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Teles are for pansies, not metal.

Couldn't be more wrong. lol.

Here are just a few guitars (They may not suit you but I like them, hence why I'm posting them )

(7 string?)
I'm not electronic expert but wouldn't it just be a case of routing the live wire from the pick up via this push button (there are two connects and it acts as a bridge). I'm not sure if you would need to ground it though to stop popping noise and stuff like that though.

You won't be able to get it back.

University today is sort of a joke. It's really self-education you could do the same in your own time, however self studying doesn't give you a 'Piece of paper' so we have to pay all this money to go to university.

This term my lesson times are six hours per week... SIX! I'm paying £3,225 a year for that. I could have a job, pay bills and have some money to buy new gear and stuff and still find that amount of time to study. Of course I spend some more time self studying, the majority in fact. But I could still very easily do the studying on my own terms in a shorter period of time and come out with better skills.

Unfortunately I need that piece of paper to get foreign visa's and to attract employee's >_>
Pretty good cover, not a fan of necrophagist. But I respect their musical talents. Nice.
Play what ever you like. We can't suggest you play a genre, that way you wouldn't be inspired to play if you didn't like it.

Yes bad gear is never a good thing and it put's you off playing. My suggestion if you like guitar then save up and buy some nice gear, find music that you really aspire to and just play, heck even write your stuff, it helps.
Look at

You won't be able to afford any of the higher end gear but you should be able to get some quite nice on there since your budget is very low.
The gold hardware can't be repaired once it starts to tarnish, unless you strip it and coat it again, I believe they are electro-coated so the short answer is "No".

I've found that chrome hardware doesn't tarnish, well not as much as gold.
I'm thinking of getting one of these. The combo suit's my budget more so it'll probably be that version, plus I'm a university student living in a student flat so I can't make too much noise.

Would the HT-5 be any good for playing power/ viking metal? (Think of bands like Kiuas, Ensiferum, Running Wild, Tyr, Hammerfall)

Would I need to buy some sort of over drive pedal to get the sounds (I would probably buy an EQ pedal anyway to make the sound tighter).
Can't the CEO be ousted from the company.

Really the power should be with the employee's when it comes to matters like this. It's unfair if a board has to decide as their main concern is profit so they will always put profit over employee welfare, unless the law states otherwise, for example health and safety.
Russia need either an experienced-rogue-no-feelings-but-really-has-feelings-but-only-that-special-"read"-famous-celebrity-not-so-good-looking-women-can-bring-his-true-feelings-out-at-which-point-he-decides-to-do-the-right-thing-and-save-earth kinda guy or a really really big incentive for the asteroid to STFA.
Very fair and logical system they have.

Now imagine if they introduced this in England we could recoup a few hundred million more each year.
The most important factor is the guitar colour. For example a red guitar will sustain longer than a blue guitar, due to the density of the paint pigments.
Wintersun - Death and the Healing or Winter Madness.
So I was walking down the sevens minding my own lax and I saw this guitar store, which looked rather pimped. I went in but the guy said no money money, no touchy touchy and sent me on my way.
Yea the ASIA4All should solve this. I'm recording through a PX5D via USB and I have zero lag (well it'll be in the ms, but I don't notice it).

Also try reducing the number of USB devices plugged into your machine, they all share one bus so if you have quite a few objects (External HD, camera etc) the bandwidth will be getting shared amongst them all and so will the read/ write requests.. This means horrendous lag. There is a utility in windows that allows to view the bandwidth usage (in the device manager).

Also make sure you have drivers for your Zoom pedal and also try it on different USB ports (preferably only 2.0 USB ports).
Lol those crazy Australians.

I certainly know where I'm moving to!
To be honest if your playing that style of music I would go for an LP styled guitar, or something with two HB's.

I can't personally recommend PRS guitars because I haven't played one, but I have been looking at some and they do look very nice and I've heard good things about them.

Semi-hollow guitars are pretty nice, a hell of a lot easier on the back, but they can sometimes give unwanted feedback when playing with distortion/ OD, not much but it's something you would have to experiment with to see if it would cause problems.
(It was £230/60 before Christmas so it isn't/ wasn't a dirt cheap guitar)

I have personal experience (owned it for a while now) with this guitar, It is made in china I believe and it's quite inexpensive but I'm completely balled over by the quality of the thing. The stock pick ups aren't perfect, but easily replaced with the budget you'd have left.

There is this guitar too, since you mentioned hollow bodied guitars, I haven't played one but If the above quality is anything to go from it should be a very nice guitar.
Best to find a song that really touches you, otherwise it'll be hard to find the dedication to stick to it and learn it all the way through.

Also writing your own thing would be good, but if your not quite at that level yet try picking a song which shows off a few different techniques and something that isn't over played. No doubt the instructors/ lecturers won't want to hear the same song over and over again.

Look at some BB King/ Muddy waters/ Eric Clapton style blues music if your really into blues and like to improvise. Blues Boys Tune is a good song by BB king.
I like the top gear music more.
I believe that you very lightly touch the string as you drag up the neck and pick, causing harmonics.
Listen to some alternative music, by alternative I mean genres that you haven't listened to, find what you like/ dislike and go from there.

We can't really say what genre of music you should listen to, since it will all be done to personal taste.

I've been playing a lot of Celtic/ folk metal lately and I've really gotten into it, so it's not only been fun to play but it's helped my rythm and speed, choosing a new genre of music will help you improve in different ways, so yea, just go out and find bands/ songs/ guitar parts that you like and try playing them.

Also just going over technique help as well, I.e. Running scales etc.
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Pretty much.

Battle Metal is where it's at. OR Celtic/Folk Metal.

This person speaks the truth!
Canterbury by far, the rest are bad. Especially Swansea >_>
This is about guitars, not guitarist.

Just thought I'd throw that in :P
Mr. Fibble, Then I must say, you clearly are the biggest guitarist on this forum, perhaps even the internet. I applaud your efforts.
MrFlibble: Enough.

I personally dislike floyd roses, very awkard to set-up, and I don't care how many times you've done it, it's still a royal pain in the arse.
Every "Real" musician who has ever had the misfortune of perfoming on stage with a shitty mainstream pop act.
So a Super Distortion in the bridge, and what would go with that for the neck, I can see on Amazon it's bundled with a PAF pro, I'm guessing that's a popular choice?

I would still be able to get cleans out of high-output pick-ups, right?

Black Knight

To above, that guitar is awesome! Congratulations on the purchase
I'm thinking of buying this amp as it sounds like it can produce some really nice tones and would form a good base to work from (I.e. Pedals, guitars and other gear).

Anyway, I'm aiming for a few sounds ranging from classic blues to Metal rhythm and leads (Kiuas, Ensiferum, Hammerfall etc).

I think I could get away with having passive pick-ups and maybe using a good pedal for some of the higher-gain stuff, but what I'm thinking is, Is there a huge difference when doing techniques like pinch harmonics with active pick-ups vs passive pick-ups.

At the moment I have two main guitars, they both use EMG-select (Bad!) pick-ups which to be honest do the job, but I'm debating whether it would be worth the effort to change out both pairs of pick-ups?
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I dislike the Chinese government. Very much.

Anyway, if he died of a drug overdose or because of drugs then he has only himself to blame, which of course he can't do now, because he is dead. Moral of story kids, drug's are bad mm'kay.
A picture sounds like it would help a lot here. Try uploading a few pictures of the nut/ fretboard area.
I know you said you don't want to add extra stuff to the amp. But modifying it, I think would be pretty hard. I don't know if the manufacturing method would make it even harder, but do you think it's worth voiding the warranty and at worst ruining a good amp?

If it's the combo there should be space behind the speaker, so why not just get a reverb pedal, connect it through the effects loop and stick it in the back. You'll have to either get it out to change the settings, or perhaps you could do a mod where you have the reverb box connected through the effects loop and the reverb box controlled from a pedal.. if that makes sense O.o
It is truly a horrible looking... thing.
It only matters that you aren't a dick or an asshole, who cares what other people are doing with their life. You only get one, so just concentrate on yourself and how you affect the people around you, who you care about.
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/Stop cooking curry.
Would love to have the tabs for this song (Would do it myself but not really good enough to do it by ear )

Song can be heard here;

Is there already tabs for this song? (I've looked to no avail).