.
Will possibly trade for other pedals or a pedal board. Or whatever else is being offered (really, I'm not picky)

Cash only.
Actually, Kustom never came to mind. I've been looking at Orange and Mesa. But the Coupé sounds awesome from what I hear so far. Thanks
So here's the deal. I recently bought a Fender Tele Deluxe '72 reissue and today I got a Danelectro Cool Cat Drive (v1). Now... I need a new amp to go with my set up.

I play a wide range of styles, and I'm mostly a rhythm guitarist. I need a good on board distortion that can go from bluesy crunch to some higher gain stuff. Although I love metal, I don't need THAT much gain (But it would be nice).

My band plays stuff in more of a medium-high gain range. Sometimes punk, sometimes old school rock'n'roll.

Also, nothing too loud or way too bulky

I'm willing to buy used. I live in Montreal, Quebec. My budget can go up to $1200 CAD.

If you need any other info, I'll be glad to help.
Buy her roses. Bitches love roses.

No, seriously, a bouquet of red roses and maybe a stuffed animal from Build-A-Bear.
Little Wing on acoustic is a pussy magnet. That or I'm wasting my life...

Good Luck tho
What about those small tube amps? I've heard good things about the Blackheart BH-5H among others.
Also, I think Bogner has a new tube amp that was designed for apartments. I'm pretty sure it's the Panama.
John 5
Jeff Waters
Andy McKee

At least among the people I know those guys are underrated.
I'd think it's okay. Actually, it's probably harder on acoustic, so you might sweep better on electric when you get one.
At least, that's how I see it.
Voted. Good sound. The vocals didn't impress me at first, but they grew on me after the third song.
Sounds like fun. I'm gonna do this with Angel of Death. That scream is perfect for scaring the shit outta little white kids with the pants to their knees
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maybe not, then.

You know... You could just say that a Samurai would be able to quickly get around the Knight and manage to tip him over. Or if the said samurai wanted to be a troll, he would twist the knights helmet then beat it with a spoon
Ask first.
But if the friend is hot, and the ex is a bitch, well who cares at that point
I... I think... I think I just came o.0
I live in Canada
Greece (too many times, but I will always go back)

I've been in a lot of places within Greece tho, I believe it was around 200 since the last time I sat down and counted.
The first thing I'd do is hire Alestorm, Running Wild and Swashbuckle to play a constant set
Then I'll name the ship Party Boat
As my 20th Century History teacher always says, "The winner of the war makes all the rules"
Sounds like some reverb, a comp and a neck pickup.
Maybe do a search on his gear? Find out what he normally uses?
Umm... almost 300. It was also my first gig.
I'm playing at the Montreal JazzFest this summer with my school's Big Band. That's gonna be a pretty large crowd.
Yea, it tells you what key the song is in (just remember, it tells you the major)

As for the last question. Can you be a little more specific?
Just so I don't give you the wrong answer, you know.
Heavy heavier gauges than you would on a regular guitar. I would go for either .12s or .13s
Give her a warning. If she shows no interest or makes no attempt to impress the band, replace her.
Coming from a band in which everyone has a huge difference in taste, I know how you feel.
It might be complicated at first, but at the same time it can lead to some very unique sounds.

I find that it works best to agree on learning one song each member has chosen. Something that everyone can play, but mostly reflects that persons taste. It gives everyone a feel of what the person likes, and a feel on how to play that style. Eventually you guys can just share riffs and ideas.

At least in my band, we each write full songs on our own and then let the other members add their flavor into the mix. Works pretty well.
I'm superstitious so I'm going to tell you to stay away.
Basically, what people say they do is allow the spirits to move stuff. So you might find yourself with a poltergeist.

Like I said, stay away.
Discuss it as a band. Get their input. If they don't mind, keep doing what you do.
Besides, the differences in styles might bring out some damn good music. It'll be more unique
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Gah, it pisses me off too. That and comma use. Nobody knows how to use a comma anymore. I see so many people say 'the most important thing, is to have good grammar'. That's not correct! The comma is unnecessary. People are butchering the language, making it ugly, and calling it 'evolution'. Learn your goddamn language, you're embarrassing the rest of us who took the time to fully understand it.

Your last comma should be a semi-colon.
But I agree with both this statement and TS.
+1 to the guy who said Nevermore.

Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Kingdom of Sorrow, Hellyeah (Maybe?), Damageplan, Crowbar

Hmm... I kinda listed Southern Metal bands, but still. Groovy shit man.
No Fun-Iggy Pop (check out his version with Rancid)
Snow (hey oh)-RHCP
Blitzkrieg Bop- The Ramones
Any Nirvana?
Sweet Home Alabama
Over the Hills and Far Away-Led Zeppelin
Bron-Y-Aur stomp-Led Zeppelin
Heartbreaker-Led Zeppelin
American Woman
Knocking on heavens door

Just to name a few