Will you be mic'ing your cab up?

If you are mic'ing, i would get something small, like a 2/3 watt tube amp with a 1x12 cab, then i'd mic the cab up to the PA system. If you do this you can get the tubes to break up and give out a really nice overdriven sound, yet at full volume it wont over power the cab/ mic setup so you will get a really nice sound coming from your little amp, which will be amplified by the PA system and you wont get any break up/ extra distortion from the cab/ mic since the tube amp wont be able to push out enough volume to over drive the speakers and have a negative affect on the mic.

If your not mic'ing then i cant really recommend anything, becuase there is already a lot of decent amps mentioned in this thread.
Get a jazz three and either wrap some double sided tape around the top part or get a razor and cut a criss cross pattern in the plastic to give you more grip.
COBGage: we are predators, we are made for killing?

I'm sorry, since when do you see lion's roaming through the bushes on the back of elephants chasing down defencless girafes, armed with M16's and rocket launchers?

I could argue, but it's late and your logic and idiotic thoughts dont really need any one else to blow holes in them.

TS sees real war.

reality hits him.

He breaks down.

He cries.

He goes home and his life is ruined.


He is killed in action, he gets mentioned on the news and is forgotten.

War is not good, unless your up high in the ranks i.e. goverment leaders, generals who abuse they're power, for personal gain.

I hope to god it's worse than that picture.
Thomme: that wasnt aimed at you, it was aimed at the people who said just ebay ibanez or get an epiphone, people who just say go with the crowd, kinda annoy me.

Those guitars that you posted to are actaully really nice, i agree with everything you said by the way, i may see if i can snag an old LP to fix up
I'd recommend something from rondo in this price range+

It'll more than likely beat any other major brands lower range, listen people, just becuase it has ibanez on or cort or fender or epiphone doesnt mean it'll be amazing, it wont. End of argument.

I purchased an LP copy for £200 ($450'ish?) and to be honest it play's amazing, not one fault on the whole guitar, in all fairness the humbuckers leave a little bit to be desired, but alot of people replace pick ups, so that isnt a big deal.

At the end of the day TS, do go out and try some guitars, but also, if your in the US order an agile guitar, your legally allowed to send it back within so many days, so you've got nothing to lose really.

Just dont go straight out an get an major branded guitar, becuase people said they are the best.
At the end of the day guys.. *reported*
I would just ring them up now and just say you're not sure if it's coming seperate, if you let them know now they will have it on record that you havent recieved it, then if you dont get your cab, it doesnt look like your trying to scam them, if you got what i mean.

It's always best to let the company know as soon as possible about stuff like this, firstly it benefits you so much if you ever need to inform them of any issues, since it's on record that you've contacted them ,even with jsut a query and secondly it'll help the company in the future, for example if they get alot of reports of packages not arriving etc.
Being single, once you come to term's is one of the best thing's you could ever do, i'm not going to lie to you, it'll take a few months and you will probably feel so low you dont know what the point in carrying on is, but that is just naturaul after a break up.

Go hang out with friends, get drunk, have a laugh, meet new people, take up some new hobby, play more guitar, buy a new guitar?? change all the stuff that you dont like about yoruself, just do something that has a point/ meaning to you and takes up your spare time.

Also just think, your not losing out here, it's just another road to follow along your life
We have the right senses that allow us to survive, it's pure evolution, no doubt through out out history there have been humans who have developed diffrent senses outside of what we know as normal today, but this probably would have come at a cost to them, i.e. gaining a sense of smell equal to a dog, but they may have had extremley poor vision, which means they couldnt hunt and provide. It weeds out the weaker ones, or the ones outside of the norm.

What would we gain from following a hormone trail, or being able to smell every smell with in a 10 mile radius (including the disgusting ones)?? not much.
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This is abit harsh, when you look at the whole sitauation, yes it was a bank robbery, but it really should be viewed under the circumstances, the man could have taken a huge sum of money, but didnt, he handed himself in, he confessed, it was wrong what he did, but the judge should have given him 1 year and then made him go to detox and help him get his life back on track. That 1 year would tell him never to do it again and it would also show other people that they wont get away with it, no matter what they're circumstances. giving him 15 years though is just saying, **** it, we cant be to help people like you out, you can go die in prison.

And what makes it even worse is when compared to the news of those executives who got 4 years!! 4 years for stealing hunders of millions of dollars, which would have, more than likely meant that a few hundred or maybe even a thousand or so workers would have been made redundant, just so a few greedy idiots could live in excess for the rest of the there lives, it's sickening. I think criminals shouldnt be allowed lawyers, they should defend themselves, after all, the lawyer didnt do the crime, the criminal in question did and the only way to have a fair trial is if that person defends themselves, that way it's much more fair since the rich cant hire a lawyer who knows how to bend the law or knows a loop hole which means the client cant be charged, even though he guilty, and it all comes down to money.

I'd love for these "VIP" prisoners to be put in a prison for 10 years and have to suffer.
"How much is the fish, how much is the chips... does the fish come with CHIPS!!"

*followed by horrid horrid horrid bass line*
I would go with a les paul styled guitar, with two humbucking pickups and 2 volume/ 2 tone knobs, this will give you a lot of versatility when playing, anything from blues to jazz to classic rock to metal, and alot in between, you wont get the bright and some times twangyness of a single coiled strat, but i think for your taste in music it'll suit it much much better.

Do you live in england?

Something like this would suit you very well, PAF styled picks up, mahogany neck and body, medium jumbo frets

It's £349, but it doesnt start selling until april so that would give you plenty of time to save.
I see a problem with the solution you's have suggested, sending all fat people to africa, would in theory, allow us to get served more quickly, however due to this new level of effiency and speed (you also have to think about the wasted time that a fat person uses up to decide if they want everything on the menu, or just a hand full of extremley large meals) we would eat more, which in turn would make us all fatter and then we'd all have to deport ourselfs to africa.
At the end of the day, it's largely government/ leadership/ dictatorship problem's that cause all these issue's, dont get me wrong, i would happily give money to charity, if i knew it was going straight to them, and not in some managers pocket. But the scale of poverty is just to big to sort out with out world leaders actaully saying, hang on a minute, why dont we give them a helping hand and actaully make an effort, that doesnt involve us making a profit/ gaining territory/ puppet state and/ or gaining larges amounts of export.

The world leaders could sort this out with in a decade, easily, but it will never happen, becuase the leading countries need cheap labour/ items/ imports to remain the leading countries, so we can all give money away, but at the end of the day it'll take hundreds of years to get poverty stricken countries anyway near a fit state, and that is ofcourse, if the leader of the country makes an active effort and does not profit from all the charity money.

And to jumped up idiots who say "you westerners are the problem, it's your faul that kids are starving in africa".. No, no it is not, it is they're goverments fault, the worlds goverments fault for doing nothing, except gave a false report to media about helping out, when in fact they are profiting and making it worse.
I think with most dremels you can get a router bass and use it as a router, but what i would do is get a decent drill and drill out pretty much all of the cavities that need routing and then just go around the edges with the router (dremel with router stand) and take off a few mm's at a time, so it doesnt strain the dremel to much and so you dont chip the wood.

You dont need a band saw, a jig saw will just be as good, just cut a few mm's outside of the line and hand sand it or get hold of a cheap'ish electric sander and go upto the line by doing that.

People made qaulity instruments well before electricity was invented, so you dont need a workshop full of tools, tools just make things easier that's all.
I like it, It'll look alot better with some black chrome knobs and black tuners, also....

CPU: Intel Q8200 S775 ($270)
Motherboard: ASUS P5KPL-CM ($70)
Video card: 512MB 4870 Generic ($330) ((Get a video card with more RAM))
RAM: Kingston 4GB, 2Gx2 800MHz DDR2 non-ECC CL6 DIMM ($70)
HDD 1: Western Digital SATA II 200-300GB ($100)
HDD 2: Western Digital SATA II 500GB-1TB
Case: Antec Three Hundred ($90)
PSU: Vantec ION2+ 500W ($60) ((Atleast 800w+ for effiecent, clean supply of power))
DVD: Pioneer 216BK DVD-RW ($40)
+ 120mm fans x2 ($25)
+ assembly ($50)

EDIT: I could list better specs, but i dont have time to go parts hunting, you would be able to get a faster CPU for not much more money by the way, try the new Intel I7 cores or something like that, i forgot the exact name.

Also TWO HDD's, the smaller SATA II for the operating system and applications and the larger SATA II HDD for file storage, it'll extend the life of them both and also it'll be alot faster.
I like this, i would however sand down the neck, sand off the logos on the headstock and re-coat it with nitro satin clear coat, same for the body, it'll age really well.
All that matter's is that you like the guitar enough to pick it up each day and play, if that mean's scalloping the fret's for extra comfort then do it, but dont do it just becuase you've heard it's good, just try doing a light scallop, enough so you notice, but not to much as to cause hindurance to your playing, also i'm i cant critique the pick ups i've never heard of them, but with neo-classical you want to be able to excel at clean's, a good amp would help with this alot!

If you already own the squier and you love the feel of it, then go for it and customize it, dont listen to people who say buy a fender, high end guitars arent the be all, end all of musical instruments, its about what you feel comfortable and happy with.
It look's like a 38 fretted guitar, a guitar with 38 frets (well maybe a little more i think, but close enough)
Wrong forum, also i cant help.

I'll get it moved for you to a section where more people will help
I would still say it's unsafe, you'd really want soem kind of air extracter or atleast be able to let the dust be blown/ sucked outside into the open, otherwise it would just settle on the service (all over the place) and/ or there would be some of it left in the air.

Some one tell me if im wrong, but i think that is right.
It's stuff like this that make's the majority of people dislike the goverment/ law makers, they punish 100% of the people, becuase less than 1% have commited crimes, if they actaully sat down and consulted "experts" on mobile phones, electronics etc they would come up with extremley helpful laws, such as installing a mini RFID device in the phone, then you can purchase an RFID emitter for installation inside a building and/ or room which disables the camera on mobile phones, yes this is instrusive, but it is much more useful, it could even work at parks and childrens play areas/ play grounds with a bit of thought.
Haha some people are just totally lacking of common sense, surely the coach should have got a praise for coaching such a good team.

It's against religion to try your hardest now?

I'm not sure if this is correct, but from my understanding if you have a guitar with a smaller body and has a single solid structure (neck thru) running down the middle with the bridge/ nut/ headstock all one piece of wood with smaller wings you will get more vibration as the the vibration of the string's will not be spread/ dissapated (sp) over the larger surface, allowing the string's and body to vibrate for a longer period of time at an un-reduced rate, compared to an LP guitar with a large thick boody etc... That could be wrong though..
Dont get the FR on it, buy a seperate guitar for that, once you've installed it, wich means routing ALOT of wood out for it and installing a new nut you'll have to deal with the tuning issues constantly.

The pick ups arent hard to swap, if you can follow a diagram you're good to go with that, just make sure you dont cook the pots when you solder the wire to them.

If you decide you want to get the pick ups i'm sure people on here will help you further when you purchase them.

What kind of music do you play, that'll have a major affect on what pick ups you use
Run it through the line in, or go to the volume panel and turn of the Mic boost and turn down the level's slightly, also check GR3 is set up right and makre sure that the ASIO4ALL settings are correct.
He mean's as in 3" length wise, not depth, that would be a seriously thick guitar.

EDIT: Stick a .7" maple cap on and carve it?
It's best to start with a center line so you know the neck joint is centered on the body, just go measure it from side to side (thickest parts), draw a center line and then draw lines coming down from either side of the neck pocket and measure them at each side.

Here is a link to "guitar builders FAQ" It's a PDF document that i've been reading through it'll give you alot of good and vital informationa bout the process of building the guitar and tell you anything else that you may have forgotten, it's too long to explain it all in one post, but give it a read, it'll help

It doesnt go into great detail I.e step by step, cut this, cut that etc, but it's a start.

*This is a freeware PDF, I did read the license and i can share it

EDIT: forgot link
It depend's, if you're spraying a guitar that has a few layer's of paint, I.e. a EVH styled paint job where you can see the hieght between the paint layer's you'll need enough can's of clear to give upto (and beyond) 20 coat's of clearcoat, plus additional coats if you run into any problems when wet sanding.

What painting scheme/ colour are you doing by the way?

EDIT: No, dont sand between coats, once you apply the clearcoat and leave to dry you'll notice an orange peel type affect, just wait until the paint as cured for 1 month (yes you'll have to wait that amount of time, or else it'll be ruined) after it's cured when you start wet sanding, you'll get rid of the orange peel affect and you'll have a perfectly finnished glossy paint job, after finnishing with buffing compound and buffing ofcourse

*it'll go dull when you wet sand the clear gloss, but buffing will bring the shine back
Thank's for all the stories *wonders wether buying a load of power tool's is such a good thing*
you could use this website

They seem reasonably priced, for the UK anyway and the wood is planed and ready for cutting.