i have a dean edge, and i have a friend with a dean metalman.
i love my edge, it has one of the smoothest tones ever, but that could be because of the active pickups in mine. the neck is not too big, but not tiny.
the metalman, however, is the worst bass i have ever played. ive played first act basses that impressed me more than that metal man. the neck is like the width of my arm, there is only a bridge pickup, which to me makes picking harder because the strings are tighter by the bridge. the pickup is crap anyway.

overall, i will never ever buy a metalman bass or a razorback.
if you buy a dean, make it an extremly nice expensive one, but i understand why most people dont want to.
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esp ltd ec-1000 vintage black
jackson sl2h custom black.

**sigh** one day =/
i have the 1x15 version
yes this amp is amazing
the only downfall is if you turn the horn all the way up or anything like that,
it blows fuses very quickly
so kinda keep it above 7/10
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well, my first bass is a kustom kasino bass
ive tried to look it up to see the retail price for the hell of it, and i couldnt find it ANYWHERE
ive only found the amp, so i need help, how much does anyone think it is?
its from the 70's, if that helps any
well, im the friend that got the guitar and me and muster are putting it together
the the only split part in it is the head of the neck, but i put wood glue to hold it together temporarily
i researched the guitar, and i found out the wood in it is agathis(?)
would agathis wood sound good with fender noiseless 51 pickups?
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but gibsons and music mans are expensive as ****ttt.
my dean is really good, i have a dean edge with bartolini actives in it.
thats the only one i would recommend because my friend has a metalman, it sucks horribly =/
get like a squier p bass
or a cheap dean
they run 100-150
or do the easy way
go on ebay =D
you know youre a bassist when...

youre the only one gasming over a pic of a new bass
i like money, see emily play, and time

but when i was younger and didnt know roger used an echo on his bass in one of these days, i used to think that was the best ever