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They know you did it, we saw you, next to the monument. we told on you, you cant hide from this.
I see, that's pretty awesome considering you freehanded, congrats on that

I actaully do think it's the angle, either way this should look pretty awesome *subscribed*
This is looking really good, loving that neck, pretty sexy.

Is it just me or is the upper horn/ cut away slightly varied from the normal tele shape?
if they light blue it'll just be the inner coating used on the tube etc.

They probably will get upto and passed 150 degrees, no worries though, it wont blow up.. or will it :P
I can't give you an information on the amp, well information about how it sounds etc.

But if you youtube it, you'll be able to check out the sound.

Also i have read on these forum's that the higher wattage vyprs are really good.
You should've said...

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Go on they have some really cheap PA/ monitor/ mic'n systems, i dont know about the USA, but i'd say gear4music probably has some of the cheapest PA systems in the uk, really good for new bands.
Quote by freedoms_stain
"Pancakes bitch"

har i actaully laughed.

But serious now, i say it si-re-up
i'm going to report this, becuase it's crap....
Please dont bring the homeless into this conversation, they shouldnt be brought down to this level. good day.
Any song that feature's random ohh yeahh, or oooouhhhhhh or gahhhhhh grrrr arghhh for no reason at all.
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No bridge pick up's are always higher output.
They both look horrible imo.

I'd never part the money for these guitar's, totally not worth the money, you could have an amazing one off custom guitar + tube amp + 4x12 + pedals for the price of one of these guitar's.
Nice find, can you get sound clips up?
stick 4 toothpicks in, like around the edges, glue them in and then let it dry and just screw the screw back in, it'll be pretty tight but it'll save you from having to drill and the screw will grip onto the toothpicks that line the outside of the hole.
I think taping the fret's would actaully be the the best way, if you tape them up like your going to do a scallop on the neck, but make it really tight up against the fret and really neat. It'd be more effort before coating it, but it'd be way easier, becuase if you're scraping the frets after you could damage them or even worse rub some of the clearcoat off the maple.
I dont understand how people didnt help.

Ok fair enough, they didnt stop the fighting, most people these days, myself included wouldnt try to get in between them.

But some one could have easily ran around the corner or out of view and dialled 911 as soon as they saw the fight, people nowadays are just lazy pathetic morons who value there free time over someone elses life.

*there are people out there who would help, but obvisiously in this situation, all those people decided that there time was more important than this mans life*
Comrades of the world, we shall ensemble and attack at've been briefed on the targets, aim for walmart, they have excellent offers on, buy 1 get one free
stands for solid 8.

You should google that, such a bad ass mofo.
Look's wise, the SG, all dime styled guitar's are just horrid to be honest.

Playability wise, it really depends on the setup they came with/ have now, soundwise, well i'm not sure really, i dont know what pick ups they come with.

But i'm guessing the SG would suit far more styles of music that the washburn.
back to back - hammerfall, pretty nice solo in there.
It really depends on what sub genre of ska you want to play, if you want to play the thrashy thin sounding kind of ska, use a strat style guitar with SC's.

If you want more older styles of ska, which arent as thin/ harsh sounding get a LP or any guitar with humbuckers, even a strat with a S-S-H will do for this.

You'll notice a diffrence between single coils and humbuckers!
Um i think since we are in the 3rd dimension we can only see objects as 2D, hence from 1 side or the front etc, were as a person or object in the 4th dimension can see an object in the 3rd dimesion as a whole, as in front/ back/ top/ bottom all at once...

To be honest, that kind of thinking doesnt really benefit anybody.. pfft waste of time.
Also to the people who say they can only see 3 blurred images, you need to move your whole head closer to the screen or slightly away, since your eyes cant auto focus when there crossed eyed.

EDIT: HAH porn ones are quiet amusing, it's wierd how much clearer the images aer
Sorry to post again, but this one is amazing, anybody tell me if they get it to work...

It's all about being able to concentrate your eyes seperatley for the two pictures, once your left and right eye are looking at there respective images when you go cross eyed your eyes see both images layerd ontop of each other and brain is tricked into thinking the image has depth.

EDIT: This is not me.

The images are diffrent, but it works.
haha that is awesome, if you move in closer or move your head around it moves, well sort of, its like moving 2D cut outs around an image, still awesomethough....

My eyes are ****ing killing now though....
4.5 years
Tincho has a point, so why not turn it into a huge acoustic metronome
Ok so what you will want to work out is the neck angle (should be under 3degrees), this depends on the hieght of the bridge your using.

For the angled headstock you should make it roughtly 11 to 14 degrees (13 is most common) if your going to angle the headstock by cutting the end and angling it. If it's a one piece (whole neck is made from one piece of wood) it should be about 10 degrees.

You'll need to take into account nut height, bridge height, neck angle, fret height in order to allow your guitar to have the best intonation possible.

To make it stay in tune, you could purchase a graphite or roller nut with locking tuners.,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar,_Tune-o-matic_bridges/1/Locking_Roller_Bridge/Pictures.html#details

Get one of those, it's a friction less rolo bridge, much better than the standard nashville style tune-o-matic bridges. Also are you getting a new tailpiece or is the current one fine?

EDIT i cant see if that's a lipstick pick up or some sort of wierd tune-o-matic style bridge
So what happen's if you get the EMGX pick up and mod it to 18v, do you get an even better tone out of the pick ups? hmm

I think i might have to buy one of those gold plates EMG's they look pretty nice.
You'll need to be abit more specific about you're question.

You're building a guitar and you want it to have low action and stay in tune?

What hardware, neck thru, bolt on, set neck, angled headstock??