Why not just all chip in for a cheap bass with a cheap smallish amp... then each practice session have one of you's play the bass, switching around each time so you guy's can play and also one of them may find they like it more than the guitar?
I got 0

So does that make me a hermaphrodite?
Anyone can do it, it just take's practice and some research, we have access to so much more information than some of the music genius (im talking back in the 17th century etc), it might take years, but it isnt impossible.
Look at it this way...

You could just sit there and hit everything single note until you find one you like and then do the same thing all over again until you find the note that goes next etc.

Or you could look and go ok, well this is such and such so if i use this note next it'll add this feel to the music and that information is derived (sp?) from music theory, or the proven characteristic's of certain notes/ sounds and how they can be used together to form music.

Im not good at explaining to be honest, but that is what i try to think of music theory as, it's not "do this, this and this and you get music" i've tried running over a scale and it just sounds, well boring to be honest, it's really well if your doing this, this might sound good or this is proven to sound nice/ work with this and then you could go well, i'll use this, but i'll tweak this and that to get a unique sound.

Yea, im going to end this post now.
I like the sound of my finger tips slowly being ripped open by my bass strings.

P.s. i dont really, it ****ing hurts!
Oh you will get something alright bbz

It's slowly progressing, gathering all the knowledge, tools, plans etc etc.
If your strings have a lot of patches where it is black, which doesnt rub off and also when you play it acoustically if it sounds very dull and dead, then you should replace strings, usually srings last anywhere from a few months to a year or two, so it doesnt really matter that much.

However if, like my acoutic guitar the winding around the strings start to peel off from wear, then you should definatley change them.

Also you're right, MIA = made in america - MIM = made in mexico, also MIJ is for japan, MIK for korea and MIC for china.
Have you checked all the visible wiring?
"No matter how much you do the stanky leg the blackness ain't comming off."


on a serious note.

I might switch to this from guitar, i want some skanky leg'in lovin'
I watched a film called taxerdermia last night, well i didnt watch it, i just saw most of it and that has to be one of the most WTF films ever.. it was pretty much pornography with a story, and well some beastility in there aswell.. it was on TV aswell, i dont know how it ever got passed the censor's to be honest.

very ****ed up film.
I think you can be a bass player and still be heard, it just depends on your tone and if it's getting recorded, the mix.

personally a bass with lot's of distortion/ overdrive and shredding isnt that good sounding, if a bass player was to be very active i think it'd sound better with a more bassier sound and it should harmonize or compliment the guitar/ rythm sound or even with the singer.

So i'd say im a bass player tone wise, but a bass guitarist in the sence that songs shouldnt just be straight 8th/ 16th notes etc etc.
It depends on the tone, i find you get a more harsher attack, yet thinner sounding tone with a pick, with fingers you get a more warmer, less harsh pick, i think the sound it makes is like the "default" bass tone, if that makes sense, like you can easily make it out in the mix from a guitar, were as with the pick it blends into the guitar parts a little.

Then slap and popping, well that's a totally diffrent set of tones you get.

i use to use a pick or my finger as a pick, but now im using my fingers more and more, it sounds nicer imo and is alot easier for 16th note runs.
Oh i see... People wonder why these countries are still un-developed.
the directors are overpaid, and so are the actors, grossly overpaid. the editors arent however, same with all the Speical FX, camera, sound guys etc.

But yea most films like that, the writes and directors dont know, or cant be botherd to explain stuff like that.
Goblins are better than vikings.
How about this;

It's a vintage, but it's a neck thru and apart from (imo) looking amazing it has a nice set of electronics and hardware, just becuase it isnt a brand like jackson or ibanez doesnt mean it'll be crap either, i'd suggest finding one of these in store and trying it out, see what you think of it.
firebird with this headstock;

To make a grill you could do this;

make 6 to 8 small blocks of wood, about 1" x 1" x 1" place them at the corners then place the rest going along the front etc. glue these on and drill a small pilot whole for a screw.

then make a frame out of wood the same dimensions as the front of the cab, so the blocks you've placed on the front will line up with this frame, you can tolex the frame if you want, also this is where you will attach the grill to, you'll also have to drill holes for the screws so you can attach it to the cab.

That way you'll have a pretty secure method of protecting the speakes, well if your grill is strong that is, if it's cloth it wont do that much tbh. Also you'll have the option to remove it when ever you want to see the speakers, which will look pretty good imo.
I'm guessing that when he plays he feels alot better about himself and everything else, i'd say this to him...

"hey, look, we'd love it, the band, if you could keep coming to practice and hang out with us more, your playing is amazing, it has real feeling to it and i think it'd be good for you vent out with your playing a little more, it might help you out and the band would love it..." etc etc, just tell him how you think it'll help him relieve some of the pressuse and also tell him how much it means to all of the band and how much every one wants him to be there, just say it's kinda of hard when you dont turn up, becuase everyone looks forward to it etc.
Have the singer sing and play a really straight forward easy bassline that follows the rythm guitarits, then have the other bassist do fills and fill out the sound more by playing abit more technical etc, also maybe have him follow the lead a little.
it doesnt work with his amp though.

and there isnt anything to change presets as a standard pedal going through the 1/4 jack cant change anything on the amp.

If you wanted distortion and clean however you could set the amp for clean and buy a good distortion pedal.
Personally i'd do an inche or just under for the smallest part's and in places where there will be alot of straing i'd just do it over an inch to add strength, like the parts where the strap buttons will go and the lower bottom horn, if that makes sense.
Just say "just think outside the box and you will know, when one's heart desires what it does not know, you'll go to the place marked by X"
Hey im a bassist from newcastle, i'm guessing the band is silentoblivion, i checked out the tracks, their pretty good
you're welcome dude, i know that many people here look at me and admire my skill's, most will never master the guitar like i have, i know, i'm really amazing, but i dont like to gloat, so i'll just say you're welcome, keep at it man.
I would just leave a few mm's on each side, then sand it down once you've glued it on, that way you dont have to align it absolutley perfect when you glue the top on, like you'll have a 1 or 2 mm to spare etc.

Nice top by the way
Why dont you just browse around and come back when you have some guitars to decide between?
Im currently using a korg PX5D as a USB audio interface from my guitar to my computer, i can use it on it's own or i can use it with any DAW software (audicaity, reaper) or any software modeling software such as guitar rig 3, amplitude.

I'm using guitar rig 3 with it at the moment and it really does sound pretty awesome, even for clean's, the distortion is pretty nice also, but i think my current pick ups make it a little to, um quite abit muddy.

I'd really recomend a USB type interface over the 1/4 - 1/8 audio interface, no interfence at all.
I think it should be upto the person in question, however when it comes to a person who cant comminucate then i do think that imediate family should have the decision, but i think it should go through a proper legal procedure where every thing is checked over, i.e. if a person has MS and they had a large wealth which was to be given to the family after they died and the whole family agreed upon ending that persons life, in a case like that i think it should go through the legal system, like everyone testify as to why they want to make the decision they made etc etc.
I once payed this girl, but she wasn't a girl....
Personally, i hate this guitar, it's way over priced and it look's pretty horrible.

But, whatever floats you're boat.
I'd call it

"the united states that were one devided but now are stronger, together, forever and we shall sing the song of are elders and raise the flag on this shore to celebrate once more, the united states that we have become, for ever we stand, for ever is this our land"

abbreivated to USTWODBNASTFWSSTSOAEARTFOTSTCOMTUSTWHBFEWSFEITOL, just to make it easier to remember.
I like this bassline from stanley clarke, he play's a little gig with marcus miller and victor wooten where he play's the synth/ keyboard? part on the bass, pretty awesome.

EDIT: linked better version.
I'm using a stainless steel plectrum at the moment, surprisinly it sticks to my fingers better than any plastic plects that i've used.

It also doesnt bend or flex.
I cant tell in the picture's, but is that headstock tilted back, to me it doesnt look like it is, could just be the photo's though.

Either way, it's looking pretty awesome, i personally think chamfering (right word?) the lower sections of the headstock would look amazing.

Looking forward to more upates
This wouldnt be to power your TV, the power being transmitted would kill you.

It's to power small devices such as ipods, wireless mouses, small radios etc etc.

If you tried to emit the power needed for large appliance it would be a health hazard, plus you'd be using so much electricity it'd just over power the national grid, more than likely.

I think this would be good for the small items that i mentioned though, never having to physically plug in an ipod or to dock your mouse to charge or replace batteries in a torch or whatever, it'd also save alot of money on batteries, but then again you'd have the extra cost of the electricity.
This thread is now about "Hitler look alike's"

The wireless transmitting of electricity has been around since nikola tesla studied it like in the 1800's
Oh i'll do more than that