You could try indie guitar's they have some very beautiful looking and crafting guitar's in your price range, they have a very nice.. sort of superstrat, flamed maple top with brilliant blue abalone inlays, very nice.

Check out their website, just google indie guitars
just uninstall it and reinstall it, simple
I've never heard of them, but it does look very nice and a good buy for the price, also the peacemaker 60 head that they make look's like a steal, four 12ax7 tube pre-amps and two EL34's with a two channel, boutique clean and hi gain channel for £273, not bad imo.
To be honest i'd say genre is mostly linked to the artist.

But for if you want to work it out based on song's, listen out for little niches that are in every genre, like blue's... lot's of blues notes, bends, slides and vibratos with a nice thick sounding bassline and usually a straight forward beat and some soulfull (i dont know a better word to descbribe it) singing to it.
I get black residue on my hand's when i play my acoustic, i think it's the black paint rubbing off the fretboard.

What guitar are you playing, perhap's the fretboard has been darkened with some kind of stain or paint.
You know what you need....

A mighty pirate bass, that came from across the baron sea,
A mighty axe in the arm's of the true beholder,
Plug it in, and whip out your tab's from yee old music folder!

For single necked LP guitar's, it's bucketheads.
I'm also looking to get one tbh.

Dont be swayed by the pricing, as far as i know they are all, well not all, but most are made in large factories in korea that also produce mainstream product guitar's, such as ibanez, Epi, fender, gibson etc etc.

The diffrence between the prices on rondo music and say ibanez is that rondo music is a small shop with very little over head, they can select a batch of guitar's and have them delivered for very little, then they sell them on.

Where as with the larger corporation's, you have a huge heirachy of people who need paying, from the worker's in the factory all the way upto the CEO of the company and there will be a large group of people who will be on quite high wages in the heirachy, hence they need to sell their products at steeper prices to compensate for all this background activity that goes on, also sponsoring guitarist's isnt cheap, that's the reason why most of the sig model's are just insanely priced, not becuase the materials, but becuase of all the money that has to be payed out to the artist.
I didnt read all the post's.

But try taking it to a furniture/ wood working/ finishing speicalist they may be able to sand the spot down a little and respray it.

To people who say look's dont matter, that is subjective and im pretty sure if you just bought an expensive guitar.. or anything else for that matter and you ruined the look you'd be pretty pissed off.

So stop trying to act like your some hard ass who doesnt give a **** about their gear becuase they're all macho and hardcore and that you care more about the sound. I care about the look's on my guitar, if i had a chip in it, i'd take care of it as best i could.
that'll note will cause the air around to vibrate at a certain frequency/ rate, meaning when the sound wave's come into contact with the radio's speaker cone it will cause it to vibrate, since the frequency of that note is the frequency of which the speaker cone natauraly vibrate's...or something. i dont know.
It can be really hard to tune floyd rose bridge's.

If your unable to get it in tune i'd recommend you take it too a shop, i know it's a fuss, but I'd rather have it set up right, then risk breaking any string's and/ or any part's of the guitar.
Click on buy now at the top and then look through the UK dealerships, see if any of them stock them.

That's all i can offer =/
Check for spyware or viruses on your computer.

Also that error usually mean's there is a glitch when COD.exe talk's to the OS kernel, a reinstall might fix it, or the disc might be dodgy.

Your best of contacting support though.
I dont mind what they preach to people, same with other religion's, except extremist's.

But if they came to my door and tried to force their belief's on me i'd tell them where to go and if it happend alot i would get very pissed, So would many other people.
It's the best show...







....In thhhhhe World
I has um dis songz like and it's teh br00talz and picz of me like totally given it squeezin ma boobz and teh is a picz of ma geetar and iz red.
You could use it onstage, just plug the laptop straight into the PA system and use the amp's in guitar rig 3.

They have live preset's so you can use it live.

You cant however save preset's onto a pod etc since it's totally diffrent amp setting's, effect's etc and the programming for the pod software, well it just wouldnt work.

But you can get a midi control pedal, plug it into a laptop and control guitar rig 3 with it, then plug your line out from the laptop, or even better get a USB sound interface and plug the sound interface into the PA system and use that.

It should sound pretty good imo.
Quote by ItWillDo
Why would a denomination have to make constant progress? If it would align with society, it would be bound to come in conflict with it's own traditions sooner or later.

And I really don't mind their "homophobic" attitude nor ideas. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

yes everyone is entitled, but for a man in his position to openly judge gay's and say they are wrong, is just way out of order.

Also if he is supposed to be the mouth piece of god, he shouldnt be throwing his opinions about like that.

He should just STFU in my opinion.
^ haha i agree.

Stupid religous types defending this man..

This man is supposed to be a role model to million's of people, yet he is openly saying gay's are wrong and against god's will, that will affect some extreme religous types who will more than likely take his words and act upon it.

What he should be saying is that we are all the same, what ever we choose god love's us for the right reason's.. yadda yadda be good and be caring.
Chris daughty - Over you

It's a pretty good song, imo.
What an utter ****.

Who/ what give's him the right to judge other people, i thought christianty was about loving thy neighbour and for the greater good, So why do they get all jumped up about the sexaul oreintation of people.

To be honest, religion can suck my hairy bollock's!
The only diffrence i can see on the website is;

Custom = Rosewood fretboard with block inlay's and gold hardware

Standard = rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlay's and chrome hardware.

To be honest i'd get the custom, it look's so much nicer.
I think you'd be able too, im guessing the AX3G has a few nice clean setting's that you could play through for the acoustic feel.

Also when you plug it into an amp/ effect's pedal it's pretty much like an electric guitar.

It should be ok to use.r
Grif board?

Do you mean the fret board? (darkish wood with silver fret's)

Also what your after is a diagram of the note's on each string that you get when you fret certain fret's, i can get you a link to a diagram.

i'll post it in one second.

life is life, people care, people dont care. government's are meant for good, but due to human nature, they are corrupt and they can't please everyone.

Adam and eve is bullsh*t, there was never a time when human's lived side by side in harmony. There have always been hard times, war's, hatred... human emotion's cant be controlled by most people and until everyone can control those we will always be in this position.

Im just going to say it again, becuase it really grind's on me, there was never a time when all human's lived in peace and god made everything fine and dandy...
This mean's that you have very little space left on your HDD and as such, windows is low on paging space/ virtaul *not actaul hardware based* memory, clear up some HDD space and it'll be fine.

Also go to start > run > Msconfig.exe and click on services, click hide windows/ MS services and you'll have a list of 3rd party services that are running, you can disable these with out crashing your system, but if you have any 3rd party hardware/ software that depends on these services they wont work.
Email rondo and ask them, i think it's Kurt @ or something like that.

I'd imagine that you'd have to tune it when you got the guitar anyway, so either way you've got a pretty big setup job, FR's are a pain in the arse to setup
Blue's scale

Lot's of bends, vibrato's, sliders, hammer on's.

there is ( i forgot the name) scale shape/ box diagram;

e 5 --------- 8
B 5 --------- 8
G 5 ---  7 -- 8
D 5 -----7
A 5 --6--7
E 5 ---------- 8

play that over and use the 6th fret on the A string and the 7th fret on the G string for adding those blues notes, maybe bend them, hammer on to them, slight vibrato when playing them.

Also sliding from the 5th fret's on the D & G string to the 7th fret's add's a nice lit touch when playing blue's etc.

That's just what i do though, other people may say diffrent.
Also the vibration for a hammer-on/ pull off is very weak compared to a strum or pick, so it does'nt get amplified very much.

You need to do them alot harder on an acoustic to make them sound as loud as a picked note.
Pretty much nothing for that price tag...

you could sand it down and respray it, but it'd probably not add much passion to the relationship.

Why do you hate it?
Does your amp have a line out?

If so just plug your headphones into the line out and that'll shut the speaker off.

EDIT: i just googled, get a 1/8 to 1/4 converter and plug your headphones into the line out on the back.

Nice amp by the way, what guitar are you playing through it?
Haha you've just been ****ed mate... Give it a few week's too a month and you'll have your bank clearing your account and transfering what ever money you've taking out into and overdraft, which you will have to pay back.

Seriously, if you are serious. DO NOT TOUCH THIS MONEY!

After 6 months, check with your bank about any issues, if the money goes in, until then the bank is basically giving you a loan until the paying bank/ account transfers the money.

If you take any of that money out you will pay it back!
"Some of the PCChips boards have no way to disable the onboard video, but they are 'multimonitor' capable - you usually have to enable "PCI VGA Palette Snoop" in the Bios. Also, if it's onboard AGP graphics, you have to set the primary display adapter to PCI in the bios"

You could try that, it's been too long since ive dont anything like this, so i cant really help much more.

One other thing, is you could into device manager and right click the old video card and disable it and then try installing some fresh Nvidia drivers

EDIT: Upon re-reading that, if you enable PCI VGA palette snoop, if you have the option, you should be able to have the onboard and 6600GT running together and just plug your monitor into the 6600GT
Yea you cant have two onboard video cards running to display at once, but you can have two video cards deteced on the system at once.

What is your motherboard model?
^ to above, Nvidia drivers are unified, one install for all drivers.
You may need to go into the bios and disable the onboard graphic card from there.

You usaully press Del or something like that when booting up, find the menu that say's "disable onboard video" or whatever and disable it.

Or you may need to do a little research and find out if your motherboard/ bios need's the AGP/ PCI configured.

Im guessing your 6600GT will be AGP and at the moment windows will be looking at the PCI bus/ slot for the video card, becuase usaully onboard video cards are routed through this bus.

If you need anymore help just PM on my profile.
I'd get it, learn it...

Gather a large selection of highly prized profressionally trained monkey assasins, get them to write some brain exploding and ofcourse some classical music riff's, get an EP on myspace, call your band "Mc monkey ninja, biatch" and market yourselfs as an upbeat/ bluesy style RnB hip hop/ urban folk band aimed at the rich upper class, white skinned, black acting teenagers and take over the world with a clever PR stunt!

Tl; Dr

get it
Yes, for the UK.... A store which is based in the united kingdom and/ or EU, which would mean i wouldnt have the issue of shipping prices, VAT/ customs and the major problem of taking a risk spending £400 and not being able to send the guitar/ or bass back if it is broken.
Im just wondering does anyone know of any equavilant stores like rondo music, but for the UK?

I've tried looking and i cant find anywhere like it, i dont want to have to spend £500 for a half decent named guitar when i can get something like an agile etc for £200!

Is there any type of brand that really stands for qaulity and price and/ or any online shops or places where sell them?

P.s. i dont want to use Agile becuase i'd have to ship from the USA and i cant send anything back if it's broken.