I personally think it's near impossible to get perfect at string bending unless you have trained your ear to recognise notes pretty accurately. For a while I thought I was bending correctly until my ears become more adjusted and I found out that I was bending either quite a bit under or a lot over, it's a trial and error thing though once you get your ear trained
This sounds like it could be down to the set-up the guy in the shop has done, perhaps they didn't even adjust anything on the guitar just tuned it in. Who knows.

All I know is that with every product, regardless of who it's from there will always be items that don't meet the quality requirement's but are shipped anyway and sold. Be it by accident or not, it's something the consumer has to watch out for.
Any place where there are other human beings.

Let's face it, we are an awfully ****ed up, stupid and inconsiderate bunch of ass holes.
Heaviest band ever?

something along the lines of BB king, his tone was crushing. That's what a spider IV would say if it could speak. Crrusshing.

Am I doing it right? he is (a)live
Quote by RU Experienced?
I was going to address this in full, but you're not worth it. Explain to me how Obama has been a bad president thus far.

Say what you will, but he hasn't stuck to what he promised he is carrying on with bush's government changes, unlimited detention with out any charges, pushing more laws for the patriot act, allowed strikes in yemen (which killed about 34 innocent people).

If he really wanted piece and to make a change he could do so much more, for starters voiding the federal reserve act of 1913, which allows private banks to profit from every dollar printed, which would also take back control of the economy from the privately held banks, to completely resolve the wall street practises, which have created roughly $1.5 Quadrillion worth of toxic assets (which actually are only pieces of paper worth nothing, but for reasons not told to the majority of people affect the economy.)

I'm not an American citizen, but what ever policies and direction he takes will affect the rest of the world, unfortunately.

He could investigate the 9/11 attacks, have an enquiry into the Iraq war, like what England is doing, even if it doesn't do anything, at least it shows the citizens that the government isn't above the law.

It's really too late for me to put all this in order, so I apologize about that, but it is 1:36am and I have a 9am start.

So I will close by saying, now that the Iraq/ Afghan (Correct me if I'm wrong, It may not go through Iraq) oil pipeline is completed Yemen comes into play, supposedly another base of Al Qiada and then we have the issue of Iran posing a nuclear threat. Hmm I'm going to take a guess and say Yemen will be invaded next, and then some huge 'terrorist' attack will happen, which will be directly, but really indirectly and impossibly linked to Iran, which means Israel get's rid of it's Arab enemy (By the way, check out the top men in the CIA for American, they hold duel Israel/ American citizenship, I.e. They aren't Americans.. Hm so where does there motives really lie?) Let's face it, the past 9 years has been a huge success for the Israel cause, hell they didn't even get a telling off by the UN when they illegal kicked out settled Palestinians, which was actually legally turned over to them by the UN in 1948 or something.

Maybe Obama isn't so bad, maybe he simply can't go against the decisions being made in the White house and congress, but at the moment it look's like the only thing he cares about is pleasing the world bank and IMF (Look into the Yemen case ).

I would put him in the same category as the majority of it US presidents, especially Bush and Obama and I would say it's a very very bad thing.
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That makes sense now.

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Some of these (The leather one for example);
Your finger looks like a diseased penis.

Maybe try getting some thimbles, large ones and putting a little cotton wool inside them, then tape them around your finger and glue some rubber tips onto the end, this should make it a lot easier.
Best camouflange I've ever seen.

And then this;

and then this;

Sit her down in a comfortable chair and tell her your pregnant, you need money ASAP so you can cross the border and have a back street abortion. Tell her you don't want any hassle or media attention and you have the blessing of the pope.
Individual American's aren't, under normal circumstances stupid, but when you get a group of them they become the most dense entity on the face of the earth.

/Does not end thread, may get me a warning and some flaming but I stand by my decision after watching a video of an innocent man talk about the Iraq war in front of a group of Americans, who continuously shouted "U S A" while this man tried to communicate the many deaths of innocent people, that are still occurring, evening after it has 'Ended'.
I'll look at PIGNOSE, I'm open to any brands, even if not well known, so much appreciated

I've been looking at the blackheart amps and I am impressed with them, I will add that to my list.

Cheap is cheap. Like if I can get a good valve amp for £150 that just does the basics I.e. contains all valves, no fancy features and forms a good base for tone control via pedals then that's the limit for cheap. That sentence didn't make sense, but I stand by it

I should slap your face for spouting such none sense, I would never ever possess a line 6 spider.
Recommend some interesting and cheap small wattage amps please. Except the blackstar HT-5

Hey all,

Well I was in Newcastle today (Has no relevance to thread, but anyway) and I went and tried out a Blackstar HT-5 Combo and to be honest I wasn't that impressed by the sound, maybe I was expecting the holy grail of tone (as far as budget amps go) as this amp is supposedly extremely praised, and that is what the guy at the guitar store said as well.

Anyway I was asking if they had any other small wattage amps and they only had a laney, which was the same price as the blackstar. I will more than likely go back and try the amp again, because I don't want to totally abandon the idea of buying it. But for the mean time I would like some recommendations for other small practice amps, which are cheaper. I'm a student who has a mouth to feed and flat rent to pay so I really am on a tight budget. Basically what ever is the best value for money deal I'll be pleased with, even if the amp in question is only a one trick pony I.e. Excels at clean but lacks metal distortion.

I've been looking at the bugera series, such as the V5, Peavey valveking royal 8 combo or orange AD5 and there was one monkey amp, but I don't remember the name. I haven't researched the above that much, except the V5 and it doesn't seem that bad.

Tl;Dr. I'm looking for a very cheap (Student ) all valve guitar amp that will give me nice cleans, good distortion with a pedal, preferably a head-phone out but not required and yea, that's about it. UK pricing.
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This isn't magic.

Your just clicking through a database of information about certain characters, if you look at the question's your basically just picking out the most important and recognizable traits of that character, like narrowing down a search.
Did anyone else see this;

'The offer will consist of 500 pence in cash..' 500 pence! that's how much cash is being handed over with the rest being shares, which will be actually be borrowed. Screw that.
God damn it!

Who do these American corporations think they are going into foreign countries and taking their oil.. and now chocolate.

I shall be writing a stern letter to the CEO of Kraft.
Get GP5 and some of your favourite tabs in GP format. pick a riff you want to learn, select it and set it to loop, lower the speed to about 25%, listen to the pattern off the riff, how it connects with the drums, bass and rhythm (if your learning lead) all songs have a connection between instruments and learning the rhythm is just figuring out how many notes fall on a beat and the duration of the notes. Trust me, GP (Guitar pro) is a god send for learning stuff like this.

Most importantly if your finding it hard to learn rhythm when improvising step away from the guitar and listen to some songs, listen to how the drum keeps the beat, the bass creates the driving force and the guitars play within in the confines of the two. I'm not good at explaining it, but listen to a song and lock onto the drum beat, and then from just listening to it for a little while you'll start to understand how the bass locks in with the drums and then how the guitar(s) lock in with both of them to keep the rhythm.

Doing this has helped me a lot when I've got to certain points where I simple cannot get a rhythm down or even when I just want to improvise songs and I need some idea of where and when to play the notes.
What is the max. budget for an amp?

I would actually go with a small valve amp (5watts) over a modelling amp. You will have to buy pedals to get extra effects but the tone and sound will be superior to any low budget modelling amp out there.

If the budget is the same as the laney then I would look at the Bugera V5 Valve combo, or if you could push the budget by say another £100/120 I would go for a blackheart BH5H little giant with a fairly cheap 1x12 cab to go with it.
The word your looking for starts with a P and has an E in it. It has five letters.

Once you master the art of the said word then it's really just a case of practice, practice, practice. Also don't make it a chore to learn guitar, make it an entertaining experience. Don't rule scales and practice repetitive chords. Learn songs, learn some theory and try to be creative.

Also a guitar never sounds the same recorded as it does live. If you listen to an album 99.999% chance of the guitar (and all instruments/ vocals) being EQ'ed to hell and back. The musicians playing might be tight and not at all sloppy but the sound will always need EQ'ing.
They are both worth as much as they are worth, maybe less but prices get inflated all the time.
Depending on what amp your after 'Practice & recording amp' or 'Gigging amp' I would look at either the blackstar Ht-5 with a good over drive pedal for the 1st usage and possibly a bugera 333XL for the latter. You could use the blackstar for both but you would need to mic it when playing live. This may not always be an option so it's worth taking into consideration.

What colour finish did you go for?
Well both could last many years if looked after properly. Personally I prefer the Ibanez. But what I would recommend is that you play them both (if possible) since you may find one plays and feels a lot better than the other.
I would do that guitar it, I don't like the paint scheme at the moment.

But perhaps with a natural wood finish with a dark stain on the body and a new finish on the neck with some new hardware (if you can save the bridge then save it) and a pick up I think it would be a really nice guitar, and you would probably be able to get quite a profit from it looking at some of the prices on Ebay.
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Edit: I censored the I, it didn't censor :O
Quote by Jackal58
It really doesn't work well when the inmates are running the asylum.

They are inmates though and it's not an asylum it's a place of work. It's this attitude that creates places like this.

The work force shouldn't tell the CEO what to do, but if there are situations like this the work force should have powers, or at least via a union to sort the issue(s) out.

The CEO and management sound's like a complete and utter mess and it's unfair on the workers, they may get paid for working there, but it's a horrible situation when you have a whole work force sometimes in fear and having constant threats of being sacked for no other reason than pathetic play ground politics.

Well of course it depends what course you are studying.

But for me personally, I guess it's as good as what I put into, but that still doesn't make it seem fair that I have to pay £3,225 a year plus all the expenditure on books and learning materials. I'm studying a Bsc in computer animation and the reason being I need a degree to get working Visa's abroad, specifically for the USA. I've already worked in studios in England as a 3D artist/ Animator and I was self taught, so you can teach yourself these subjects. It just takes a little dedication on your own part, also I understand that I'm paying for lecturer's time and all the preparation that goes into assignments and stuff, but from what I've gathered most of the time the work doesn't even relate to the subject and this has been stated from students from across the country (At least for Animation), or if it is by some chance related it will be on the ethical issues of something, which at the end of the day won't get you a job as an animator or artist. Don't really know where I'm going with this post, just needed to vent my disappointment at some of the reports that I've had to write up... I actually love University, it's full of great people and some intelligent lecturers who actually know there subjects, but a lot of the time it's all swept aside for work that can easily be compared and marked accordingly.
From what I've experienced it will be a cut and paste job. GP5 is pretty bad when it comes to things like this, It may just be me not using it correctly. But that's the way I do things.

the above seem pretty good, the V55, while over budget would be enough for live gigs. It's a 55 watt valve amp.

Check the reviews on Youtube, they all sound really good, there is the HT-5 as well, which would be my choice but you would need to amp it when playing live. It would be loud enough over a drummer, as long as he didn't go mental on the drums.
Pick up cover + Spray paint = custom coloured PAF pick up cover.

Have you thought about those?

I can't really recommend those two guitar since I don't like the look of either of them, the viper looks weird, That shape really doesn't suite 7 strings and the Jackson only has one pick up.
Quote by Gulli05
First of all I'm mainly intrested in 7-string and I'm looking to keep that in standard tuning and then tune my ESP Horizon FR-II to One Step Down.
And one more thing... This is a righty, there aren't any new models of 8-String leftys in May.
Anyway, I am getting a 7-string because that is what I'm looking for.

Ah yea forget about the lefty thing, sorry.
I'm no tone expert but have you tried fine tuning your EQ and just relying mainly on the volume with a little gain and perhaps a chorus or slight reverb effect for your lead tone, you'll want some gain on there so you can hear the harmonics but you don't want too much because your notes will start to bleed into one big noise, unless you have noise reduction on the pedal or your good at muting strings.
They go from EMG's to something else. Well the reviews that I've seen, it's all down to personal preference though, I've never used EMG's before.

If your going for an 8-string why not save up a bit more and go for something like this;

It's full price is $999 but it look's absolutely amazing and the bridge, if what I believe is correct would be a lot easier to change tunings with.
Is the black flame an arch top body, I can't tell from the photo. Personally I don't like flat top guitars, may want to check that out with the guy who run's the site.

If the black model is a arch top I would definitely go with that model it look's incredible. There are some reviews of the green model on Youtube though, so you may want to check those out before you buy, I think most people change the pick ups from the EMG's though.