Viking metal.. We'd pillage everywhere and then do some good ol' fashioned raping.
I'd rape your bum for being so stupid.

You perverted dairy lover.
Hoorah.. more jobs for me when i graduate.

Seriously though... I am very pleased.
Custom V

- 7 Piece Maple & Wenge carved body

- Neck thru construction

- Tilted headstock

- Carved headstock

- 6 In-line locking tuners

- 24 XJ fret's with deep scalloped
(Deeper at low E and slightly shallower at High E)

- Gold TOM tail-piece *Looking for exact model.. forgot it*

- One high output Zebra humbucker

- One volume/ Tone knob
(dual action)

- Side markers on top of fret board
(Gold studs.. counter sunk)



Wiring diagrams
I'm not sure about this, but it'd just be one pick up going to the single pot (dual pot, so acting like two seperate pots, but in one.. magic!) then going from there to the out put.

EDIT: I can offer the .blend file, although not a CAD application, it does have everything to scale, listing all edges with length (I.e. Length of guitar from end to end is 43.200 (taken as inches).)
All your guilds belong too us.
Keep quiet bitch...
Well one must look at this from another perspective, not that of and hence forth what you do not see is more important what you've seen, what you know and what you think you may know, had you seen not what you saw, but what you thought you saw, therefore you can assume, that from what you've seen, but do not know is perhaps, not all that it seems when brought into question, regarding what you have seen.

Therefore we can come to the conclusion;

"It has been written, therefore it is inevitable that the story will unfold along the structure of which it was written, and therefore what you do not see, does not make a diffrence to what you see and what you know you see, hence we can assume that it is inevitable as the story has been written"
How do i come off on them?

Well i usally get naked, after tying them up and... well you can guess the rest, it involves a can of WD-40, 40lbs of hemp and a train collectors weekly magazine.
Shame on you on son, you know, this country wasn't built by people being assholes, it was built by men who said "NO, No i won't take this ****" and they told those assholes who was boss.
That dirty rotten swine.

I think family guy will have something to say about this, being that it came from mexico. I'm just saying.

Anyway it's a god damn flu, you get some tissue, some hot lemon and yout in bed for a few days. At worst you get abit of mucas snot in your hot lemon.

They will issue a new pandemic next week.. water that can drowned you!!
Ohh ohh.. i wonder if this will get delivered by.. wait for it... air mail ahhhharrr
holly **** guys, i just read the specs for these airt guitars.

Check this, they come with any configuration you want.. you simply just imagine it... and it's there!!

This is the future i tell you, you future *ohhhhh << ghost/ spooky/ eery noise*

*Flash of smoke*

And i'm gone.

Good day all.

P.s. i love the wurzles.
What you should do is have a picture of an old man, fingering that chord.

Then people who understand would A appluad B Find out who did this and report them.
I'd dance the fandango around that mans mandango.
Quote by CFH82

I am off to make one of these
If your measuring sight against light your basically measuring wave lengths against nuerons traveling from the eyes to the left and right parts of the brain.

How ever if you read up on how the eyes work you'd see that they simply do not just take light in and send it straight to the brain, they process each and every wave length that comes into contact with the cones in yours eyes... it then goes through the process of being processed, yes in your eye, these parts kind of process the image so the brain will understand then, if not you'd just see random flashes of light and noise, a whole load of other **** goes on too, but once an image has been built up it is processed at the back of your eye and sent to the left and right parts of your brain to be processed into an image, which is what we actaully see..

So light is indeed faster that sight.
Im sorry but are all hot chicks 5 stone and have 34DD breasts?

Never in my life have i seen such a large collection of shallow, adolescent chronic masturbaters!

Real beauty comes from inside, what's inside your heart and the emotions and love that you share with people, come on guys, i know you know that im right, group hug?

Encore strat - £150

Super strat - £170

Hudson acoustic - £50 (£100)

Bass - £160

Drumkit - £150

Les paul - £200

Korg PX5D (amp) - £150

other random things - £200

Soon to be custom made guitar and custom made bass - £1000
I live about 10 minutes from the angel of north and there is like maybe 5 or 6 visitors per day, if that.. it's a waste of money and it look's ugly as hell.

Although it's an angel (supposedly) so atleast calling it the angel of the north fits, however i cannot remember, in my life time, seeing an angel that just happens to look like a huge horse....
It said in the comments about 1500 mexicans crossing the american border and killing some american troops.

The americans then sent some troops into mexico and a sgt. was killed or wounded.

What a bunch of dirty mexicans!
I slept with my bass once, my guitar left me the next day.
A man quit his job becuase he wasnt getting enough pay, the manager had planned to surprise him with a pay rise the day after he left.

This could be way off, but with TV/ radio receptions depending on where you place the arial, i.e. if you have the maximum service area facing the transmitter you get a much stronger single, perhaps your wiring/ guitar/ amp when facing north/ south acts as a large surface arial and picks up signal that is being transmitted.

You could try shielding the guitar cavities and also, if your amp has a closed back you could take it off and line the inside with copper foil or tin foil and glue it down.

Just an idea though.
doodle shankings the third.
Quote by floppypick

Hocus Pocus by Focus, find the about 5 minute version on youtube, Never again will you witness something so awesome.

^ We has winner.

This solo is pretty good, infact the whole song is pretty good, solo is at 1:26'ish.
I couldnt care what the vast majority of people listening to or if an artist i listen to get's into the top 40.

Aslong as i can listen to the music i like and aslong as i like what im listening to then i dont really care about what is going on some retarded music chart.

what, whend did that happen link?

P.s. hope you dont die.
They only pick artists who appeal to the mainstream, they wouldnt go pick some metal artist or even some toned down rock artist.

Face it, the grammy's is about making money, nothing else, nothing more.

The artists featured are extremley ****, that isnt opinion, that is fact.
He doesnt need to shoot them, the sight of a gun will cause most people to **** a rather large unpleasant brick, or if not the sound of one going off and the bullet landing close to the said people will have that affect.

Just go get your dog back, dont sit around thinking about it, becuase if you havent already went to there house chances are your dog is now gone for good, or check out your local chinese restaurant...
I say chap's, what you fail to see is that these select few people have some rather excellent skill's, such as paris hilton, she may not be good in the bedroom, but im sure as hell she could suck a kit kat to it's biscuity bone.
you are... more than likely.. a hippie jeans.
Agile's are supposed to be very good guitars, this one looks pretty goo imo, i couldnt tell you how it plays, but im guessing it'll play pretty nice and the specs arent too bad either.

I'd go for it, and post pics/ clips when/ if you get it.
Why post there info on 4chan, what can they do?