Just go down and ask if you can play one, if it feel's good then get it, if it's 5$ what have you got too lose.

If you at other guitar makers, they all have bad batches and good batches, maybe you'll go down and find a guitar that actaully has had some good craftsmanship put into it and is actaully worth everypenny.

I bought a hudson acoustic guitar, for £50 and it plays amazing, not one fault on it... and i'd never even heard of hudson, so there we go. Go and try one for yourself.

I already have an acoustic guitar, a £50 hudson acoustic, it play's alright but for certain reasons i dont want it anymore.

So im looking for a pretty cheap, nice looking electric/ acoustic guitar and i've come across this model from gear4music, which i've bought from before and there gear seems pretty good.

However how good would an acoustic be for £70?

It's only going to be used for messing around on and perhaps traveling with sometimes, im really loving the look, that is the main reason why im going for this instead of a dreadnaught style guitar.
This is how the whalers make money, this wont stop them, the only way that they could be stopped is by countries imposing bans on whale hunting in there waters and backing this up with naval support, i.e. taking over vessels which breach the law.

I agree that the whales should be preserved, there rare and pretty amazing creatures, they're hunted for scientific purposes? Im sorry but perhaps one or two wales would do for that, you woulnt need to hunt for months on end year after year, that to me, seems like there is a market in japan and were ever else for whale meat, fat, bone, skin etc etc.
That would be a scale length of 25.5", so yes it would be.

EDIT: If it's reffering to the distance from the bridge to the nut, if it's the full guitar then no!
It's just a game really, that's all government's do they test each other and try to be betrayed as the bigger, stronger regime..

It's all rather silly when you think that there are people who could use help from these superpowers, other countries and people who are dieing, but yet all the governments do is pull stunts like this and try to show other countries that they arent scared of them...

If they'd only just say, screw it, your human, were human let's sort out this **** for once and for all, sure we will still have armies and defences, but why not use them for good for one and try to give people aid and help they deserve, instead of throwing are wieght around and leaving people in the ****.
I dont have the conversation saved, but i got a huge lecture from a girl who basically said she'd been abused in her life and that she hated all men, all british people and that she kept herself to herself and that she hated everybody, and that i was wasting her time with my pointless dribble...

I saw she liked playing piano, so i asked her are there any songs/ genres in particular that you like playing, and that i play bass and a little bit of keyboard myself and that im interested in it etc etc... and then she gave me that huge lecture, what an utter bitch, seriosuly the biggest ****ing bitch i have ever known.
The only way for ISP's to find out what your doing, while mainting customer privacy i.e. siffting through data which is going to a customer computer/ connection is to trace IP addresses and find IP addresses which are sending out large volumes of data and then sniff the packets/ data, but they'd be breaking privacy law's and it'd take so much more effort/ work to do all this.

ISP's can block TCP port's, that's probably about as far as they could go, unless ofcourse your doing something highly illegal the police get involved and then could probably check the data that is coming/ going from your computer, but that'd cost allot of man power and money, which ISP's probably dont want the hassle of doing.
We dont celebrate jesus, well i know my family dont sit there and praise some old book and belief's.

We celebrate, or well use to (im talking about everybody here) genourosity (cantspell) and the kindness of human nature, i.e. giving gifts and having family get togethers and celebrating the year that has been and the times that we've been through etc etc..

Religion people can have there views on christmas, and so can none religious types.. personally i dont even look at christmas as a religous festival, same with easter, i just see it as a time to show some one you appreicate them, and giving them something more than a thankyou etc.
Im listening to it now, I really like it.
The part where, to me, it goes out of key is a little spoiling of the rest of the song, but apart from that it's good, you should record some more songs
When i use picks they seem to last for about 10 minutes before they become all sliced and unusable, it's rubbish. I just use my fingers now....
^ You take it to a shop and have it restrung and tuned to H
Guitar hero... with a real string....A REAL STRING!

Hmm well when im playing and im tense i just take 5 minutes out and then i start playing again, but i dont try to rush through the song, when i play and i relax i just think, im going to play this for the sound... becuase i love playing this song or whatever and i dont try to rush through it and get the timing perfect, if the timing is off a little i dont worry about it, i just try and catch up with it in a few bars and i just listen to the music that im playing.. it's hard to explain tbh.

If your playing fast, for example 16th's at 200bpm, dont worry about missing 1 or 2 notes out, just enjoy the music that your playing and add some feel to it... adding feeling and trying to listen to what im playing and sort of rolling with that relaxes me alot to be honest...

This might not have helped, but it's what i do.
Just go on bucketheads website and it'll have a list of all his albums, look for the album with whitewash on, also i think you'd like soothsayer if you like this song, i'd check it out.
This is why i really dislike floating bridges. They can be good in some instances but are they really worth all that trouble?!

Ill stick to my hardtail's

To the OP, perhaps take your guitar in for a setup and see if it's any better?
Ill just add this....

I know i should edit, but it's just so you dont miss it.

I agree with the above, but at the same time.. if you invest in a nice qaulity guitar and an amp, with which you can get nice sounds out of, i mean really nice tones, im not sure what amp your using, but if it's still the practice amp then upgrading will actaully really improve your learning, because when doing hammer on/ pull offs, vibratos, bends and various other things on a guitar i find that cheap amps really sound quite low qaulity and tend to muddy up the playing, were as a qaulity guitar/ amp really brings out the best playing/ sound. which in turn will help you progress becuase you'll probably end up spending alot more time playing guitar and messing about, finding new techniques etc etc.

Also venturing into diffrent styles really helps aswell.

Well you've been playing for awhile now and if you love playing then i think you should get some new gear.

An SG and a combo though i think, a halfstack isnt really worth it, unless your playing large un-mic'd gigs alot.

If i were you i'd look for a nice tube combo amp and maybe one or two effects pedals to mess around with and try new things.
She look's older than 12... quite frankly my boy, im not interested.... now back to your room, i have something for you!
Have you ever stroked a long thick.... bar of aliminium?

It's extremley cold, i mean so cold it'd give you pains in your hands/ bones/ joints if your hold onto it for too long.

It also scratches pretty easily... and it looks, well not that nice.
I didnt see the part about designing the cover/ slip for the case, this will help more.

Front cover is sqaure, back cover is not.
Dance with me terry,
Dance on down and be merry,
Sing a little, Jig a little,
Dance on down, Dance on down,
Let's make a smile and reverse that frown.
12.5 x 14 x 1cm
No guitar is worth that much money, unless ofcourse it is made out of materials which are extremley expensive.

I can see that they'd need to make the money back on this model for all the R&D and other stuff they must have done. But slapping automatic tunners and some fancy wiring onto a standard guitar with a red finnish or whatever does not warrant the price tag that they sell it for. Im sure they could make these for well, i mean WELL under £1000, so why sell it for £2/3000? it's just gibson being themselves and saying, look, if you want us your going to have to pay for it.. they want a certain image for themselves "The best of the best", but they dont live upto that image at all...

So i have guitar rig 3 and im using it with my PX5D at the moment, but the px5d has no expression pedal and i cant use any of the controls/ features with guitar rig 3.

So im looking to get some kind of pedal board for it, i was looking at the zoom line of pedal boards, since they seem pretty good. i was going to get a pedal with more midi control buttons and two pedals, but that is about £250, although it does use real tubes in it.

Anyway, would the Zoom G2.1U work with the midi control features in guitar rig 3, such as moving to diffrent amp models, turning on/ off diffrent effects and the most important thing, would the expression pedal on the Zoom be usable in guitar rig 3?


Ive googled everwhere and i cant find this out =/
clear your itnernet browsers cache and cookies... then it should work.
For your pick up choice i'd definatley go with passive pick ups, perhaps some kind of pick up that is based on the PAF humbucker pickup.

I cant recommend any name brands sorry.

EDIT: you should be able to find some nice and reasonably priced pick ups from this page

personally i'd probably go for the vintage (extra hot?) or the crunchy picks up for the sound your after.

sand paper, i think people usaully use 200, 320 and then into the 1000's for the final painting/ smoothing of the paint and/ or wood.
It looks like an effects pedal stuck he stuck on.
Well i havent done this before, but that ^ craft knife idea could work, but what i'd do is cut it lightly first with the knife so you have a little channel etched into the pickgaurd, then i'd go over it, very slowly, but press down harder so you make more of channel, i'd do this a few times until your nearly through the material and then i'd just cut it... hopefully that way you'll get nice clean cuts and there would be any rought parts.
How about just buying a solid bass amp and buying a distortion pedal or a multi effects pedal.

Im using a korg px5d at the moment, it's fine for guitar/ bass and it has a crap load of effects/ modeling etc etc. But you need some decent speakers/ headphones to get a good sound or you could plug it into a amp and play it through the speaker, im not sure it works with cabs though, could anyone verify if a modeling amp will work with a cab?
I agree with applehead, learning scale/ finger postions as fret numbers kind of limits what you can do, well it did for me, as i had all these diffrent boxes that i could play, for example starting on the 7th fret, but then i wouldnt know how to get out of that box because i wasnt sure what notes i could play with in a choosen scale, becuase i'd just learnt the pattern i.e. 7 9 10, i didnt know what notes i was playing, hence i didnt know what notes were in the scales. A very bad way to play guitar.

No offence to you .oxygen, i appriecate you trying to help the TS.

About the band, dont feel like you have to rush yourself to be amazing, it'll all come with time and im sure, if your band are worth being with they will give you the time to grow and develop, if not then imo it really wouldnt be a good enviroment to play in.
I think, that a korg px5d work's with windows vista x64, i have both so i will check it out, i remember it working, but i think it decided to stop working as of late, no doubt somethings happend to my install.

Anyway i cannot find another ASIO input device that works with vista, pretty much nothing is compaitable with it, as far as i know.

If you bought the korg you could put into bypass mode and run it into the computer via USB, use the korg ASIO driver with guitar rig 3 and have a really nice setup, but i havent found a way to record this directly on the computer. I think it's to do with the limits of the way windows handles soundcards, you cant have it monitor in/ out at the same time, like record ASIO input, playback from guitar rig 3 and record into some DAW software at the same time.

But i know that you can record straight from the korg, and it doesnt sound all that bad.
Personally i'd go with the SX, ive never heard of greg bennot before. Ive heard people say that the SX brand use to be a little dodgy, qaulity wise, but they say that the quality has got alot better recently.

They both look about the same, spec wise. Personally i'd go with the SX,it looks so much better than the avion model.
you can get agile 3000's with EMG 81/85 pick up's, will do you go for metal, well so i hear anyways.

They have alot of diffrent LP's so there worth checking out.
OMGZ bbz i missd u!

I hope you practiced your guitar skill's during the outage!
it depend's on usage.

Your probably looking at maybe 300 hour's or something, but you could always take the battery out when your not using it, like if your away for a few day's or something.
about 20'ish, pound is down against the dollar.

I'd get it rear mounted, well if your the same as me and love your bass/ guitars to just have pickups and knobs on the front and have it nice and simple looking.